my labor and delivery experience

My baby’s 11 days old now but I haven’t talked about my little one’s birth story. (I think I have had a pleasant birthing experience compared to the horrible birth story as told by some of the moms I know)😊

The day before I gave birth was my scheduled OB-gyne check-up. My doctor did an IE (internal examination) and said I was already at 2-3 centimeters. Since I haven’t had experience strong continuous contraction, I was sent home. She even prescribed Primrose capsule to help thin and dilate my cervix in preparation for my labor. Actually, I have been eating 6 pieces of Dates fruit per day for the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy because it also helps with labor and delivery. (according to studies, dates fruit helps with cervical dilation and reduces the duration of labor) I told my OB about this and she said it seems effective since my cervix was softer the last time she did an examination. Anyways, since I’m already 39 weeks that time and hasn’t had labored yet, I took Primrose as well that night.

It was around 2:30 am the next day (February 21) when I felt a throbbing pain from my back radiating to the front coupled with my tummy hardening with a few minutes interval. I have had contraction before (Braxton-hicks) but this one’s different because no matter what position I tried to do, the pain doesn’t go away. I recorded my contraction and noticed that it has become regularly strong although it has a short duration. The pain was still bearable so I decided to sleep through it but it still wakes me up from time to time. I knew right then that I’ll soon be meeting my little angel.

Come 4:30 am, the radiating back pain continues together with my tummy getting hard so I woke up my husband. He told me to take a bath already to prepare to go to the hospital but after bathing, I felt better although I already have bloody show. I told my husband it’s not yet time.

We were able to attend the morning worship service and do some stuff at home. My mom and I was even able to sweep the backyard despite the pain that I was feeling. When lunch came, I only eat so little (I was more anxious about passing poop during my delivery than the delivery itself, yeah, it sounds crazy coming from a nurse like me considering I’ve witnessed lots of labor and delivery cases with patients pooping and delivering a baby at the same time. I just can’t imagine it happening to me though 😱)

After we had our lunch, it was then that the pain was becoming constantly strong it’s so annoying that I told my husband it’s time to go to the hospital. I texted my OB about my condition and asked how to proceed. She instructed that I be sent to the ER and be checked there.

We arrived at the hospital around 1pm. They took my admission paper (prepared by my OB weeks before my duedate) and asked some information and identification cards. They made me lie on the bed, remove my clothes, put on a hospital gown and diaper, took my vital signs and attached an intravenous line. The doctor on duty did an IE and I was only at 3 cm that time but since I again had bloody show, they continued with the admission. After a few minutes, I was transferred to the labor room because the private room where I will be admitted isn’t prepared yet. I think I stayed there for 2-3 hours together with my husband and my mom. My labor pains continued as the nurses and doctors come and go for vitals signs monitoring like every 30 minutes (though I’m not sure about the time intervals as I can barely concentrate on my surroundings because of the pain that I was feeling).

I remembered being transferred to the private room which was very near to the delivery room. When I got transferred there, I remember seeing my OB and she instructed to administer Buscophan via IV. She keeps on checking my cervix (via IE) and she’s doing stripping as well to facilitate labor. When I reached around 7-8 cm, I think that’s the time they gave me an Oxytocin drip (this is to speed up my labor and to make my contractions more effective). I believe they have administered a pain reliever before the Oxy drip although I’m not sure if it was Morphine or Demerol.

My mom and my husband were there throughout my labor and I am more than thankful. My mother would encourage me to walk around the room to manage the pain and facilitate my contraction. On the other hand, my husband would occasionally hold my hand and kiss my forehead although I keep on telling him to stay away (I remember myself telling him this, “wag kang lumapit, susuntukin kita!”). Yes, that’s what labor does to you, from your composed and calmed persona you find yourself turning into a monster πŸ‘Ή, hahaha) He would always ask my pain scale of 1-10 to which I would always answer 8 or 9. He would instruct me to do deep breathing and would occasionally talk to my baby not to torture me much. All through out my labor and delivery, not once did I rate my pain as 10. For me, I’d rate my pain as 10 if it’s enough to get me into tears to which my labor did not. However, I’m not telling that my labor and delivery was a piece of cake just because I did not reach the maximum pain rate. I can confirm what my sister said, “pag naglalabor ka, buhok mo lang ang hindi masakit.” Everything just fucking hurts you just want to get over it.

