purple thumb

Last Friday was my rest day and I have no plans that time so I just decided to go to city hall so I could inquire about transferring my voter’s registration. The good thing is they are actually accepting registration transfers until October of 2012.

Armed with my TIN and PRC ID, I thought the Comelec officers won’t be asking for more IDs. Unfortunately, I had to have an ID with my home address on it and neither my TIN nor my PRC ID bears my home address so I had to get a cedula which costs me 29PHP. I’m very lucky because the queue for those getting a cedula is quite short.

After I presented my cedula to the Comelec officer, she gave me 3 sets of voter’s registration transfer form which took me a while to fill in the details. And then, I went back to the Comelec desk to submit the forms and have my picture and thumb mark taken. I was wearing a tank top so the Comelec officer instructed me to use my handkerchief to cover up the exposed skin. I’m expecting that I look like I was wearing daster in my voter’s ID. After the picture taking and biometrics comes the last step; they tore off the claim stub from the registration forms  and gave the stub back to me and took my thumb mark again using the purple ink this time.

After I finished the voter’s registration transfer, I immediately went home as I wasn’t feeling well. Before I took a quick nap, I took a photo of myself with my purple thumbs.

thumbs up!

7 thoughts on “purple thumb

    • aubu22 ay nagsasabing:

      haha, you should transfer your registration now to avoid long queues, hassle-free as long as you have the ID with your home address on it. 😛

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