Ode to M

What a rare Maiden you are,

Definitely Ardent when your heart’s in it

A mixture of an Idealist and Realist

Your family’s Darling princess

Soft-hearted yet Adamant when needed



I admire you in many ways I can’t count

At times, I wish I could be you for a day

This is of course, next to impossible

It’s like a camel lost in North Pole


Your serious façade makes people think twice before approaching you

However, no matter what you do,

A natural light like yours cannot be suppressed

Especially when it seeps all over you


Your trivial talks add flavour to my everyday nothingness

Have you noticed that your eyes lit up whenever you have something exciting to share?

You carve each details of your chronicle with gusto

That’s why the people tend to listen to you with awe


In your persona, I found a haven

Your mere presence gives me a sense of refuge

You’re an apple that took some of my bitterness away

And for that, I’m very thankful


You don’t know how my life was worth living because you’re part or it.

I might not be able to join your league at this moment but I will soon

We will rarely see each other now

But I know those invisible threads will be just one pull away


Until then, my friend M. J




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6 thoughts on “Ode to M

  1. narsmanang ay nagsasabing:

    waaahhh. ako ba si M? hehehe…

    literal na habang nagtatype ako ngayon, umiiyak akong nakangiti.

    salamat ng madami, napakagandang oda. nakatanim na sa puso ko bawat salita. maraming maraming salamat, kaibigan at kapamilya ko. ikaw ang sister na hindi ako nagkaroon. sana alam mo yon. salamat ng madaming madaming madami. magkikita pa tayo.

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