and then there was no light


no electricity. no internet connection.

my laptop is battery empty and so is my phone.

I don’t have food on my table yet.

had I been my old self, I would have gone berserk.

I would have been very pissed off, actually. but on the contrary, I feel very blessed.

my 3 ates (my flatmates) gave me candles for light without me asking.

one even offered me to use her gas stove so that I may be able to cook my food. (you see, our stove isn’t working at the moment since we’re reconstructing a part of our kitchen and unfortunately it’s that part where our stove is placed)

I was putting too much thoughts on what should I eat at that time

and then suddenly it dawned on me that I’m surrounded by love.  (weird eh?confabulation of ideas it is)

I realized that everywhere I go, someone is always there to look after me.

like how kuya Benj and ate Tzie looked after me when I was still new here in the desert. Like how my special someone looked after me until now. Like how my flatmates would give me food for lunch and dinner. Like how Mamu and Papu would give me “baon” every fridays enough to last me a week without cooking. Like how my friend Maida would ask how I was at work. Like how Jen and Jerrabeck (my batchmate in our clinic) would wait for me outside our clinic when its time to go home even though I still have lots of work to do.

my mom must have been praying lots for me to have been blessed with such walking angels in disguise.

despite of my everyday rants (in my head), I’m still lucky am I not?

I guess it is indeed true.

You could definitely see so much in darkness.

this is me in the dark.

this is me in the dark.








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