how does it feel

when you’re on your late twenties and still feel the odd one out

confusing. on my part because I’m already old enough to be equipped with social skills and yet I don’t apply it. I’m not just good with people. I’ll smile, talk a bit and that’s that. Period.

surprisingly, even though I don’t quite fit in where I am right now,  I don’t care at all as long as I’m doing my job and at the end of the shift, I’ll go home with my daddylabs and babylabs.  back then I’d lose myself thinking what’s wrong with me, now I don’t care anymore. to hell with what they’re thinking.

someone from my work place said I am an antisocial, even called me a lonewolf, I had a hard time fighting myself to tell him to research the meaning of the word and give him the middle finger . Yes, I am aloof and yes, I’m quite reserved but I am not an antisocial.  I am selectively social. There’s a big difference. char. good thing I didn’t give in to his senseless comments about my personality, I just figured out yesterday he’s considered one of the “maluwang ang turnilyo” peeps in office. thank God for my instinct.


12 thoughts on “how does it feel

  1. angmamangenhinyero ay nagsasabing:

    fancy a lady cannot just give the middle finger when she just wants to say fuck off!!! but yeah, what you just did was a great way to deal with him, kudos to you!

    apparently he knows nothing about being quiet at all…

      • angmamangenhinyero ay nagsasabing:

        alright then, just thought maybe the guy would’ve mistaken it as a “come hither” sign when all you want is for him to back off 🙂

        • aubu22 ay nagsasabing:

          when I read “come hither” phrase, I immediately googled it, hahaha, I don’t think he would’ve mistaken if I did, I have zero come-hither aura, atleast that’s what I think hahaha, thanks for that new info (bagong kaalamang dagdag sa diksyunaryo ko >:))

  2. marsymallows ay nagsasabing:

    Can relate minsan pero ang sarap sa feeling na you learned not to care what others are gonna think or say. Basta wala kang nasasaktan, kebs na lang. Pero gusto ko yung part na at the end of the day, may uuwian kang family. 🙂 good vibes!

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