one little two little three little Indian

it’s official! I’m now part of the Frat in our clinic.

The “Frating gutom” posse. We’re the one’s eating and drinking chai (milk tea) whenever time permits. God bless our baby fats. haha.

Anyhow, this evening,  the Frat posse were teasing Naray about the nursery song whatchamacalit that goes like “one little two little three little Indian” and so on.

He was like “what the hell was that song all about? it’s nonsense.” says Naray.

One of our staff said it was a song for preschool kids in the Philippines so they can memorize the numbers one to ten easily.

Naray just shrugged his shoulders and return our giggles with a blank stare.

Diane, one of the clinic veteran said out of nowhere “You know Naray, your cousin Rajesh (who was previously working in our clinic) knows that song also but he changed the Indian word to Filipino just to get back to us”.

“Aha!” says Naray. He then started singing “one little two little three Filipino four little five little six Filipino seven little eight little nine Filipino ten little Filipino!” in his local accent.

The clinic veterans said in chorus “Shuhada Naray!” (in tagalog “Ano ba yan! Naray!) then we all end up laughing our heart out.

That is, until it rains patients. (umulan ng pasyente, hahaha)

Ah. Cheers to the good times.


8 thoughts on “one little two little three little Indian

    • aubu22 ay nagsasabing:

      opo, ms. PM! the only thorns among the roses lang po kasi sya, haha, ung milk tea po na sinasabi ko black tea plus milk powder lang yun, hindi ko din po alam ung lasa nung authentic eh, hehehe

  1. sasaliwngawit ay nagsasabing:

    hmmn… si Naray ang pang-spice ng buhay nyo dyaan? just wondering… ^^

    Kwaresma na rito, Aubu. basahan na ng Pasyon, ahaha. ang daming malalalim na Tagalog sa libretto, hihi… hello and regards sa inyo! 🙂

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