amazing Piatot

happy new year! my goodness, it’s been really a while since my last post here, so much had happened and stuff still keeps happening hahaha

anyways, I just had to share this one, otherwise I might forget about this..

yesterday, Piatot and I went to our evening worship service. She was still recuperating from 3 consecutive days of fever so I really expected she would just sit still until the service finishes. I was surprised when she jump from her seat and join a group of kids her age playing.

They were just quietly playing from the start until an elder kid joined them and started showing off her toys that she’d brought with her. They were amazed by her mini dolls and acted like they would want to borrow it from that kid. Unfortunately, the kid didn’t want to hand them her toys. This is what I heard from their convo

A (batang 1 month younger than Pia: Peram ako isa lang!

Pia (she was quietly looking at the kid’s mini dolls and she has that look that she wants to borrow it too but she didn’t reach for it)

Elder S (4-5years old): Bili to ng mommy ko sa mall binili niya ko ng witch saka rapunzel tapos dalawang baby dolls

Pia: (with an annoyed look on her face) dami ko toys bahay bili daddy ko, one two three (habang minumwestra ung daliri nya gano kadami toys nya nafeel niya siguro na niyayabangan siya nung batang babae hahaha)

Elder S: ako din dami bili ng mommy ko sa bahay

Pia: daddy ko dami dogs Elly chuchuy dami babbit one two three dami bahay

Elder S: kami ng momy ko bibili ng dog yung yellow

Pia: kami dami dogs bahay dami dami babbit dami baby babbit ibon pa dami

Elder S: Play na lang tayo to oh look eto ung witch (tapos kunwari lilipad ung isang mini doll nung batang babae)

Then they played again until the worship service finishes. I was quite amazed at how Piatot proudly tried to counter that elder kid showing off though she still cannot speak fluently. I knew that moment she’s not going to be someone who’ll be bullied hahaha I hope she’ll still be the same fighter when she grows up and if she ever forgets how to fight I hope this blog post would still be here so I have proof that she’s already a fighter at barely 3 years old😊

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