Silent Tempest..

On my autograph book (alam ko pang-elementary lang 2, pero bakit ba,hehe), one of my classmates in college described me as a silent storm..

Maybe she noticed that I’ve got a bit of a temper..

Yes, I do.

Calm and collected as I always seem, but I am definitely a handful if I become mad.

This evening, one of the shift managers commented, “pasensyosa ka kasi kaya ka nilagay sa special shift”.

Okay. I get this all the time.

Little did they know is that I’m definitely trying my very best not to get pissed off each I’m talking to a stupid and obnoxious customer who is a know it all.

I’m actually exhausting all my chakra (energy) each time I’m under such pressures.

I don’t like being mad. It gives me a negative vibe so as much as I can, I try to be patient.

I hope they won’t push me through my limits.


7 thoughts on “Silent Tempest..

  1. narsmanang says:

    sabi na nga ba. your patience lead you to your sucess. naks! sabi ni dee, it pays to be good, kaya daw magpakabait na ako. ibig sabihin ba nun mabait ka? weh?! haha

    • aubu22 says:

      hahahaha, gaya ng sabi ko kay kuya bert, patience is a virtue,:P
      tama, tama, tama
      mabait ako
      lalo na pag tulog!

  2. Akrebley says:

    ganyan din ako nung nag-work pa as tsr. habang kausap ko yung customer ay nagha-hand seals ako. nabibigla na lang ang mga kasama ko sa work sa pinaggagagawa ko. hehehe.

    kailangan mo na matutunan ang pag gather ng sage chakra para di maubos ang chakra mo.

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