back from hiatus?

so there’s a lot going on right now, actually most of those are just happening inside my head and I just kind of lost the will to write something nice.

perhaps, the monotony of my homebased work is killing me or perhaps, I just don’t have it anymore, the drive to write something, well I’m not a writer in the first place and the reason I created this blog is to rant and stuff hahaha

and yeah, my boss is going to give me additional tasks and I’m past 6 months to this job and I’d like a salary raise which is next to impossible I think because I learned that my boss is a little stingy. I send him an email asking if those additional tasks comes with an increase and me passing the 6 months probation makes me eligible for an increase. did not receive a reply perhaps later today he’ll call and politely decline my request for a raise. so much for pessimism.

I just realised I haven’t doodled in a long time, I also haven’t updated my other site, so much to my disappointment coz I remember I told myself I’ll keep it updated as much as possible, have to find something motivating inside of me.

will have to sign out now because it’s already my lunch break..

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