After some more time, I think I was at 8-9 cm when my OB decided it was time for me to go to the delivery room. According to my mom, I was wheeled inside DR around 7:30 pm. I remembered being transferred three times from bed to bed it was exhausting and annoying. I remembered being transferred to the DR bed and being put into lithotomy position. An oxygen cannula was attached to me and right then, my journey to never ending pushing started. Every time I got contraction, I was instructed to push. I push hard and strong lots of times but it still wasn’t enough for my baby to come out. Since I’ve been there for more than just a few minutes, my OB decided to ask another doctor (the Pediatrician who’s supposed to catch my baby) to do fundal pushing. It took 3 rather painful and literally breathtaking fundal push until my baby came out. I remembered hearing my baby cry. Alas! My Sophia Avery was delivered at 8:35pm. (I actually thought for a minute that I’ll die not because of my labor and delivery but because of the forceful fundal push to which I gladly didn’t.)

After my delivery, everything was a blur. I remember to have woken up already in my assigned room and my vitals being checked by a nurse. The first thing I noticed was my tummy was way smaller. Only then it sinked in that I have already given birth. I scanned my room for signs of my baby but she wasn’t there. I immediately asked the nurse who’s doing the checking and was assured that my baby was in the nursery room and will be roomed in soon.

My husband and my mom immediately attended to me and asked how I was feeling. They prepared soup and drinks for me. I remember feeling drained. My arms and knees are wobbly. It feels like Mt. Pulag again only it wasn’t. They told me my baby was a bright eyed beauty. They said they took pictures although I don’t remember anything about that. They also told me that Nanay, Tatay, Wewel and Maida came to visit but I barely remember seeing them. Maida told me that I even talked to her but I was so groggy.

I slept for a few more hours and finally, the nurse on duty roomed in my baby. I was told she cried the whole time she was away from me. She has this unique cry that it sounds like she was hurting so much although she wasn’t. I have a feeling she’ll get spoiled because of this. When I get to hold my baby, different emotions crawl through me. I mean, can you imagine, me? A mother? If you asked me decades ago if I picture myself a mother, my answer will be downright NO. I ain’t sweet, I ain’t responsible and I’m freaking lazy which disqualifies me to be one.Β But when I was holding that tiny creature who looks so delicate, right there and then, I had convicted myself to try hard to become the mother this child would ever need.Β 

Indeed, I have given birth to a miracle.

(below are some pictures during my labor and delivery)




Being a mother is both a blessing and a responsibility. I pray to God that I’ll be able to give justice to the word.

unica hija

I started my labor at 2:30 am in the morning of February 21, 2016. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally got to meet my little angel!

Meet Sophia Avery, my first born delivered at 8:35 pm, weighing 3 kilograms and measuring 49 centimeters. This was love at first sight!

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first photograph

I promised myself that when I get to hold my baby, we will take a selfie together, hehehe, here it is!


And because I get to have selfie with my Piaya (her nickname), my blog post wouldn’t be complete without our first family picture! Daddylabs wouldn’t miss our first family selfie for the world!

2016-02-23 02.18.09 1

This is indeed the miracle of life. I’m so happy I couldn’t put my feelings into words that would actually describe them perfectly. I’m simply thankful. I’m blessed. I’m overwhelmed. All those feelings rolled into one. Thank God for the blessing called family.


pahabol na piktyur (wahahaha)




ito ang mga pagkakataong masasabi ko sa sarili ko na isa akong maswerteng nilalang

ikaw na mabigyan ng 2 keyk sa loob lang ng isang linggo. hehe

unang keyk na natanggap ko ay galing kina ate utchie at ate jaja,

ang mango-flavored cake! charan!

ang sunod naman ay ang choco-fudge cake galing kay Maida!


ito ang unang beses na nangyari sakin ito at nung mga panahong to, sabi ko, pwede na kong madeds

pero joke lang, hahaha, sa mga susunod na panahon, harinawa’y madagdagan ang keyk na matatanggap ko (nawili?haha)

maraming salamat ate utchie, ate jaja at maida sa birthday cake na gift nyo! labsyu! ^^

nagbirthday na naman ako

Dear Lord,

I just turned 18 last 22nd of August and I would like to thank you for all the blessings I have received.




opps, alam kong hindi kayo naniniwalang kakaeighteen ko pa lang nung 22, pero kakaeighteen ko lang talaga, plus X, hahaha,

for all you know,wala akong handa ng nagdaang birthday ko pero okay lang, happy pa din ako, alive and still kicking.

madami akong gustong sabihin at ipagpasalamat sa Kanya.

