you shall be remembered

Since I started watching the ejk trials updates on my fb account, I have always look forward to seeing you on the Senate. I’m always imagining what if you’re the one who’s grilling the witness, I’m sure as hell they must have peed on their pants. And those obnoxious senators who’s certainly a nuisance would have learned how to behave themselves in th senate.

You’re one of those very few politicians that I have the interest of listening to. Candid. Bright. Brutal. Witty. Those adjectives won’t even suffice to describe your dynamic personality. I ain’t a die-hard fan of yours but I deeply admire you. I actually bought one of your book (if that counts)

It’s such a loss that you have to go at this time but then, sabi mo nga you shall fade silently into the dark like batman. Pero parang hindi naman silent? Chos.

Anyways, maybe it’s really your turn to rest. You’ve done your service to the humanity and it’s high time someone else do it.

Well, until then madam senator MDS. Ciao.

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