the tale of atlas (female version)

Earlier this evening in our clinic, one of my colleague (whom I’ll call M), approached me with a woebegone look in her face.

m: “day, may problema ako”
aubu: “ha?may balak ka talagang pasanin ang daigdig noh?ikaw na talaga.”
m: “eh kasi ung kasambahay namin naaksidente sabi ng mama ko. ooperahan ata. tapos kailangan ko ng pera kasi syempre matagal na samin yun blah blah blah blah”
aubu: “ah talaga. ayos lang yan. anong ulam mo kagabi? iniisip ko kasi kung ano ang kakainin ko mamaya.
m: hay naku, wala ka nang ibang nasa isip kundi pagkain.
aubu: alam mo sabi ng tropa ko dati, wag mong problemahin ang problema. hayaan mong problemahin ng problema ang problema niya.
m: ngeks, pwede ba naman yun.
aubu: try mo lang. teka hatid ko lang tong cheek retractor dun sa isang kwarto ha, (sabay exit)

Alright. Before you think of anything else, I’m not being insensitive nor apathetic in this scene. You see, this colleague of mine always has a sad story to tell each time she comes to work.

she was the same person who told me the other day that she needs to send money for her cousin’s operation suffering from an unknown disease. That day, she borrowed money from our other coworker whom she told the same story.

also, she told me yesterday that her other cousin in the Philippines whom she sponsored for a tourist visa to go here in the dessert backed out the last minute which left her in debt.

another story that she told me is that her cousin’s grandmother is in the hospital and was borrowing money from her. She says it’s the first time that her cousin asked her so she finds it hard to say no. She’s asking me if I know someone who can loan her money but unfortunately I don’t know anyone who will.

another is that, her local boyfriend recently dumps her because of a busy schedule. (but take note, she also has other local boyfriends here in the dessert whom she contacts from time to time if she feels like doing so.) I can’t recall who’s who and doesn’t have any interest to enumerate. She keeps on telling me that she’s so sawi in pag-ibig to which I replied “diba sabi mo sawi ka sa pag-ibig, baka para ka kasi kay Naray. Baka sa kanya hindi ka na masawi” to which one of the clinic veteran commented “ayan, bumanat na ang tahimik na si aubu”.

most recent story aside from what was mentioned in our conversation, is that her flatmate’s friend who sleeps over at their place occasionally is a tattletale and according to M, this flatmate’s friend just love telling about other people’s business especially M’s business. I teased her and says “ayaw mo nun, artista ka teh, pinag-uusapan ng iba ang buhay mo. ikaw na ang showbiz.” to which M replied “walangya ka talaga” then giggles and said “pero oo nga noh beh, hihi”. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry to her response. (like WTH?)

I believe I’m a pretty good listener but I’m getting tired of her everyday drama. She never runs out of energy telling us that her life sucks. (ikaw ba naman araw-arawin ewan kung hindi ka magsawa kakapakinig). She always complains just about everything and loves to sulk. Maybe one day I’m going to confront her about this. I mean seriously dude, she doesn’t own the whole worlds problem. Some of them are mine. Maybe some are yours too. Also, one need not tell other people his/her problems everyday. The chances are they care or they don’t. Unless it’s your best buds you’re talking to, I’m pretty sure they’ll care.

Well, best of luck to me tomorrow, maybe she’ll tell me that her neighbor’s dog died and she needs to send money again or something like that.

Tata for now.


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