let there be peace

dapat sa FB ako magrarant pero dito na lang..hahaha

nakakastress sa newsfeed ung mga FB friends kong citizen na ng ibang bansa pero makareact na bobo sa mga chosen candidates ng iba akala mo andami pa nilang alam sa Pinas. Diba itinatwa nyo na pagiging Filipino nyo?anyare? Saka ung mga friends kong sobrang analytical at argumentative kala mo grumaduate ng PolSci at Statistics pero hindi marunong magcalculate ng majority versus minority. Dahil wala pa sa top12 ung OtsoDiretso ninyo, INC agad may kasalanan? Iunfriend niyo na ko please. hahaha. tapos na eleksyon. Resulta na lang inaantay. Manahimik na kayo.😂

#walangpakialaman #botonilapakemo #hindiakoregisteredvoterperonakakastresskayo

a new blog/site on a roll

so out of antok and boredom, I created a new site www.wahmbam.wordpress.com. It features some of my doodles in my ongoing wahmventure. chos, wala lang libre naman magpromote hahaha

like a specimen under a microscope

so I’ve been doing billing for almost 2 months now with my Cali-based employer. To monitor our productivity, they have installed timedoctor in our desktop. Before, that tracker used to take random screenshot of our active window and will stop time tracking once our window become idle for 8-10 minutes. However, just recently, they have taken the monitoring to a new level, they also take webcam shots every 10 minutes now and it’s really irritating coz it makes me feel like the big Boss is sitting right beside me looking exactly at my every movement.

I mentioned this to his Filipina VA (virtual assistant)and she said that webcam shots has been there for quite some time, perhaps, mine was just activated a little late. Oh well, perhaps big B’s got a lot of trust issues. Anyhow, I recently intereacted with a co-biller and she said she wasn’t comfortable having her photo taken thru webcam and she had covered hers since she started home-based job and big B hasn’t scolded her about it yet. She added it wasn’t on the print she signed therefore she’ll continue covering her webcam until she gets reprimanded. I was thinking of doing the same but I couldn’t find a good reason to justify why I’ll be covering it since I had mine started taking photos like 2 days ago and I didn’t complain.

Hmm. Oh I also learned that Big B really has some trust issues and he’s a little stingy. They said he doesn’t give increases and bonuses which makes me a little disappointed and made me think of finding another one. His VA for example has another client aside from Big B so I was hoping I could find another client too. Well, wish me luck. Hope that webcam shots won’t be taking photos lesser than 10 minutes or else…hayyy.

BF mom

Sabi nila breast milk is best for babies up to 2 years and beyond. At dahil naniniwala ako dun pero mas lamang ung nagtitipid kami, isa na akong padede mom. hahahaha. Ang isang benefit ng padede mom ay yung wala kang aalalahaning bote na makakalimutan pag lalabas kayo ng baby mo, yung ikaw lang sapat na (banat ba un?haha) ay meron pala kong aalalahaning bote kasi si unicahija sa bote na dumedede, pero atleast bawas sa bote na iisipin. 😛

anyways, simula nung naging padede-mom ako, basta abutan ng gutom ang unicohijo ko basta may upuan at nursing cover gorabels lang. kanina, nagpunta kaming SM, nag-ikot kami ng department store eh si Baste biglang pumalahaw ng iyak, gutom na pala edi hanap kami ng upuan, nagcover na ako at sisimulan ko na dapat ang session namin ng junakis ko nang biglang nilapitan ako ng sales lady.

sales lady: ma’am, gusto niyo po sa fitting room na lang kayo para mas kumportable?

ako: ay pwede ba ko dun?

saleslady: oo naman po ma’am! (na may kasamang friendly smile)

ako: okay! thank you!

First time kong maofferan ng fitting room for breastfeeding purposes kaya tuwang-tuwa talaga ako, not only because it is indeed more comfortable, but because it is more private, chos. haha, at dahil perstaym, allow me to take a picture as a souvenir. haha


lakas talaga makaganda ng ilaw sa fitting room. sa susunod ulit na breastfeeding session! hahaha


cinco uno chika

on my previous post, I mentioned that I was applying for home-based jobs online and voila! I was lucky to have landed an online tutor job at 51Talk(though I’m not sure kung magkakasundo kami, haha).

Teach, learn and earn at the comfort of your home. This was the ad that enticed me to apply. Anyway, tutorial jobs are rampant nowadays here in the Philippines, it just so happen that this was the company that I decided to try first.

Let me share my personal experience on the recruitment process.

