and I badly wanted to believe in happy endings..

Recently, my 2 best friends broke up with each other.

They’ve been together for 3 years.

I was their cupid and they were my perfect love team

Perfectly imperfect.

I said to myself before that if I were to have my own love story,

It will be as real and as sweet as theirs.

I can actually visualize those two growing old in each other’s arms.

2 oldies at UP; holding hands while walking at pasway-sway pa.

It saddened me that my perfect love team turned into estranged bitter persons that they are right now.

How could a love so true turned into a happily never after story?

Does love fades after all then?

How about those Nicholas Sparks story that touched the hearts of millions of people?

Was it all a sham then?

I haven’t heard my guy best friend’s side yet.

I don’t even know if he plans to explain himself either.

What I heard was my gal best friend explaining that her guy found someone else.

The sad part? My guy best friend sought the arms of another girl when he and my gal best friend were still together.

Broken vows that is.

How could he possibly do such a thing and broke my gal best friend’s heart?

I remember him saying “ang pangarap ko lang naman sa buhay ay ung makatagpo ng babaeng magmamahal sakin ng lubos”.

And he actually found it. I’m pretty sure of it. When he and she became an item, I thought, this love is for real.

Their love will surpass all obstacles and they will live happily ever after.

Or so I thought.

3 years turned into ashes.

How it could possibly happened?

My gal bf told me that his guy told her once before the break up, “hindi na kita maramdaman. kapag nakatingin ako sa mukha mo, hindi ko na maalala ung masasayang memories natin”.

It broke my gal bf’s heart big time.

When I slept over in her place, she just can’t stop talking about him.

How they were, what they have, and what should have been.

I remembered a forwarded text message that I received.

It says “I hope that I will find someone to love whose heart has been broken so he/she won’t break mine ’cause he/she knows what its like to have their hearts smashed into pieces”.

I guess this wasn’t always the case then.

Maybe that one person who had his heart broken once never really put up with his losses

And then, he mutated into a heartbreaker.

Is this what happened to my kuya bespren? How sad.

He’ll never know what he has till it’s gone.


In this modern era, infidelity is indeed a fad.

I’ve overheard one of my colleagues boasting that he had 4 secret relationships while he’s going steady with his girlfriend.

Amazing isn’t it? I wonder how he could possibly sleep with his girl knowing that he’s got a soiled hand.

He said that his girl doesn’t know anything about it so it should be alright.

So goes the cliché ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you”.

People are indeed rational, don’t you think?



13 thoughts on “and I badly wanted to believe in happy endings..

  1. Lambing ay nagsasabing:

    aawwww… hindi ko rin maintindihan kung bakit yung parang perfect relationship magiging abo… yun akalang matatag hindi rin pala matibay ang pagkakagawa… kapag nagmahal ka walang guarantee na hindi ka masasaktan… madaming tanong..

    bakit ganyan

    bakit ganon

    bakit… kung alam ko rin ang sagot di ako magtatanong…


    isa lang alam ko sagot.. hindi ginuine ang pagmamahal nun nagtaksil.. kasi kung totoong mahal nia hindi nya magagawang manakit ng tao… kung ginuine talaga ha??? pero kung galing lang sa bunganga nya ang lahat.. hmmmm makakarami yun ng syota..

  2. prinsesamusang ay nagsasabing:

    this is sad. but i guess sometimes old relationships really well, get old, and it is tricky to kind of take care of them. i just wish them both the best. who knows, they might end up in each other’s arms still right?

  3. ianyce ay nagsasabing:

    sometimes things like that just happened even if don’t expect it to happen. i was once like you thought life was a big fairy tale or a movie with it’s own prince charming and a damsel in distress, but hey! look on the brighter side of the story you’re girl best friend has the chance and time to find someone who will treasure and see her worth after the storm that strike her i remember a quote saying “you can never make a rainbow unless it rains”. 🙂

  4. narsmanang ay nagsasabing:

    i’m back tol. 🙂

    haist, sad naman talaga ng nangyari. minsan hindi ko din magets ang mga tao. akala ko din, sila na din hanggang huli, mukha pa namang mahal na mahal nila ang isa’t isa. haist. 😦

  5. kayedee ay nagsasabing:

    hmm o wel wah me ma-say pero nand2 aq kelangn q magslita! ahahha..

    everything happens for a reason! nid an explanation? visit my hauz ehhe.

    tnx u jaz gave me an idea ehhe. gandang araw po!

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