Una po sa lahat, salamat po sa isang taon na nadagdag sa buhay ko, isang taon na naman ang lumipas at nagkaron ako ng tyansyang gumawa ng mabuti sa kapwa, ng kalokokang akin na lamang, ng pagbabago (ewan ko kung anu un) at ng pagkakataong iparamdam sa mga taong mahalaga sa akin na mahal ko sila.

Maraming salamat din sa mga nakaalala ng kaarawan ko, maging kapamilya, kaibigan, kaklase at kakilala. Sa mga hindi nakaalala, grabe kayo, unfriend sa Facebook, haha,joke lang. Sa mga hindi nakaalala, may next year pa, (hopefully)

Sa nagbigay ng gift, super madaming thank you na may kapa! Hindi naman ako materialistic na tao pero iba pa din ung may gift kang nahahawakan at bubuksan. haha.

Sa t-shirt na bigay ng utol kong si JL na may nakaprint na “my cutest ate” salamat ng madami gwapong JL. Buti naman at alam mong cute ako. Pero sana hindi super ube ung tshirt na binili mo. Alam mo namang kulay chiko ako. Magmumukha akong halaya pag suot ko un. haha. Ako na ang reklamador pero nonetheless, susuotin ko pa din, bigay mo yun eh, at thanks din pala sa birthday card. kung swerte ka na ate mo ako, swerte din ako kasi may mabait akong kapatid na gaya mo. labs mu talaga ako. at syempre labs din kita, mwahugs!

Sa stuff toy na bibe na tumutunog na pinadala ng mama kong maganda via LBC (na may nakasulat na from mama at papa), hindi ko alam kung anung trip nyo pero nagulat ako sa biglang pagkwak-kwak nung bibe, haha salamat ng marami, kahit alam kong ikaw ang bumili nun at hindi si hitler. Pero ung tulang madrama sa birthday card, alam kong si hitler ang may pakana nun. Salamat din po doon. Kahit na anung mangyari, labs na labs kita mama, hehe, as for hitler, thank you sa genes at sa talent, (salbahe lang, haha) pero thank you po. basta alam nyu na po un,

Sa libreng merienda ni ate Ching sa The Old Spaghetti House nung mismong araw ng birthday ko, sobrang thank you din, matagal din akong hindi nakatikim ng libre mo simula nung magtrabaho na ako. haha, masarap talaga pag libre, salamat at binusog mo ang matakaw mong pinsan. Labsyu te Ching. sana magkaboylet ka na at magkababy πŸ˜›

Sa pakikibirthday ko sa birthday ng aking boypren, Inang Sion at tito Boy. Sobrang salamat din po. Masaya po ako kahit hindi ko kasama ang aking labiduds at parang kasama ko pa din siya dahil kasama ko ang kanyang pamilya sa kaarawan niya. Sa buong pamilya ng aking boypren na mahal ako, mahal ko din kayo, sniff, sniff. Salamat po at naexperience kong mabuhat ni Jollibee! Naku lagot si Jollibee pag-uwi ng aking labiduds, aabangan daw sa may kanto. hahaha,

Sa biglaang gala namin ng aking super duper friend na si Dannahbear patagaytay nung 21, salamat po at pinatnubayan nyo kami sa aming paglalakbay. Thank you po at nakapagzipline kami at nakauwi kagad after. sana mas madaming zipline pa ang masakyan ko. Kahit buwis-buhay ung pakiramdam, masaya pa din po. Sa uulitin. hehe

Sa nilutong pansit canton/bihon ng ate kong panganay na si ate Evic nung araw ng linggo, salamat din po, pampahaba ng buhay na tunay. Nabusog po hindi lamang ang aking sikmura kundi pati ang aking puso. Kahit walang gift basta may tsibog na luto, solb ang mga sawa ko sa tyan, hahaha (walang larawan dahil naubos kagad)

Sa adobo na walang sabaw na niluto ni Dannahbear nung nag-overnight siya sa amin sa calamba, salamat din po, dahil hindi lang libre kundi masarap din, hehe, sa uulitin, ibang putahe naman. (walang picture, ubos na nang maalala kong dapat pinicturan ko, haha)

