so I am reviewing for an upcoming English exam and I was getting my confidence slowly until my boss called me via skype

boss: hey Aubu, how are you?

me: I’m good, how are you?

boss: so I’d like you to meet Erika, she’s the new chief operating officer of the Billing Dept.

me: nice to meet you

boss: so we called to ask you how confident you are if you are to go back to posting payments and codes

me: I’m quite confident. I just think I need some refreshments (instead of refresher course, the hell, gutom siguro ko)

boss: okay, we just need your opinion about this coz we’ll be doing some minor changes with the job descriptions and duties and all.

me: okay (ung gusto kong magfacepalm dahil sa refreshments)

boss: okay bye we’ll get in touch with you soon.

ung totoo.. ung confidence level ko back to zero hahaha so wish me luck talaga😂

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