online courses

I recently enrolled in an online course. I haven’t finished both yet but I hope I have enough motivation to finished them on time. The first course is Online Advertising course which is free of charge from Open2Study. I started this course last November 28 of this year but I have yet to finish it due to my extreme laziness and I’m doing ESL online tutorial on times when I’m on my hardworking moments. Also, I’m taking care of my 3-month-old baby who’s very clingy.

Another online course that I have enrolled in is Social Media Marketing Master Class which I am currently taking at SkillSuccess. I have just started this course today and I actually finished 1 module! Yey! (9 more to go!) This course is worth 199USD but fortunately, I found an online group of WAHM (work at home mom) where they offer coupons for online courses so I got this course for 300PHP only! The best thing about this course is you could study at your own pace plus you get to have verified certificate after finishing it.

I hope this will add more substance to my online resume once I started applying for an online job again.Oh well, if it doesn’t at least I have got another certificate under my name, hahaha.


Being an online ESL tutor pays but it’s not as stable as a regular office job so I am hoping I’ll get another online job that pays better so I won’t have to come back to my regular office job. (Also, I’d like to continue breastfeeding my son for at least a year and I’m afraid that if I go back to my regular office job, I’d have a problem with my milk supply)

in addition, commuting SUCKS. so I am definitely aiming for an online job. please, please, please. somebody hire me, hahaha (desperate moves much?)

2018, I don’t want to say this because it’s so cliche, but please be good to me >:P

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