Sa blogpost ni maida tungkol sa akin bilang pagbati sa kaarawan ko, salamat po, tunay akong maswerte dahil may kaibigan akong gaya nyang autistic na match sa pagiging autistic ko. Apir, tol!hahaha, labs kita at salamat dahil labs mu din ako. Hindi ko pa din maintindihan kung bakit ako misteryoso, minsan tuloy naiisip ko baka may sapak na talaga ako sa ulo. Speaking of motiff ng kasal, no idea pa din. anyway, isip-bata pa naman ako, hahaha,

Sa pagtawag ng aking labiduds para ako ay personal na batiin, salamat po ng madami, natouch ako, haha. Salamat po sa patuloy na paggabay sa aming love story. Hindi ko po sigurado kung saan kami patungo pero ieenjoy ko lang po ang aming journey. Alam ko naman pong mapagbiro ang tadhana pero pwede po bang gawin nyo akong epikia? haha, sabay ganun, basta po un, thank you, ingatan nyo po siya lagi at ilayo sa makakating babae, hahaha,

Sa pagbati ng aking mga Kingkong barbie tropa, salamat po. Mas dumami ung bumati sakin kasi si Ming-ming equivalent na sa tatlo dahil sa hubby nyang si Not2 at sa cute na cute na baby na si Dylan. Sa magandang naglalakad na paranoia na si Rhea Marie, thanks sa pagbati. Kay Virax na walk-out queen, na akala ko kinalimutan ang bday ko, salamat po kasi hindi pala nya nakalimutan, nagpahuli lang talaga siya ng pagbati, alam nyo naman, hahaha, at kay maida, namention na kita kanina pero salamat ulit!hahaha. Sobrang maswerte ako dahil may kaibigan akong gaya ninyo. Okay lang sakin kahit hindi ako sikat at hindi din sociable na groupie, basta meron akong tropang KB!

Sa tumbler na bigay ni Mommy Chum na deputy manager ng department namin sa opis, super thank you po. hindi po talaga kayo nakakalimot ng birthday kasi last year may gift din kayong pillow sakin. Ahm, sa uulitin po, haha (ako na ang nawili) peace, labs ko din kayo Mommy Chum! πŸ˜›

Sa keyk na surpresa ni ate Utchie at ate Jaja, sobrang salamat! sniff, sniff, hindi ko talaga yun inaasahan, hehe, natouch ako ng sobra, at sa sobrang touch ko, naubos na ung keyk agad. hahaha,sa mga pinlanong movie dates na hindi matuloy-tuloy, darating din tayo dyan, sa out of town na gala na niluluto, sana masarap ang kahinatnan at matuloy, kahit hindi ko masasabi ng personal dahil mahiyain ako, labs ko kau, hehe

Sa pouch na bigay ni kuya kim galing bicol, alam kong pasalubong un at hindi gift pero dahil binigay mo un ilang araw bago ung bday ko, gift na para sakin un, sori dahil inuwi ko ung ID mo minsan, wala akong balak ipakulam ka, nagkataon lang na gaya-gaya ka ng style ng ID, nakatalikod din, haha (peace) ang wish ko sana magpakasal ka na at magkababy, tumatanda ka na din,

Sa manong na nagpaupo sakin nung birthday ko sa bus, sobrang thank you po, dumami pa sana ang katulad nyo.

Sa clear na xray na kakakuha ko lang, sobrang salamat po, akala ko po talaga may pneumonia or TB na ako. Kasi naman po, mag-iisang buwan na po this week ung ubo kong pabalik-balik. Pero nakahinga na po ako ng maluwag, nagseself-diagnose na po kasi ako eh, buti na lang clear! pero may diagnosis pa din ako sa saking sarili, hypochondriasis, haha, wuhoo, let’s party! ay ndi pa pla pwede, kumakahol pa ako at nagddrugs ng senicod forte at antihistamine,haha, excited lang,

sa iba pang blessings na dumating na hindi ko napansin pero binigay pa din sakin, sobrang salamat po, ang wish ko po ay isang masaya at punong-puno ng adventure na buhay kasama ng aking mga mahal sa buhay at tropapips.


sa lahat ng may kaarawan ngayong Agosto,

maligayang bati! mabuhay!

dahil birthday namin ngayong Agosto

sabi ng isa kong tropa, andaming may birthday ng August kasi malamig nung November at December

at naniniwala ako dun, wahaha

kasi ang mahal kong boypren, August din ang birthday, August 20

ung pamangkin kong si Ira, August din, August 25

si Haw na kahousemate ko August din, August 14

si AJ na kapatid ni Haw, August din, August 4

si Inang Sion , August din, August 15

si Tito, August din, August 16

si Mike at Kuya Soi na kaklase at katropa ko, August din.

