All about me 10 day challenge – Day 10

Finally. I’m on my day 10. Congratulate me, you all. wahaha. I did not expect I’d be able to finish this.

Day 10 -In these past months, what have you learned?

I learned that it’s really hard to make decisions. – I thought the coin flipping would do me good but it did not help that much. I have had an extreme feeling of ambivalence before I have made up my mind on what to do before this year ends. I’m literally shoving clichés and quotations down my throat to boost my resolve. It’s ironic that you start appreciating those things you thought not indispensable which will make you think twice all over again whether you have made the right choice. But then the right choice is never absolute. What matters is if you’re at peace with what you have chosen.

I learned that I could be a good liar at times. Please spare my parents about this. They don’t have any idea what I have done. I won’t go into details but I’m a bit proud knowing I could make a good actress, LOL. But seriously, the feeling of lying to someone is more than horrible that you could ever imagine. It felt like you’re going to throw up anytime yet you couldn’t even swallow your own saliva. I hated the feeling big time.

I learned that I could actually be a bitch if I wanted to – I have had outburst these past few months. I confronted a housemate of mine and have raised my middle finger to an annoyingly pervert old man in the bus. I don’t know where I have placed my temperance when these incidents happened.


Allow me to pat myself on the back for a job well done. I have finished the All about me 10 day challenge! ang galing ko!wahaha 🙂

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