It’s been 4 days now and I am literally dying on the inside because of my condition called Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy. According to the dermatologist that I went to, this usually starts during third trimester of pregnancy and most of those affected are the ones carrying baby boy. Also, more often only 1 out of 200 gets inflicted with this condition. (So ganun ako kaswerte 😦 ) It usually starts on the tummy (that’s where it started for me) then slowly spreads to the back, arms and legs. The itch that comes with the hives is the worst possible itch you can imagine (literal na nakikipagbargain na ko kung ano ung dapat kong gawin)

I miss sleeping soundly through the night. I can barely catch zzzzs right now. I tried katinko, sudocrem, Elidel, cetaphil lotion and herbal lotion recommended by tatay), alcohol but nothing seems to help. My OB prescribed me an antihistamine named Cetirizine to help me catch some snooze but it doesn’t have any effect at all. I cried hard last night because I feel like I am cursed (as in un talaga pakiramdam ko, iniisip ko pa nga nakulam ako hahaha). After I came to my senses, I just decided to google it just to check if there’s someone out there unlucky as me and voila! There were other unlucky preggies like me who got the horrible PUPPP! Unfortunately, I only came across 1 Filipina who got it and most are Caucasians. They were telling about this pine tar soap that works wonders for them. I immediately search the net for this and had to get Shopee app because that’s the only site I checked where this pine tar soap is available. I immediately ordered but would have to wait till Saturday next week until I received it because according to the reseller. She’ll have to get it from the US. (Kill me now) I’m not sure if I still have some decent skin by that time. For now, I’d have to stick with the hypoallergenic soap, betamethasone lotion and cetirizine that my doctors prescribed me.

Still miserable at this time. (Scratch, scratch, scratch) I hope it will get better soon. I’m hanging on the saying “this too, shall pass”


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