of sacrifices and better life

it’s ramadan time here in the desert. yay! shorter working hours but one helluva rush every damn night shift. goodness gracious.

yeah, yeah. it’s been a while.

ramadan kareem! (it’s like the equivalent of happy holidays here) it’s past mid-year already and I’m now counting months!

anyways, I just dropped by to  tell a story about a Lebanese patient we encountered this evening shift. (spell tsismosa)

From what I understand, our patient is moving to Germany next month for life. The doctor (Dr. R) whom I’m assisting that time asked about the process of migrating to Germany but he said he’s going there as a tourist. We were like a little dumbfounded because if someone will migrate to another country, he/she should have immigrant visa, right? To answer our questioning look, the patient said “it’s a little complicated. You see, once I board a plane to Germany, right after I landed there, I’ll tear my original passport then pick up a fake one.”

Dr. R and I were both surprised. “That sounds fishy”, Dr. R said. “Yeah, it’s actually illegal. I might end up in jail for 3 months or more.” our patient said nonchalantly. It sounds insane to me. Sounds like Dr. R. felt that I seem to have lots of questions in my eyes and end up prying for more information from our patient while treating him at the same time.

Dr. R. “Why would you do that?”

Patient. “I’m 27 years old. Still a salesman here. No house of my own. No benefits for a brighter future. No nothing. I’m practically a beggar here.”

Dr. R.  “Well, you could say that. Here in UAE, they don’t offer citizenship therefore no matter how many years you stay, you won’t even be given a chance to buy a piece of land in case you’d like to retire and settle in.”

Patient: “Exactly. Expats get to earn enough to pay for the rent and bills and send some back home. We give them services and what do we get in return? Nothing. That’s why I’m heading to Germany. To try my luck.”

Dr. R. “It’s nice to try your luck elsewhere but to go that far?

Patient: “Certain sacrifices must be made for a better life. It’s for the sake of my future kids. Anyway, I’ve got no worries at all since I’ve got my relatives there. Some of them did the same thing then applied for a resident visa.”

Dr. R. “Don’t have plans of going home?”

Patient: “I can go home but I’m not sure about our country’s condition at this time so heading to Germany would be a better option.”

Dr. R. “Well. Good luck on your journey, young man.”

They shake hands and then patient were gone.

I was left in the treatment room with too much to ponder. I was like, stuff like that happens huh. But Germany? I could see our patient wearing a prisoner uniform with a police on his side that I swear looks a hell lot like the notorious leader Hitler. Imagine my horror when pictures of “The Holocaust” instantly played in my mind. aughh. It creeps me out big time. Okay. Okay. Maybe I’m exaggerating things. Anyway, Germany’s motto now is “Unity, Justice & Freedom”. I just hope our patient’s gonna be fine. I admire him for his guts though. But being jailed for 3 months or more for the sake of a freakin’ resident visa? No way in a million years. I’d rather rot here in the desert or go home. No. I’d always choose the latter.


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