I just had to write this down

I’ve been meaning to know the exact translation of “turete” or “torete” because that would explain the exact feeling that is annihilating my entire being at this time.

In a few days time, I’d be leaving and suddenly there are just so many things to do yet so little time. Darn it. It reminded me of the usual student scenario few hours before a major exam. Spell cramming. (Sigh)

I certainly am not in the good mood in the slightest. I’m not sure if it’s my raging hormones fault that’s why I’m feeling so down lately. Not even goya chocolate almond could lighten up my mood. Not even manga. Or anime. Would you freaking believe that?

It just feels that everything’s happening so fast or is it the holiday fever slowly creeping into my veins? whichever it is, it’s definitely getting into my nerves.

oh, and guess what, I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt I was in the supermarket drooling over some fresh lobsters. And then I bumped into my college girl crush and she asked me if I wanted to eat some lobsters and I said yes. The next thing I know, we were on sitting on the market floor next to big basin removing a blackish thing from the lobsters back. (is there even such a thing?) I was so busy removing the blackish whatchamacallit when an enormous fish appeared on our side and flipped its tail big time. I freaked out and then the lobster on my hand bit me. I woke up screaming without a sound but still feeling the painful and tingling sensation caused by the lobster bite. When I came to my senses, the first question that popped into my mind is “does lobsters even have teeth?”.

Anyhow, I tried calling zestair customer service today for like eternity to have my flight be rebooked but no ones picking up. Screw their customer service and congratulations to me, my 100 load card has turned into ashes. Still, I hope I could rebook my flight in time. Please Batman. Pretty pretty please. I still wanted to bid goodbye in person to my aunts, uncle, brothers and nieces. Okay. Okay. To Hitler as well as a sign of respect. Or else he might turn into incredible hulk if I left without even saying a word to him. Bless my siblings and my mom if that happens.

On the second thought, I haven’t talked about Hitler recently, just heard from my aunt and my younger brother that he went into a drinking marathon again. He must have had one hell of a liver to withstand those alcohol in his bloodstream. I haven’t confirmed if he’s done with it though. But hey, same old brand new him. What do I expect? I just had to brace myself from the litany he’s about to deliver once he see me. Bless my ears and soul.

(inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale)

I need to pray so damn hard. I hope everything will turn out okay. 

9 thoughts on “I just had to write this down

  1. narsmanang ay nagsasabing:

    nafi-feel ko din ang pressure. nung sinabi ni kuya benjie na madami pang kelangan kang gawin, ang una kong tanong eh hindi ba pwedeng i-move? eh may ticket ka na. basta tol, ayos yan. pray lang ng pray ng pray ng pray.

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