almost there

I had my OB check-up today.

My doctor did an IE (internal examination) but I was still only 2-3 cm. Since I’m already at my 39 weeks and hasn’t started labor, my OB had to make sure my baby’s doing fine so I was advised to do ultrasound again with BPS (stands for Biophysical Profile Score, a simple and painless test to assess your baby’s well being). My baby’s score is 8/8. My doctor told me that in general, 8 or 10 is considered normal, 6 is borderline and below 6 is worrisome. Thank goodness, my Sophia is well.

Anyhow, I checked the rest of my ultrasound results and compared it with my recent ultrasound which was 10 days ago and found some discrepancies. For instance, my baby’s estimated fetal weight was 3.3 kilograms and now it is 2.9 kilograms. Another thing is my estimated due date, from February 24 it got moved to March 17. I also noticed that my placental grade decreased from grade 3 to grade 2. Although I’m in the medical field, I got alarmed after the comparisons I made so I immediately called my Ob-gyn to consult my observation. She told me its the BPS that counts and with regards to the discrepancies in figures regarding the rest of the ultrasound results; she said that some of the components that each sonologist measures are usually subjective (how in the world does that happen, I don’t know). Honestly speaking, I’m still doubtful even after talking to my Ob-gyn so I checked online if there are expectant mothers out there who’s got the same experience and I was not disappointed. Lots of forums confirmed that most often than not, ultrasound aren’t reliable. This doesn’t put me at ease but knowing that someone from the cyberspace was able to get through with their pregnancy just fine, it makes me feel a little bit better . I hope I’ll have the same luck though.


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