tooth cleaning experience at phone simulation

unang scenario

orthodentist: iha, marunong ka bang magtoothbrush?
aubu: po? (nag-isip pa ako)
orthodentist: dapat up and down iha hindi side by side
aubu: alam ko naman po un

– opo,Β  matagal akong hindi bumisita ng dentist pero marunong po akong magtoothbrush, kala nyo lang hindi, hehe

ikalawang scenario

trainer: Is this actually how you speak? You’re very softspoken.
aubu: yes?
trainer: It makes me feel like I’m actually talking to a kid.
aubu: (smiles)

– oo na, boses bata na, happy? hindi po kayo ang unang nagsabi nyan, hehe,


9 thoughts on “tooth cleaning experience at phone simulation

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