at ako, August din, August 22

Oh, diba ang dami naming August? hehe

at dahil birthday ko nga, lumuwas sila mama, auntie nita at auntie zenaida mula sa Tacloban

auntie nita at mama πŸ™‚

mama, auntie zeny, auntie nita at aubz

Nagpunta kami sa kung saan-saan, sa PRA

sa PRA

sa Glorietta at MOA


at nakarating ng Calamba, Laguna

sa bahay nila ate evic πŸ˜›

Dinaanan lang namin sila ate evic sa bahay nila tapos pumunta na kami ng La Vista sa may Pansol, Laguna para mag-overnyt swimming


sa La Vista

Nung nasa resort na kami, picture taking ang inatupag namin tapos nagvideoke tapos nagswimming!wahu!

Ms. Universe finalist (wahaha)

my mama while singing (with her chuwariwariwap girls, hehe)

ang birthday boy at birthday girl πŸ˜›

swimming sa pool! wahu!

kinaumagahan, nagswimming pa ulit kami ng pamangkin kong si kyle.

kinaumagahan πŸ˜›

sinulit namin ni Kyle ang swimming pool pero sila mama nanuod lang. Pagkatapos makapag-ayos, naprepare na kaming umuwi. Ang wish ko bago umalis sa resort ay maulit pa ung mga ganung trip namin. At sana sa susunod, mas madami pa kami para mas masaya! πŸ˜€


happy anniversary!

help me celebrate and win hugs & kisses!haha

parang kelan lang nung una kitang nakilala

gamit ang google searh engine sa aming opisina

hindi ko na matandaan ang eksaktong salita na tinype ko sa search box nun

ang mahiwagang search engine πŸ™‚

free blog ata un

at charan

naging tight tayo!

natagpuan ko ang sarili kong lagi kang pinupuntahan

hindi kumpleto ang isang linggo ko nang hindi kita nabibisita

ikaw ang aking sandigan (nakanaks)

ikaw ang aking boses sa tuwing ako’y napipipi

at nagsisilbing boses na panggising sa tuwing ako’y inuulan ng problemang nakabibingi (para lang magrhyme eh noh)

isa kang kaibigang tahimik na nakikinig sa lahat ng reklamo ko

hindi mo man ako napapayuhan ng derecho,

alam kong gumagawa ka ng paraan gamit ang ibang tao

maraming salamat sayo

mas marami akong natuklasan tungkol sa sarili ko

madami akong nakilalang mga tao

na may iba’t ibang reklamo at punto

sana hindi tayo magkasawaan

gaya ng ilang magkasintahan na matapos ang ilang taon at ilang buwang samahan

magsasabihan ng It’s not you, It’s me sabay paalam

sana magtagal pa tayo at sabay na tumanda (ay hindi ka nga pala tumatanda)

dahil wala akong maisip na regalo,

heto ang cake na kulay blue para sayo

blue cake para sa blog kong si odd one out

habertdey sating dalawa!mwah πŸ˜›


nahuling post ng pagbati sa nagdaang araw ng mga tatay

Hi Hitler,

happy father’s day
tinext kita nung mismong araw ng father’s day
sabi ni mama sinabi naman nya sayo
tapos sabi mo thank you
hindi na ako nagreply pero you’re welcome

naalala ko bigla ung shirt na pasalubong ko sayo na ipinadala ko kay auntie Zeny
the shirts says “best dad in the world”
nung binili ko yun at nakita nila,
unang reaksyon ni auntie ay sabihin na plastic ako
si ate ching mas makulit ung comment,
“wow ha, lam mo bonch pag tinapon ka sa dagat, ligtas ka pa din kasi lulutang ka talaga.”
sabi ko, dahil ba plastic ako?
sabi ni ate ching, “mas malala ka pa sa plastic, styro ka, styro!hahaha”
at pagkatapos nun para kaming adik na nagtawanan.

