All about me 10 day challenge – Day 2

Today is day 2 for my “all about me 10 day challenge”. Earlier, I was contemplating whether I should continue this 10 day challenge thing or not. After I few minutes, I found myself in front of my laptop typing in my entry. I guess the urge to finish this challenge got the better of me (wink)

Day 2 – Nicknames you have; why you have them

Aubz/Aubs, AuBu, Aubi, Abu, Abie, Bonch, Bonchie, Bonchiekay, Bonchai, Bonsai & Bata. Those are my nicks at this time.

Aubz/Aubs – the first 3 letters counts for the first 3 letter of my given name. As for the last letter, “S” and “Z” can be used interchangeably. It depends on the one’s calling me.

AuBu – the first 2 letters counts for the first 2 letters of my given name and the second 2 letters counts for the first 2 letters of my surname. A classmate of mine back in high school coined this nick.

Aubi – the first 2 letters counts for the first 2 letters of my given name, as for the third letter, it also counts for the first letter of my surname. As for the fourth letter, I don’t know where my classmate got it.Β  I always introduce myself using my whole name and she finds the idea of putting the letter “I” next to the first 3 letters of my name cool.

Abu – the first letter comes from the first letter of my first name, the last 2 comes from the first 2 letters of my surname. A colleague of mine uses this to address me.

Abie – my classmates/playmates back in elementary school uses this nickname to call me back then.

Bonch – my nickname at home. I was supposed to be the “bunso” in the family so the “bunso” was morphed into “Bonch”. I don’t know how did that happen. Sure it sounds alike. I wonder why they didn’t bother to change my nickname when my dear little brother arrived.

Bonchiekay – my nickname “Bonch” morphed again. This is the nick my big brother kuya Bok and little brother JL use to call me when I don’t respond to them immediately back when we were all together.

Bonchai – one of my cousins uses this as her endearment to me. I could literally hear her voice upon typing this. (Bonchaaaiiiii, ughhhhh)

Bonsai – nickname given to me by my younger brother when he feels like making fun of me. Sometimes, he sends me forwarded text messages with a greeting at the last part of the message that says “good morning ate bonsai!” I don’t like this nickname that much but if it’s my little brother calling me this, I think I could endure.

Bata – my kuya-kuyahan back in college gave me this nickname and he’s still using this to address me until now. Why? He still thinks of me as a kid.

(bowing my head) I, thank you! There you go. Nicknames enumerated. As for the why’s, some I have answered but some still remains a mystery even to me. (echos)


yey! I finished day 2! (nanonosebleed na ako sa EOP, haha, 8 to go) πŸ˜€

8 thoughts on “All about me 10 day challenge – Day 2

  1. renxkyoko ay nagsasabing:

    Such fun to remember the names we’ve been called by our family and friends. I’ve been called Agsiebabe, agsie-agsie, but only by dad. Of course if I write what else I’ve been called, It will reveal my real name, lol.

    Cheers !

  2. doon po sa amin ay nagsasabing:

    ahaha, ako rin, may iba ibang nicknames. palayaw na bigay ng magulang, ng mga kapatid, ng mga kalaro, kaklase, pamangkins and katrabaho. parang apat ang nag-stick, haha.

    sa family namin, papangitan ng nickname ang uso. pag di masyadong pangit ang palayaw, di bumebenta, ahaha.

    cute ang bonchiekay… πŸ™‚

    • aubu22 ay nagsasabing:

      talaga po? sampol naman dyan!

      samin sakto lang po, ako bonchie ung nickname, ung panganay namin ay toyang, ung ikalawa ay oya, ung ikatlo ay bokyo, ung bunso ay JL >:)

      tenchu po! ^^

  3. doon po sa amin ay nagsasabing:

    ahaha… sa ‘kin? san, nickname ko talaga ‘yon. hindi ‘yon ang panget, ahaha…

    btw, may pamangkin akong taburnok ang palayaw, ugh! i hate that monicker, sobra naman ‘yon. naaawa ako ro’n sa bata. sabi ko sa kanya, hwag syang sumagot pag tinatawag no’n. btw, maayos naman ang itsura ni pamangkin, hindi sya itsurang as the nickname implies. loko ang nagbansag sa kanya no’n…ayon…

    kumusta you? πŸ™‚

    • aubu22 ay nagsasabing:

      haha, aus, un po pala tagala ang nickname nyo,

      wow, taburnok tlaga?hahaha, san galing yun at anu po ibig sabihin?

      medyo busy-busyhan po, off to a new adventure, πŸ™‚

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