something to ponder on


I just saw this post on the instagram page I was following recently. And it’s actually my mantra at the moment or atleast I believe so.

Many stuff has happened these past few months. I’m expecting a baby soon! Yay! Gone will be the days of sleeping more than 13 hours. I remember one of our female doctor told me that she hasn’t had a good sleep for a year since she had her baby. Well, not that she’s complaining though, it’s completely evident in her animated face that she loves every bit of her bundle of joy. I wonder if I’d be the same once my baby’s out? I sure hope so.

Did I mention that we’re back? Yeah, we’re back. We’re definitely back. I think it’s been more than a week now since we got home. Although it seems like an eternity to me. Blame the almost 24/7 clinic duty back in the desert wherein you couldn’t even tell which date are you in because you’re way too busy to notice and way too tired to care. I suddenly miss my busy old life. The irony of it all. Back then, I was always desperately asking for just a one day leave to rest. And now I have all the time in the world yet I feel restless. (must be the pregnancy hormones doing their magic)

Anyways, we’re still figuring things out. I hope it (our plans if ever we have) will work just fine. I’ll be due in 3 months time, I guess? Some says if you’re a primigravid, either it will be a little earlier than your due date or a little later. I don’t have an idea how early or how late. I hope I’ll be prepared for the worst.