that one time…


that one time when the cinema was all ours to enjoy.

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there was a funny incident though. when the movie started, we were all so excited to know what Jack Reacher was all about when a big boat comes into the scene, one character starts singing then Hugh Jackman and Russel Crowe appeared and started singing as well. Maida asked “diba action ung papanuorin natin?”. We both checked out cinema tickets and it clearly say “Jack Reacher”. We laugh out heart out when we realized that the movie that was currently playing was Les Miserables. One of us mentioned (not sure who) “kanina ko pa inaantay, baka sakaling lumabas si Tom Cruise eh”. Turns out one of the staff switch the movies that was supposed to be played in another cinema. A Pinoy cinema staff came and apologized for what happened. 😀

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