choose life

I still get depressed sometimes just like before.

It gets unbearable the more I think about it. The more you wallow up, the more it eats you.

I feel you. We might have been born under different circumstances but the struggles of fighting your own demons is something I know very well. I feel every words every lines from your music because it was one of those that saved me from myself when I was breaking on the inside.

I still get depressed sometimes. Living is a struggle most of the time but somewhere along my journey, I’ve heard that we must always choose life. Dying is such a finality that even though during my times of despair, it felt so big that lifting a finger to put an end to my darkest makes me very scared.
I feel sad that you’re gone because I was just listening to your music the other day reminiscing what was once was.

I still get depressed sometimes and I don’t think anything could make it stop. We, after all, are a bunch of   Homo sapiens composed of different genes, hormones, neurotransmitters etcetera that makes us what we are. A bunch full of emotions.

I still get depressed sometimes but I am hoping I’ll not make the same choice you made in this lifetime.


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