  1. Interview – someone from the recruitment team will call you either on the phone or via Skype to assess your communication skills, job qualifications and home-office requirements. In my case, I think my interview took 15-20 minutes and the lady I spoke with told me that I passed the assessment immediately before ending the call. She also sent me an email and a text message confirming that I passed and how to proceed with the next stage.
  2. Technical Check – a technical facilitator will call you via Skype to conduct this check. The facilitator will send you a program to download and run on your PC. It took less than an hour in my case. I actually thought I’ll fail this step because on the program that I run in the computer, there are items that my computer did not meet the system requirements. (I think I failed 2-3 out of the 15 items there) but nonetheless, the tech person told me I passed.
  3. Pre-Service Orientation – this was done via Skype that took around 2 hours. They’ll check the following: web-cam, noise cancelling headset, teaching environment (plain white background, quiet, well-lit), proper attire (I wore collared blouse on top and pyjamas down, hahaha) and teacher’s data sheet (excel sheet that where you need to fill in personal information) They will also give your system-generated teacher name (my name’s Bree Lewis). They’ll also give you introductory scripts to choose from and then you’ll have to record it on your end then send the mp3 recording via email. They’ll also ask you to submit a soft-copy of your 2×2 picture and 1 valid ID, to be sent via email as well.
  4. NTT – stands for New Teacher’s Training. It took us 6-7 hours including 1 hour break). A trainer from the company will do a group call via Skype. He/she will orient you guys the what and how’s of online ESL tutorial. He/She will go through phonology, engagement, TPR (total physical response) usage, giving instructions and feedback effectively and lesson planning. After the training, each participant will have to do a 5-10 minutes mock demo lesson where the trainer will pretend as a Chinese student. If you passed the mock demo, you’re good to go for the next step which is the teaching demo with a Chinese evaluator.
  5. Teaching Demo – a Chinese facilitator will call you via Skype to do your 15 minute demo. You will present a 10-page PowerPoint-like lesson in 15 minutes. In my case, I was not able to finish the 10 slides, I only get to finish 7 so I my application was deemed pending by the Chinese evaluator. After my demo, she gave me points for improvement and then I was scheduled for a re-demo the next day. Fortunately, I was able to ace my redemo class. Thank God.
  6. Onboarding – this was done through Skype again. It took around 2-3 hours. Shift management, rules and regulations, training and promotion are some of the topics which were discussed during this step.
  7. Launching – you’re officially an online ESL tutor! Congratulations! well, before you get to be launched, someone from the launching team will send you an email confirming you’re a launched teacher. You can start managing your schedules and start teaching (if a student booked you that is).

I have just started teaching last Wednesday. I did 3 consecutive classes and it was nerve-wracking for a first-timer like me. I’m supposed to do 2 more but I decided I’m done for the evening so I just closed my slot for 2 classes before someone booked them. hahaha. I don’t have an idea yet whether I’ll actually earn decently on this online job since I just started. (haha, feeling ko kasi marereklamo ako (kasi mabilis ako magsalita?), nakakahaggard ding tumitig sa PC screen para magantay kung may magbubook sayo, kasi ba naman the students can book your opened slots 1 minute before the class itself starts, kumusta naman un so dapat nakatutok ka talaga, if may magbook sayo at hindi mo naattendan, good luck sa penalty which is higher than how much you earn per class.)

so there, I hope I’ll do well in my classes. gotta go. I have a booked class at 9. hahaha

damn, it feels good

After working abroad for years side by side with someone who doesn’t have an ounce of appreciation his body, I have forgotten how it feels being recognized for a job well done. 


thanks to my TL for making me remember 😊

gone are the days

when I’ll just brush off low score cards and the bonus money that goes with it

now, all I am thinking is how to get a perfect score so that I’ll have that bonus money to buy stuffs for my baby. or what to do to get rich. hahaha too bad I’m still a novice in the craft so it’s still a long way to go. 4 months and counting,  I don’t know where I’ll end up next.

tata. had to catch some snooze. :p





isn’t it ironic

tinawag ni ms. Agot si pres. Du30 na psychopath and called it freedom of speech

tapos nung maraming nagreact at tinawag siya ng masa kung ano-ano, they called it bashing

haha, lakas makadouble standards

tsk, tsk, tsk



morning show of chivalry and change is happening experience whatnots

I’m used to standing on the bus on my way to work and on my way home. Most the time. Well, especially during Friday, but what do you expect? It’s weekend and almost everyone wants to have a taste of home, especially those who are renting in the metro.

Standing in the bus is like a staple meal for a commuter like me. It’s either you stand or run the risk of being late (or going home late) because you want to wait for a bus with available seats. This morning, however was an exception because for the first time since I started working again,  and on a Saturday morning at that! A miracle happened. I was able to sit despite the rush. Thanks to these two police officers who were kind enough to give up their comfy seats for me and my fellow zombie passenger (the lady I was standing next to looks like a fellow call center agent and the moment she sit, she fell asleep)

I know it’s overrated posting pictures online about kindness and stuff but I’d rather have those flood my news feed and other social networking account than gossip monger bickering about the latest whatnot of some celebrity or some fame-whore. (defensive much, hahahaha)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

mamang pulis

I know it’s too early to tell but I feel it’s the du30 effect.(for the record, I’m not a die-hard fan of the president but I can tell you that I would have voted for him too if my registration was active. And if you will include my name in your list of dutertards, feel free to do so because I don’t care, maldita much>:)) Also, I’ve been seeing commuters who are confidently using their mobiles in the street or sometimes in some public utility vehicles without the fear of having their possession snatched in a blink of an eye. I also like the fact that I’m seeing policemen everywhere I go these past few weeks. (in the streets, buses, jeepneys and all, although I have yet to experience strolling the streets of tondo and recto to confirm my feeling of security, haha) 4 years back before I went abroad, I don’t even dress that much nor wear jewelries for fear of getting the attention of holdapers. (Sabi kasi para hindi ka targetin ng magnanakaw, dapat mas mukha kang kriminal, diba tol?) hahahaha

Anyhow, I hope this will continue because, despite the heavy hellish traffic that’s part of my daily existence , as long as I feel safe, I’m still a happy commuter.

(but of course, it won’t hurt if the traffic jam will be out of the scene too)

p.s. I’m not keeping my hopes that our country will be at par with the 1st world countries anytime soon but slowly, step by step, I hope we’ll do better in the near near future.