morning show of chivalry and change is happening experience whatnots

I’m used to standing on the bus on my way to work and on my way home. Most the time. Well, especially during Friday, but what do you expect? It’s weekend and almost everyone wants to have a taste of home, especially those who are renting in the metro.

Standing in the bus is like a staple meal for a commuter like me. It’s either you stand or run the risk of being late (or going home late) because you want to wait for a bus with available seats. This morning, however was an exception because for the first time since I started working again,  and on a Saturday morning at that! A miracle happened. I was able to sit despite the rush. Thanks to these two police officers who were kind enough to give up their comfy seats for me and my fellow zombie passenger (the lady I was standing next to looks like a fellow call center agent and the moment she sit, she fell asleep)

I know it’s overrated posting pictures online about kindness and stuff but I’d rather have those flood my news feed and other social networking account than gossip monger bickering about the latest whatnot of some celebrity or some fame-whore. (defensive much, hahahaha)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

mamang pulis

I know it’s too early to tell but I feel it’s the du30 effect.(for the record, I’m not a die-hard fan of the president but I can tell you that I would have voted for him too if my registration was active. And if you will include my name in your list of dutertards, feel free to do so because I don’t care, maldita much>:)) Also, I’ve been seeing commuters who are confidently using their mobiles in the street or sometimes in some public utility vehicles without the fear of having their possession snatched in a blink of an eye. I also like the fact that I’m seeing policemen everywhere I go these past few weeks. (in the streets, buses, jeepneys and all, although I have yet to experience strolling the streets of tondo and recto to confirm my feeling of security, haha) 4 years back before I went abroad, I don’t even dress that much nor wear jewelries for fear of getting the attention of holdapers. (Sabi kasi para hindi ka targetin ng magnanakaw, dapat mas mukha kang kriminal, diba tol?) hahahaha

Anyhow, I hope this will continue because, despite the heavy hellish traffic that’s part of my daily existence , as long as I feel safe, I’m still a happy commuter.

(but of course, it won’t hurt if the traffic jam will be out of the scene too)

p.s. I’m not keeping my hopes that our country will be at par with the 1st world countries anytime soon but slowly, step by step, I hope we’ll do better in the near near future.

11 thoughts on “morning show of chivalry and change is happening experience whatnots

  1. narsmanang ay nagsasabing:

    Hahaha. Ang golden payo ko na dapat mas magmukha kang magnanakaw para di ka nakawan. 😂 naks naman sila mamang pulis. Naalala ko naman dati ng nasa Taguig tayo, nakadress papuntang QC, eager na eager si mamang construction worker na paupuin ako sa punuang fti bus. Haha. Once ko lang naranasan un. 🙂

  2. aysabaw ay nagsasabing:

    Grabe ka naman…ang patakaran ko lang…para di tawag pansin at di manakawan ay dapat magmukhang basura….iba ka…dapat sayo magmukhang kriminal hahahahaha

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