error 0x800B0109

so here I am freaking out a little because I’m still working with my current boss, the one I told you about. apparently, the jobs that my friend, colleagues have recommended aren’t jobs yet, I’m still searching part time jobs because I have a thing I have to do.

I checked out ministry of health UAE for my good standing certificate but I’m sure as hell I won’t be able to get one because my horrible ex-bosses/doctors are still working on that medical center I’ve worked before and they will have to review my records which of course is bad because I didn’t finish my contract with them, I just severed contacts and that’s that which in turn would make my good standing certification application be rejected.

I’m also excited just thinking that I’ll have to work in the hospital again but just the thought of applying makes my stomach sick and my head hurts. I’m 31, rusty and haven’t had a decent hospital experience to get me through a hospital application. I tried an online exam for anything related to nursing and I got 4 out of 10, not even 50%.  damn.

so yeah, I just blabbered whatever’s on my mind and nothing near death experience or some catastrophic life-changing happenings with me right now but it feels like I’m going near breaking point.

and yeah, I took a time off early at my online work because of that 0x800B0109 error that keeps me from connecting to our company’s VPN. my supervisor told me to take it up with our boss but no, I’m not talking to him. I think I’ll have a technician check our PC. I actually googled it and it says something about updates and program files which I know nothing about so yeah, it’s better to check with a technician. it says also something about a window update, there’s a program that has to be installed but keeps on failing to be installed. so yes, I have to have the PC checked.

my kids are doing fine, fighting every day over toys and me shouting, scolding and laughing with them like a maniac but yeah, we’re good. being a work-at-home mom has its perks. actually thinking what would happen if I start working in a hospital and what if I have to go away for like months. they won’t forget me easily, right? we’d still be as tight as we are now, right? okay, so now I’m over-reacting. have to go now. it’s the hormones. yeah, it is.


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