Tunghayan nyo ang aking bangungot.

I woke up this morning at exactly 4 o’clock with my eyes wide in terror and screaming on top of my lungs.

I really thought I was screaming then I look beside my cousin and I saw that she’s sleeping like a baby with no trace of disturbance.

I guess I was screaming in my dreams.

From what I can remember, I was in a hospital, doing something in the nurses station then I suddenly I got pricked by a needle from a used syringe.

I checked to which patient the syringe was used to.

I almost fainted when I found out that the syringe was used to inject some medications to an HIV positive patient.

I felt like cursing and crying; tears fell slowly on both sides of my cheeks.

For a nurse to have been pricked by an HIV infected needle seems like the end of his/her career.

It may also the end of the world for that nurse; the nurse that was me.

I could see myself clearly with my eyes in a mix or terror and despair.

I grabbed my cellphone and compose a farewell message to my loved ones and friends.

I bid goodbye and asked for the forgiveness to those I’ve hurt in the past. I asked my mom, her understanding and love for I know that in a short span of time, I’ll be gone.

I observe myself from afar, I talked to our supervisor then told them what I happened and said that I’ll be tendering my resignation as my case is a hopeless one.

I found myself in park with a friend, though; I can’t seem to remember who it was.

I asked him, why me? There are lots of evil people wandering around the planet. Of all people, why it has to be me? I know God won’t give us obstacles in life if He didn’t know; we’ll be able to get pass through them. I just hope He didn’t trust me so much. The pain I felt that time is so much for me to bear. I felt like dying right there.
And then, I felt a searing pain from my hands. I freeze in sheer terror when I saw one of my fingers is bleeding profusely.

I scream like hell and wham. I woke up and found myself lying on my bed beside my cousin.

I even slapped my face to check if what I’ve just experienced was a dream. Thank God, it is.


Dahil na nosebleed na ako sa kaka-English. Literal na sumakit ang ulo ko. May hemorrhage na siguro sa loob..hehe

Naisip ko lang, ano kaya ibig sabihin ng panaginip ko, este bangungot pala..

Hay..sabi ko na nga ba, dapat nag-architecture or fine arts na lang ako..

After 4 years of studying Nursing, I still felt that I picked the wrong course. Mali ba un?
OO. Isang nagsusumigaw na OO ang sagot ko sa sarili ko..

Tapos na, grumadweyt na ako, nakapasa ng board tapos ganito..

Pwede bang batukan nyo ako? Isa lang, ung makatanggal hangin ng utak.

Hay..baka dala lang to ng anxiety kung saang lupalop ng Pilipinas ako makakapagtrabaho sa hospital..

Pang-asar..pwede ring dala ng gutom kasi mas inuna ko pang itype tong blogpost ko kesa unahin ang kumakalam kong sikmura..

Taympers, nagagalit na ung sawa ko sa tyan. Kailangan ko na daw lumamon ng bonggang bongga.


5 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. Junice Lopez ay nagsasabing:

    toinks! hehehe..

    katakot nga ang panaginip mo kung totoo yun!

    may nabasa rin ako article dati nung nasa skul pako about a nurse napricked nya rin yung syringe sa sarili nya… hehehe..

    ingat po^^,

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