a beautiful mind

disclaimer: my co-nurse Jen told me this story earlier this morning.

According to Jen, there was this time when almost 3/4 of our clinic staffs were present in the autoclave room except me and my partner Imee, (it’s been a week since I was transferred to clinic room 1 to directly assist the doctors during medical/dental procedure). They had this relax conversation with the coolest doctor in our clinic whom I’ll call Dr. R (his first name starts with R). They were just talking about anything under the sun until the topic turns to the “who’s the most beautiful nurse in the clinic”.

Dr. R: guys, who do you think is the most beautiful nurse in this clinic?

Ate Nice: Me doctor, hahaha

Ate Ann: Ako kaya, echosera ka, hahaha

Jen: Ate Ann, doc.

Mik: Si Jen!

Car: I’m the prettiest, Doc. haha, char lang.

Dr. R: I’m sorry ladies but none of you.

Staff in chorus: then who, doc?

Dr. R: It’s Aubu.

Staff: (naguguluhan daw) – alam ko hindi ako drop dead gorgeous noh, mga buset na to, haha

Dr. R: Aubu’s the most beautiful. You see, she’s got a beautiful mind

Staff in chorus: si Aubu na talaga.

After Jen has told me the conversation they had with Dr. R, all my bad vibes today immediately disappear. So far, Dr. R’s comment is the most flattering compliment I’ve ever received in the clinic. I’ve been previously praised that I exude that smart vibe but being told that I have a beautiful mind? That’s really something. I wonder how did he come up with that idea. (kung alam lang ni Dr. R yung mga kagaguhang tumatakbo sa utak ko magbabago ang pananaw niya, hahaha).

p.s. kunwari hindi niyo alam na nagbubuhat ako ng sarili kong bangko, hehe, ๐Ÿ˜›


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