PUPPP struggle continues

As I typed in this entry, I am alternately scratching my scratchmarks/stretchmarks-full tummy. I just cannot keep my hands off my excruciatingly itchy skin.

It’s been almost 2 weeks and my battle against this horrendous rashes has yet to end.

As of this time, I have tried products I’ve researched on google, suggestions from my OB, family members and friends who are with me through this battle.

Allow me to enumerate some of the ways I’ve tried that works (for a few hours) to manage this cursed rashes.

  1. Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap – I came across this soap when I was literally crying and desperate researching online for cure against this PUPPP. It is usually sold in the United States but I was lucky to have found an online seller here in the Philippines  through Shopee app (just like what I have mentioned in my previous post) This soap works wonders. It flattened my rashes in a few days, lessened the itchy feeling for an hour or so.
  2. Baking soda – this was suggested by ate Tzie (thank goodness my sister-in-law slash tropapips Maida mentioned my condition to her). The first time I used baking soda, I used 1 box full to a pail of water. It was the first time I actually had a decent sleep of atleast 3 hours. I also did the baking soda paste, mix the baking soda powder to a small amount of water till you get the pasty consistency. After taking a bath with Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap using the water with baking soda, I’ll use the baking soda paste where it itches the most. Unfortunately, because I wanted the rashes to go away soon, I think I’ve put too much, I ended having wounds and some of my body parts bled so I had to stick with the pail of water with baking soda.
  3. Super Moringa Oil – I took noticed of this oil when we went to the mall last week. I had to have another oil or lotion to put because the pine tar soap and baking powder combo doesn’t last very long. It consists of moringa oil, menthol, orange oil, pepper mint, turmeric oil, VCO and eucalyptus lemon scent. Once I started to itch, I will apply a minimal amount on the affected area and then I’ll feel a warm and cold sensation that soothes my itch for some time.
  4. VCO/Virgin Coconut Oil – I bought the Pro-Source brand from the supermarket. I have just started using this for a few days now. And though I smell like coconut oil or lana, it does helps with the dryness of my skin. (Pine tar soap and baking soda combo does help with the rashes but it dries your skin so much)  I was actually thinking of taking 1 tablespoon every morning because I read somewhere it would also help but I have yet to muster the courage because I might vomit.

Let me also enumerate some of the tips they’ve (OB, dermatologist, family, friends and colleague) suggested just in case you are 1 out the 200 who’ll get this rash in the future (though I am not hoping anyone will catch this)

  1. Anti-histamines (cetirizine/claritin) – this is for allergic reaction and I was previously prescribed to take 1 tab per day but due to my extreme condition, I was told to take 2 tabs per day though there’s still no effect. I’ll just get drowsy, then that itchy feeling comes then goes away the drowsy feeling equals no sleep still. (my eye-bags are worth more than a kilo now if we’re going to weigh them, kidding, haha). I stopped taking these when I noticed that my baby’s movements a little less active than usual.
  2. Moisturizing lotion – I was given a nameless moisturizing lotion with betamethasone valerate by a dermatologist I consulted with. It’s supposed to help but it didn’t work for me but just in case, try, who knows, this might work for you for all we know, (you just had to get a prescription from a doctor first because betamethasone is a steroid and is usually  best avoided during pregnancy.
  3. Hypo-allergenic soap – I first bought cetaphil when I had my rash thinking this might actually help but lo and behold, it didn’t. My dermatologist prescribed again a nameless hypo-allergenic soap which can only be bought in his clinic but unfortunately, nada, it still doesn’t have an effect on me, it just dried out my skin, leaving it more itchy.
  4. Camias Leaves – you’re supposed to get the leaves and slap them a little to the affected areas, but since it’s super itchy, I literally slap the leaves and branches on my legs just to ease the itchyness and unfortunately, I just gained more marks, slap-marks that reminds me how a legs would look like after you got a beating of walis tingting.
  5. Katinko – an ointment consisting of methylsalicylate menthol plus camphor. This was my go-to whenever I encounter some itch here and there. It also helps with muscle pain and headache. Unfortunately, when I used this product on my rashes, it just made them worse but I read in google that in some preggy women, it works for them.
  6. Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion – it has filagrin and ceramide which was supposed to help with the dry and itchy skin but nil, it did not help me at all but in some women it does, it just wasn’t meant to be for me.
  7. Calmoseptine – it’s an ointment that has calamine and zinc oxide. I tried this for some time but it dried my rashes so much leaving them inflamed and scaly. Maybe I’ve put too much? I don’t know. But still, this ointment is still one of my fave go-to for my unica hija’s nappy rashes or scrapes.
  8. Sudocrem – this is usually used for nappy rash but can also be used for eczema, surface wounds and other skin complaints. I tried this as well but it didn’t work for me as well.

