the iron butterfly..

While watching the television this afternoon, my housemate unintentionally changed channel into QTV11.
What caught out attention is that the usual tandem of Lucy Torres and Wilma Doesn’t, which oozes with confidence, is out of sight.
What we saw are two overly anxious hosts in need of a good cheer.
I was curious what made them that way so I tuned into their show longer.

After a few minutes, Imelda Marcos appears on the screen.
He was escorted by German Moreno.
Then, after what seemed like an eternity
Lucy and Wilma finally realize that their guest is already in.
I got a good laugh because the two hosts look like a high school students caught red-handed.
(You see, before Mrs. Imelda Marcos enters the set, the two hosts were talking about her as if they weren’t on air or on screen? Whichever it is.)

I wonder what would it feels like talking personally to the former first lady herself?
Of course, she wasn’t called the “Steel Butterfly” just for nothing isn’t it.
I, myself, would have been flabbergasted if it was I talking to her.
She still looks intimidating to me.
No wonder, the two hosts of The Sweet Life are almost tongue-tied in her presence.

Since the Iron Butterfly caught my interest, I decided to do a little research about her.
Listed below are the things I learned about our very own Mrs. Imelda Marcos:

•She was born in July 2, 1929 in San Juan de Dios Hospital in Manila.
•She is of Visayan and Tagalog descent
•She earned her Bachelor’s degree at St. Paul’s College.
•She was given the title of “Rose of Tacloban” and “Miss Leyte” – this is due to her extravagant beauty and photogenic face.
•She was given the title of “Muse of Manila” by then, Manila Mayor Arsenio Lacson, after she protested her loss in the Miss Manila Beauty Pageant.
•She met Ferdinand Marcos in the year 1954. After their whirlwind romance they got married, and had four children wherein one is adopted.
•During the Former President Ferdinand Marcos term, she was appointed to various positions in the government, such as Governor of Metropolitan Manila, Minister of Human Settlement, and Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary.
•She commissioned the construction of the following: Cultural Center of the Philippines, Philippine Heart Center, Lung Center of the Philippines, Kidney Institute of the Philippines, Nayong Pilipino; Philippine International Convention Center, Folk Arts Theater, Coconut Palace, and the infamous Manila Film Center.
•On February 25, 1986, Mrs. Marcos and her family fled to Hawaii (via Guam) after her husband’s regime was toppled by the four-day People Power Revolution in EDSA.
•She was found to have left behind 15 mink coats, 508 gowns, 1000 handbags[11] and 3000 pairs of shoes after their family fled Malacañang Palace.
•A concept album “Here lies Love” was made in collaboration between David Byrne and Fatboy Slim about her life and her relationship with a servant from her childhood. The album features 22 vocalist including Tori Amos, Candie Payne and Martha Wainwright. It’s scene structure includes the following: Prologue, Act I: “Flashback – Early Days, Act II: The Climb to Power, Act III: The Turning Point, and Act IV: The Fall.
•In 1992, Mrs. Marcos ran and finished fifth in the seven-way presidential race.

My reaction: Wow. She’s one hell of a woman. Pretty ostentatious and definitely imeldific.

Since I am so attuned to her at the moment, I also gathered some quotable quotes from our very own former first lady.

“First of all, I am so happy and I thank the Lord that the 32 cases have been dismissed by the regional court here in Manila. This will subtract from the 9001 cases that were filed against the Marcoses.” Imelda Marcos (March, 2008) -whew, that’s a lot of cases huh.

“I have never been a material girl. My father always told me never to love anything that cannot love you back.” – Imelda Marcos (November 1996) – nice one. 😛

“As we were coming down Malacanang, Ferdinand held my hand and said, ‘Imelda, this is your fault.’ In shock, I asked, ‘Why, Ferdinand?’ He answered, ‘Because you gave me a heart.'” – on why Marcos refused to fire at the crowds on Edsa in 1986,
– is this for real? I though those in EDSA that time were brutally mistreated or should it be maltreated? (whatever)

“If you know how much you’ve got, you probably haven’t got much.”
Imelda Marcos – I think so too.

“I was born ostentatious. They will list my name in the dictionary someday. They will use ‘Imeldific’ to mean ostentatious extravagance.” – cited in an Associated Press report, April 1998 – I think she’s somewhat related to Nostradamus. haha. >:)


8 thoughts on “the iron butterfly..

  1. neil dalanon ay nagsasabing:

    “As we were coming down Malacanang, Ferdinand held my hand and said, ‘Imelda, this is your fault.’ In shock, I asked, ‘Why, Ferdinand?’ He answered, ‘Because you gave me a heart.’”

    –nyahaha! at bumabanat din pala si pareng macoy! 😀

  2. narsmanang ay nagsasabing:

    hwaw. haha. bakit naman napukaw ang iyong interes ni imelda marcos? hehe…

    sowsyal no? ang daming damit at sapatos. at aba may mink coats xa, lagot sya sa PeTa. 😀

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