All about me 10 day challenge

I have lots of things in mind these past few weeks so I decided to do this all about me challenge that I saw while blog hopping. This is just to take a break from things boggling my brain. (My sincerest apology to the WP blog I took this idea from, I’ve tried different tags and phrases but I can’t seem to find your blog again). The all about me challenge idea was supposed to be a 30 day challenge but I only have 11 days to go before the current month ends so I decided to tweak the “All about me 30 day challenge” and made it “All about me 10 day challenge” instead.

To jumpstart the 10 day challenge, I’ll begin with Day 01- The meaning behind your blog site

I can’t remember the blog name I used when I first created this blog but I’m sure the name’s far different from it’s current name. I just can’t seem to remember no matter how hard I tried though.

The odd one out is my blog’s current name. In my entire being, most often that not, people’s impression about me is that I’m different, mysterious, odd, bizarre, weird and eccentric. Yes. Name all the words synonymous with the word “different”. I don’t know how did they come up with the idea that I’m all that. I know I’m a bit reserved and I could easily fit into the introvert kind of person category but is that equivalent to being mysterious? Just so you know, I’m also an adventurous person. I like going out and trying new things. Which is why a friend of mine got confused when I ask her to which category do I belong to; to the introvert type or the extrovert type? She said, “Introvert ka na extrovert pero, ang labo!” Well, I don’t actually know but maybe, there’s a relative connection that’s why I’m labelled as such. Ask them.

The odd one out is an embodiment of what most people say about me and what I would want to be; definitely not an outcast but someone who dares to make a difference.

Literally, being the odd one out means someone who doesn’t belong; someone peculiar and deviant but I’m sure once in your life you’ve felt the need to be different (ako na ang assuming).

So I guess I’m not so odd after all. I’m still one of you.


Oh, as for the remaining challenge for my All about me 10 day challenge, just wait (9 to go) 😉

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