Right now, some of the rashes in my entire body have flattened. My legs that used to be like a lechon-colored full of bumps now looked like a bad case of tanning session plus the spots. I actually looked like a human dalmatian and just this morning, another wave of PUPPP rashes are sprouting in my arms; seems like I have yet to see the finish line of this disease. According to my research (naks may ganun, hahaha), it’s not actually a sure shot that delivering my baby will get rid of the rashes. Some women has to battle with this for at least 6 months postpartum, some a few days after. As for me, my baby still enjoying his time inside my tummy and have yet to come out. I hope he’ll come out soon though, this coming week perhaps, or tomorrow.

Wish me luck! tata for now!


I actually would have wanted to add some pictures of my rashes plus the products and skin improvement but my laziness got the better of me (preggy here) so I’ll update my post as soon as I can. 😛

gone are the days

when I’ll just brush off low score cards and the bonus money that goes with it

now, all I am thinking is how to get a perfect score so that I’ll have that bonus money to buy stuffs for my baby. or what to do to get rich. hahaha too bad I’m still a novice in the craft so it’s still a long way to go. 4 months and counting,  I don’t know where I’ll end up next.

tata. had to catch some snooze. :p





isa na akong ganap na

callcenter, hahahaha

yan ang sabi nung isa kong katrabaho na 1st timer sa bpo pagkapick-up ng headset niya sa kabilang bldg. 😈

2016-08-28 11.06.06 1

ahem ako din pala, hahaha hala sige tawag lang ng tawag, Dios mio, wala pa kong isang linggo na nagccalls namamaos na ko. hahahaha instabalik sa back office process 😈

morning show of chivalry and change is happening experience whatnots

I’m used to standing on the bus on my way to work and on my way home. Most the time. Well, especially during Friday, but what do you expect? It’s weekend and almost everyone wants to have a taste of home, especially those who are renting in the metro.

Standing in the bus is like a staple meal for a commuter like me. It’s either you stand or run the risk of being late (or going home late) because you want to wait for a bus with available seats. This morning, however was an exception because for the first time since I started working again,  and on a Saturday morning at that! A miracle happened. I was able to sit despite the rush. Thanks to these two police officers who were kind enough to give up their comfy seats for me and my fellow zombie passenger (the lady I was standing next to looks like a fellow call center agent and the moment she sit, she fell asleep)

I know it’s overrated posting pictures online about kindness and stuff but I’d rather have those flood my news feed and other social networking account than gossip monger bickering about the latest whatnot of some celebrity or some fame-whore. (defensive much, hahahaha)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

mamang pulis

I know it’s too early to tell but I feel it’s the du30 effect.(for the record, I’m not a die-hard fan of the president but I can tell you that I would have voted for him too if my registration was active. And if you will include my name in your list of dutertards, feel free to do so because I don’t care, maldita much>:)) Also, I’ve been seeing commuters who are confidently using their mobiles in the street or sometimes in some public utility vehicles without the fear of having their possession snatched in a blink of an eye. I also like the fact that I’m seeing policemen everywhere I go these past few weeks. (in the streets, buses, jeepneys and all, although I have yet to experience strolling the streets of tondo and recto to confirm my feeling of security, haha) 4 years back before I went abroad, I don’t even dress that much nor wear jewelries for fear of getting the attention of holdapers. (Sabi kasi para hindi ka targetin ng magnanakaw, dapat mas mukha kang kriminal, diba tol?) hahahaha

Anyhow, I hope this will continue because, despite the heavy hellish traffic that’s part of my daily existence , as long as I feel safe, I’m still a happy commuter.

(but of course, it won’t hurt if the traffic jam will be out of the scene too)

p.s. I’m not keeping my hopes that our country will be at par with the 1st world countries anytime soon but slowly, step by step, I hope we’ll do better in the near near future.

mind over matter

dahil minsan gusto ko na ding magdeactivate ng social media accounts dahil parang lahat ng taong kakilala ko may successful na buhay.

tapos naalala ko yung kaibigan kong nangutang sakin ng 500 months ago dahil daw may malalang sakit yung erpat. sa tuwing nakikita ko yung post nya sa FB at IG walastik yung buhay, typical bourgeois lifestyle

tapos naisip ko, don’t believe whatever you see on social media.