alam nila na kahit minsan, mula nang magkaisip ako
hindi kita tinuring na best dad in the world
pag sobrang senti ako tapos naalala ko ung mga panahong hellsent-devil ang tawag ko sayo, kahit siguro good father hindi ka papasa sakin
pero alam mo ba, natuwa ako nung malaman ko mula kay mama (nung dinalaw nya ako)
na every other day daw, suot mo ung shirt na bigay ko
ibig sabihin naappreciate mo un and to that, thank you

you were never into shirts, makiPolo ka kahit minsan asa tindahan ka lang naman
ayaw mo ng nakatsinelas pag pupunta ng tindahan,
either you’re wearing advan slip ons or you’re wearing leather shoes
tinatawag ka nga ni mama na Don Juan na feel na feel mo naman

out of nowhere, andami ko biglang naalalang memories and facts tungkol sayo na akala ko kinalimutan ko na at nakalimutan ko na.

madami kang ayaw

ayaw mo nang nanunuod ako ng anime dahil pampapurol ng utak un ayon sayo (pero ginagawa ko pa din)
ayaw mo nang nanunuod ako ng koreanovela, tsinovela, at kung anu anu pang telenovela sa tv dahil pangkatulong lang un sabi mo (pero ginagawa ko pa din pero syempre pagtrip ko ung story)
ayaw mo ng nag-aadik ako sa mga computer games dahil masama sa mata (pero ginagawa ko pa din kaya heto malabo na ang mata ko)

madami ka ding gusto
gusto mo maganda lagi ang standings namin sa klase
grade 1 pa lang ako, tinuturuan mo na ako ng multiplication
naalala ko pa, sinulat mo ung multiplication table sa sahig gamit ung chalk
tapos pinakabisado mo sakin un maghapon
tapos tatanungin mo ako ng palaktaw-laktaw to make sure na hindi lang answer ung kinakabisado ko
gusto mo maging magaling kami sa chess dahil hustler ka dun
lahat kami marunong magchess pero si kuya bokyo ang pinakamagaling kasi siya pa lang ung nakatalo sayo ever
paborito mong tambayan ang mga club, babaero ka kasi
naalala ko nung sinama mo ako sa isang club nung gradeschool ako, pinakanta mo ako ng Sana’y wala nang wakas ni Sharon Cuneta para lang mapagyabang na maganda ang boses ng anak mo sa isang babae mo(sinuhulan mo pa nga ako ng bente eh at softdrinks at pagkain para itikom ang bibig ko)

naalala ko nung may pinakabisado ka saking tula sa dyaryo na Tempo, buong maghapon mo din ung pinakabisado sakin un kasi sabi mo isasali mo ako sa isang declamation chuva
umiyak ako nun kasi nakakaasar ka, grade 2 or 3 lang ata ako nung at wala naman akong interes sa mga competition tapos out of nowhere nabasa mo ung tula sa dyaryo tapos pinakabisado mo na

biglang ang dami kong naalala noh,

ayaw ko man, naaalala ko din ung pananakit mo samin; physically, emotionally at mentally (it hurts you know)

pero ang nakakatawa, hindi na ako masyadong nagagalit sayo, mas naaawa na lang ako, kasi alam kong hindi ka naman masaya sa kinahinatnan natin eh. Malayo ang loob namin sayo at pag andyan ka, para na tayong estranghero sa bawat isa.

naiintindihan ko kung bakit ganun ka na lang kung makakapit sa mama namin, siya lang kasi ang dahilan kung bakit natiis namin lahat na pasakit na bigay mo. Kung hindi sa kanya, siguro pariwara ang buhay naming lahat dahil sayo. Tsaka si mama ang nagsisilbing sinulid na nagdudugtong sating lahat.

pasensya ka na kung ganito ang laman ng liham ko, alam kong maliit ang chance na mabasa mo ito
at kung meron man, panigurado, we’ll end up arguing with each other dahil ipipilit mong mabuti at magaling kang ama (masyado ka kasing mapride)

anyway, kung anu man ung nakalipas ay tapos na, masaya ako kahit may sapak ka pa din ng madalas at umiinom ka pa din, hindi ka na nananakit. alam kong tubig na ng katawan mo ang alak kaya hindi ko na hinihingi na magquit ka sa paginom.

happy father’s day ulit. Oo naaalala ko pa ung gusto mong regalo (Isang trak ng alak na iba’t ibang klase) kaso hindi ko pa un kaya sa ngayon, saka na pag nurse na ako abroad at mayaman na. Papagawaan pa kita ng bar sa bahay tapos may seksing bartender.

Nga pla, pag umuwi ako dyan sa probinsya, inuman tayo minsan, cheers!