the proposal

16/8/13  11 o’clock pm

– tonight is one of the best nights of my life. bakit? kasi this is the night the love of my life (ayiie) proposed to me. What was supposedly a birthday party at the hotel turns out to be a proposal at a cafe by the beach.

I was like super haggard because I just got off from work when my KB dabarkads/future sister-in-law (ahem) texted me that we’ll go to a birthday party. Her exact message were “Aubu, Maida to. Alis tayo, punta taung birthday party sa hotel. Suot ka ng medyo formal ha. Derecho ka sa bahay. Hintayin kita. Nauna na sila doon eh. Sowsyal, maexperience ntn”. I actually wasn’t in the mood to attend a party but knowing that maida would leave the desert soon, I decided to go and prepare as soon as I reach our flat. As ate Tzie says before, we should spend more time together and bond as much as we can while we still can.

While on my way to their house, Maida called and told me to head straight to RAK wedding hall because she went there already. I arrived at the back of the wedding hall a few minutes to 11 o’clock. I saw so much locals  wearing conduras but no sign of Maida. I called her to ask if I’m in the right place then she told me that the place is actually opposite of the wedding hall which is the Costa Cafe. I checked out the place from afar since I can’t cross the streets yet and started wondering how come there were no signs of any happenings there. When I reach the place, I then saw kuya Benjie, ate Tzie and Dart in their usual comfy outfit. I was like, wow mali ba ito? bat ako lang nakadress? but nonetheless, I kept my composure, approached them and asked where is Maida and Ake (silently hoping that Maida would show up any minute wearing the same get up as mine) I remember kuya Benjie commenting “mainit ba?buti hindi ka pinagswimsuit ni Maida?” before telling me where they were to which I replied with a poker face because I don’t know what is going on. I started walking towards Maida and Ake, pointed specifically to what Maida was wearing (and guess what, she’s sporting her infamous style, shirts and jeans then slippers much to my dismay) I noticed that she’s taking a video of me as I walk towards them.  I turned my attention to Ake and there he was;silently sitting on the bench holding a long stemmed-rose which he gave me as soon as I stand next to him and gave me 3 yellow print paper. 3 words were there. One is “Will you marry me?”, next was “of course” and last was “yes”. I was so dumbfounded that I jokingly asked “ba’t walang no?” to which he replied “ayaw mo ata eh” but then I snatched the paper that says “of course”. He knelt down on one knee and offered me the box containing a golden ring, I felt a surge of butterflies in my stomach and the first words that I blurted was “anung gagawin ko?” I remember laughing like crazy because I don’t exactly know how to react. I mean, it’s not everyday that you get to have a marriage proposal isn’t it?and from a guy you love? aughhhh. I still can’t get over it. I’m officially engaged dude. I badly wanted to scream but they might think I’ve lost my sanity. Imagine me suppressing my kilig and smiling from ear to ear as I’m typing this entry on my phone. Waahh!kilig to the bones. Para kong gago. Always the late reaction.

After my labiduds’ proposal, Maida took some photos. While walking back to the cafe, she asked if I already had an idea about tonight to which I honestly answered that I have no idea at all. She has her doubts though. (ewan ko ba kung bakit feeling nya may alam ako eh wala naman talaga, pramis, mamatay man ako) Had I known about the proposal, I would have definitely put an effort to look pretty. Put a little make-up at least. But nil, I had none so I entered the battle with an oily face! (Heck, you could even fry an egg using that much oil in my face) I didn’t even combed my hair! darn it. aughh. but not that it matters. my labiduds doesn’t seem to mind. Amidst the disheveled hair, oily face, maton-like lakad, in the end, I’m still the one wearing the engagement ring. I’m so happy I could die anytime. (seriously, is this really me talking?)

Anyways, I saw that Maida already uploaded the video of the proposal in kuya Benj’s DartBench Photography page.

I have played the video a countless times today just to check if this were all a dream but it’s not. I’m wearing the ring as a hard core evidence!(insert uber smiling face here). This is by far, the most wonderful advance birthday present ever. Thank you God for giving me a wonderful guy for a fiancee. Thank you kuya Benjie. Thank you ate Tzie. Thank you Dart. Thank you Maida. Thank you bhe. I couldn’t thank you all enough. I just feel very blessed and loved.


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