aubu’s trivialities and buferring moments

It was a lazy day and I had to literally drag my ass up to prepare and go to work
The chilly weather is tempting me to curl up in bed and called in sick but my concience got the best of me
Hesitant to work on this gloomy day, I look like a somnabulist on the loose
Anyhow, I was still able to reach our office wholly despite being caught in a traffic jam


Before I further blabber nonsense, I would like to share my mishap (again) at work today.

Earlier this afternoon, our department manager went to my station and asked me to do a report
He instructed on what to’s and how to’s and I just said yes and nodded to all his instructions

When he went back to his station, I realized that I did not absorb anything from what he just said.
What I did is I went to his station and confirm the task I was supposed to do.
He repeated the instructions and I said okay and nodded again.

The moment I sat in front of my monitor to start working, my mind went blank and I’ve forgotten what he just said.
My reaction was WTF is that all about (don’t freak out as I did not said this out loud) although I was literally cursing in my head silently.
To save my face from further mortification, I summoned all my guts to send a message to my boss via icq to ask again about the report he asked me to do.

Aubu: Hi boss, I would just like to confirm if this is what you asked me to do. blah blah blah
DM: here is what you’ll do blah blah blah
Aubu: Thanks. Sorry po hindi po naabsorb ng utak ko ung sinabi nyo earlier. Buffering pa din po ung utak ko. hehe
DM: hehehe

I was relieved that he did not get annoyed although I was a bit embarrased at the same time. I was thinking how lame could my excuse get?haha

Another buffering moment scenario.

A colleague of mine texted me at around 5 in the afternoon and asked if our scheduled meeting this evening will push through so I asked our deputy manager to confirm this.

AuBu: Mommy DeputyMan, I have a question.
DeputyMan: Yes, dear, what is it?
AuBu: Kuya K texted me and asked if our meeting is ………. (thinking of the English translation for tuloy)
DeputyMan: …….
AuBu: Ahm. He’s asking if our meeting is “tuloy” (I couldn’t remember the translation so I just went on and said the word in Filipino, good thing there’s no EOP police around or else I’m doomed)
DeputyMan: Yes, we will push through with the meeting. I suggested that we have it next week but DepartmentMan said we should do it later.
AuBu: Alright. Thanks, Mommy.

and there you go.

I know I’m not that bright but I’m so sure I ain’t that thick. However, there are some instances like these when my mind doesn’t seem to work well.
I’m wondering if I have intoxicated my brain and body with lots of drugs/medicines recently and I’m actually experiencing their after effects.

Darn. Talk about being in a cafe using a prepaid card for internet connection and playing my favorite online games but patching up is taking forever.
Hope my brain gets fixed soon. I think I should get a lobotomy. haha, just kidding. (*knock on wood*) 😛

9 thoughts on “aubu’s trivialities and buferring moments

  1. duking ay nagsasabing:

    normal lang yan. yung tipong minsan, hindi mo alam kung nasaan yung senses mo conversation na hindi nag si sink in, tas things na nakikita mo pero all seems to be just figures and colors.

    advice lang. sa mga ganitong moment, iwasang lumabas ng bahay. delikado.

    keep safe, belated happy birthday, aubz!

  2. hitokirihoshi ay nagsasabing:

    same-same din tayo minsan. pero sa akin ata mas madalas. that’s why importante sa akin ang my hawak na pen and paper palagi. at kung minsan recorder. kasi yung mababaw lang muna naa-absorb ng utak ko bago yung pinaka-meat ng story. hehehe

    naalala ko rin daw ang dial up days ko. tyanatyaga ko ang 30 pesos per month at puyat all weekend.mabuhay!

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