confession of an inlababo

I have a confession to make.

When I agreed to be your girlfriend and I said I love you too, I did not mean it ( I just said it because it’s how its done in the movies). but, there’s a big BUT in there. I like you at that moment when I said “ano ba sinasabi ng babae kapag sinasagot na nya ung lalake” and I remembered you laugh. I regreted saying it as it was kind of a moronic question, but I’m a NBSB member before we met so what do you expect?It even weirded me out when I realized I like you. I mean, one look at you and I’m sure as hell others will agree that you give off that chickboy/bad boy vibe. Hitler’s (my dad) vibe when he was still in his prime according to my mom. One good girls (like me) should stay away from. Your sister even gave me a headstart and said ‘basta tol labas ako sa inyong dalawa ni kuya ah” which made me think twice before agreeing to go on a date with you. Would you believe that I almost backed out on our first date because I don’t think it’s a good idea to start with?

You might ask me why, Allow me to enumerate reasons not to go out with you.

Firstly, I don’t like egoistic guys and with my own definition of egoistic, you definitely fit in. Secondly, you’re talkative. I don’t like talkative guys that much. They are irritating to the ear. I for one is a quiet and a reserved person to start with so I thought why should I hang out with a talkies guy talkier than me? (I’d rather watch TV and listen to Boy abunda or John Lapus talking perky about a latest scandal of a famous showbiz personality.) Most of all, you’re very friendly to the opposite sex, a trait which most cheating bastards possess.

I could see imaginary flashing red lights warning me not to go but I still did. so why did I go out with you on that faithful day?

I was bored as hell because I wasn’t able to borrow ate ching’s laptop for a supposedly movie marathon. Ate Esther, my chatty roommate who’s fond of treating me to dinner and ice cream at the UP shopping center isn’t around. And above all, I was curious. I mean I haven’t been on a date since time immemorial. My first date experience was in jolibee and I can barely remember the face of the guy I went out with at that time. So I thought, why not give it a shot. Anyhow, it’s your treat meaning I’m not paying for anything so what do I have to lose? Also, I’ll get the chance to know if my impressions have some solid basis.

When we first went out, I was given advice what to do if ever you try to take advantage of me. One friend said that should you try to do something harassing, I should slap you with all my might and then walk out without looking back. Another one said I should scream my lungs out to get for help. One of my kuya-kuyahan even said, “ingatan mo ang puso mo, bata” and pat me on the head as if he’s a shaman blessing me to be protected from bad spirits. It’s quite silly but I can’t help but smile when I reminisce how they reacted when they found out I was going out on a date with you.

I thought that after our first date, you’ll realize what an ultimate bore I am but I was surprised that after our first date, comes the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, till I lost count how many times we went out.

How in the world did that happened? Was it like turned to love? Wondering when it started? I’m not so sure myself.

Was it the time you first texted and called me just to say you like me? (I almost fell of the bed when your message sink in)
Or was it the time that we watched I am legend and you let me borrow your jacket because I’m freezing cold?
Was it the time you hold my hand for the first time and you’re teasing me because my hand is icy and trembling?
Or was it the time you gave me yellow tulips?
Was it the time you offered to carry my bag knowing that I’ll decline because I’m too proud?
Or was it the time you gave your sister a chocolate for our tropa?
Was it the time you gave me a bouquet of flowers for valentines?
or was it the time you gave me an Ichigo(bleach) key chain? (which unfortunately is already decapitated)
Was it the time that you were able to persuade me to sing a Red Jumpsuit apparatus song?
Was it the time you confessed that when you treated me Tapsi from Roddicks before, you badly wanted the yolk which I don’t eat but you didn’t ask for it because you’re afraid that I’ll think that you’re a glutton?
Or was it the time you walked me home although it’s already late and you still need to travel like 2 hours just to get home to Bulacan?
Was it the time you brought me home and introduce me to your parents as your girlfriend?
Or was the time you made a love letter out of a bond paper (which reminded me of my excuse letter way back when I was still studying)?
Was it that time when we were world’s apart (LDR ang peg), but still, you managed to keep in touch and keep our love alive?

I still couldn’t remember when did I start falling and to tell you honestly, I’m still surprised that there is still “us” after more than 6 long years. I mean, we were apart for more than a year and you know how it goes with long distance relationships. Treasured promises ended up like castles in the sand, they just fade away.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but most often than not, they make the heart forget. But boy, I was surprised, you never did forget. You even helped me realize my dreams to work abroad. Sure it was tough, but you’re with me so I made it through.

It’s been almost a year since you asked me to marry you. And now, we only have a few weeks left till we say I do. We had it tough and maybe we’ll have it tougher but as long as we are together, I’m sure as hell we’ll be able to work things out so long as we want to. Our love story will never be perfect. But it’s damn real. We may never get to have our happily ever after all because we’re going to have so much more than that.

8 thoughts on “confession of an inlababo

  1. Angel ay nagsasabing:

    “I’d rather watch TV and listen to Boy abunda or John Lapus talking perky about a latest scandal of a famous showbiz personality” hahahaha. Sobrang kinikilig ako ate huhuhu

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