Sabi dun sa recent inspiring words of wisdom na nabasa ko, kapag nalulungkot ka, isipin mo ang mga tao, bagay o pangyayari na kapag wala sa buhay mo ay tunay mong hahanap-hanapin o mamimiss? Mula doon, iset mo ang priority mo, iyon ang gawin mong gabay. Dahil sa katotohanang kapag nabubuhay ka ng may pagmamahal sa puso,doon ka lang tunay na makukuntento at mabubuhay ng payapa.

ok. parang confabulations of ideas bigla, hahaha, makatulog na nga lang. puyat lang to.

jetsetter, not!

yung nakakastress na byahe papuntang disyerto at pabalik ng bayang sinilangan sa loob nga tatlong araw lang. para kong batang tinakam sa kendi pero hindi naman nabigyan.

kung meron man akong napatunayan, yun ay mahal talaga ko nila ate tzie at kuya benjie hehehe (salamat sa pagdamay at pagpatay nyo sa mga umapi sakin sa isip nyo hahaha)

napatunayan ko din ang bayanihang Pilipino, salamat sa mga katrabaho kong nagbigay ng regalo sa saglit kong pagbisita sa disyerto.


p.s. ayoko nang umulit.

p.s. ulit. hindi na talaga. lintik lang ang walang ganti.

p.s. ulit. matitikman nila ang batas ng isang api. (insert evil laugh 😈)

p.s ulit (last na) bukas luluhod ang mga tala. 


dati sampu ngayon bente na

siguro dalawang buwan na yung nakakaraan nung unang beses akong binigyan ng pera ng isa sa pasyente namin dahil natripan nila ung assistance ko during their treatment. nung unang beses nga akala ko minamaniac na ako nung matandang babae na nagbigay sakin ng 10 dirhams, makahawak naman kasi wagas, aun pala hinahanap nya lang  ung bulsa ng scrub suit uniform ko. wahaha

anyway hayway, kanina nabigyan ako ulit ng datung! kung dati 10 dirhams ngayon asensado na! 20 dirhams naman. nagulat part 2 ang lola nyo kasi mukhang mataray ung babaeng lokal na pasyente namin kanina tapos nung natapos na ung treatment sa kanya, inantay nya ako sa may pintuan ng treatment room tapos biglang may isinuksok ulit sa bulsa ng scrub suit uniform ko sabay sabi ng “that’s for you, shukran habibi! (thank you my dear in English)”. dahil nagulat ako, hindi na ako nakapagpasalamat kasi umalis sya kagad right after magbayad. nung hinatid ko ung nagamit na instruments sa sterilization room namin saka ko sinilip ung bulsa ko at nakita ko nga ung 20 dirhams.

at dahil may instant 20 dirhams ako, dumirecho kami ng 2 kong batchmates/dakilang tagalibre ko sa al dana cafeteria at chumibog ng 3 shawarma at half roasted chicken plus fanta softdrinks. instant 20 dirhams. instant kabusugan.

sa pasyente namin na nakalimutan ko ang pangalan, salamat ng madami at binusog mo kami.

sa uulitin. hahaha. peace out.

metal mouth

mula nung makapasok ako sa clinic namin, ang tagal kong plinanong magpalagay ng braces,

after 359 days, nakapagpalagay din ako, wahaha,

Photo_00013inshallah matapos ang treatment ko kasabay ng tapos ng kontrata ko.

wala akong balak umuwi ng Pinas na may kawad sa ngipin dahil hindi ko maeenjoy ung mga pagkaing namiss ko.

anyhow carabao, aun lang muna sa ngaun, ciao!

and then there was no light


no electricity. no internet connection.

my laptop is battery empty and so is my phone.

I don’t have food on my table yet.

had I been my old self, I would have gone berserk.

I would have been very pissed off, actually. but on the contrary, I feel very blessed.

my 3 ates (my flatmates) gave me candles for light without me asking.

one even offered me to use her gas stove so that I may be able to cook my food. (you see, our stove isn’t working at the moment since we’re reconstructing a part of our kitchen and unfortunately it’s that part where our stove is placed)

I was putting too much thoughts on what should I eat at that time

and then suddenly it dawned on me that I’m surrounded by love.  (weird eh?confabulation of ideas it is)

I realized that everywhere I go, someone is always there to look after me.

like how kuya Benj and ate Tzie looked after me when I was still new here in the desert. Like how my special someone looked after me until now. Like how my flatmates would give me food for lunch and dinner. Like how Mamu and Papu would give me “baon” every fridays enough to last me a week without cooking. Like how my friend Maida would ask how I was at work. Like how Jen and Jerrabeck (my batchmate in our clinic) would wait for me outside our clinic when its time to go home even though I still have lots of work to do.

my mom must have been praying lots for me to have been blessed with such walking angels in disguise.

despite of my everyday rants (in my head), I’m still lucky am I not?

I guess it is indeed true.

You could definitely see so much in darkness.

this is me in the dark.

this is me in the dark.