when boredom strikes

I don’t have much to do today. I’ve watched movies. I’ve tried drawing. I’ve tried reading Grisham’s The Innocent Man. I’ve tried net surfing. I’ve tried almost anything just to kill some time actually.

Earlier this afternoon, ate Sharon and ate Tzie told me to try walking in the park near corniche (tabing-dagat) by myself. Yes. Alone. To tell you honestly, I have yet to gather enough courage travelling alone in this country. I’ve heard horrible stories enough to keep my itchy feet from wandering the streets of this desert.ย However, since boredom is killing me, I’ve decided to take a short walk at the park near our place.

I think I’ve walked for about 20 minutes. When I grew tired of walking, I just sat there on the bench, watched the calm sea and the birds flying freely.

Anyhow, I headed my way back when I noticed that it’s getting dark.

12 thoughts on “when boredom strikes

  1. PM ay nagsasabing:

    ako din medyo bakante. minsan naiisip ko bored ako pero inisip ko na lang minsan lang tong ganito kaya ienjoy na. tama yang ginawa mo. ganda pa ng photos na nakuha mo ๐Ÿ™‚

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