too much feelings and stuff

I’m not really sure what’s with the big 3 age but I feel gayish or girlish when I hit that age.

I’m not a fan of pink but when I learned that I had to have an experience in hospital, the crocs I added in my Lazada cart was pink or old rose was it. The navy blue crocs didn’t entice me at all. Maybe it’s because my daughter loves pink and the loathe I have against that color has since diminished coz pink is mostly what my daughter wears.

I’m browsing lots and lots of dresses, with lace and looking at a lot of beige and old rose tones. Also, I’m digging make-up now. I’m a powder and lipbalm kinda girl but now I have eyelash curler, lipstick, concealer, eyebrow liner (though I have yet to learn how to put a killer kilay), cheek and lip tint, primer, face powder, BB cream, blush on and sunscreen (which I recently bought just because I saw Belo sunscreen review and they said it’s a good substitute for BB cream or primer or foundation and whatnot) I haven’t tried putting on a full face make and I don’t think I ever would but who knows. I don’t know I just suddenly got interested in make-up maybe because my eldest sister keeps on telling me her make-up stuff..

Oh, I have good news, I have found a part-time job, 4hrs only and I just started training monday morning so less sleep for me this week. I’m getting a little bad vibes coz trainings and evaluations doesn’t start on time like they say it’s 6:30am and you end up waiting till 9:30am and that sucks coz I’m still on duty with my previous/current and that amount of time they made me wait should have been my sleeping time. I hope training and eval finished fast and I hope I’ll pass so this time their eating would give me something to hold on to. I’m still applying to some other jobs though..

I’m thinking of having a pixie hair cut but I have a frizzy curly hair which I think would look like a messy bird’s nest but whenever I see ladies with pixie hair I couldn’t help but wanting that hairstyle. I ordered a keratin treatment set in Lazada so I could do my hair myself and will save time and money from going to salon and will save me from talkative hairstylist looking for money tip (though they’re not all like that but in my experience most of them are)

so something happened and I’m not supposed to talk about it but I feel like I’m in the middle of 2 stones wherein if I say something they’d be a little emotionally affected and I’m guilty because I feel like I’m an accessory and shit. So I should shut up before I say anything I’m not supposed to.

p.s. I recently learned I don’t need to have a hospital experience coz something came up and it could be fixed so there’s need for the pink crocs

p.s. again.. I’m not really into the training sesh with a crappy time on my part time job but I just spent money on our laptop to be fixed for this part time and I don’t really want it to go to waste. I’ll keep looking for online jobs I guess..

p.s. I’m currently convincing myself about the white lies and stuff but I honestly think it’s still lying but really what people don’t know won’t hurt them. or maybe sometimes white lies keep stuff together..

ciao.. maybe I’m blabbering too much shit because of lacking sleep. I’m sorry to all the sleep I have faked before when I was a kid.

ganito ata talaga kapag tumatanda

Dati laging manga at kung anu-anong fictional novels, stories whatsoever ang bet kong basahin pero ngayon hindi na masyado (pero syempre ibang usapan pag yung mga sinusubaybayan ko talaga)

Anyways, I’m currently obsessed on reading financial independence. Naisip ko sana noon pa ko naadik sa pagbabasa tungkol dun edi sana may nasimulan na ako. Sa sobrang dami kong gustong gawin natuturete ung utak ko hahaha. Andaming what ifs bigla, could have, should have, would have eklavu.

Isa sa websites na kasalukuyan kong binabasa at ung saka ung at as sobrang daming ideas nila lahat yun gusto kong gawin. Haha mula sa savings, investing ek ek. Sana masimulan hahahaha cross fingers. Pero sabi nga dun aral muna bago invest. Andami ko pang dapat matutunan young tipong so much to do so little time and energy, minus the fact that I’m preggy, may isa pang clingy human being na panganay ko na dapat asikasuhin. Andaming plano. Iniiisip ko pa lang hagardo verzosa na.

Ayun. Anung oras na pala, isang araw na naman any lilipas sa maternity leave ko hahaha makatulog na nga.

the tale of mister nailcutter

I cut my baby’s nails once a week. It was easier back then, when she was so small, she can barely lift anything except her head. Now, the struggle is real. hahaha.

when she started learning how to crawl, whenever, I would cut her nails, I’ll just distract her and count one through ten in English, Filipino and Arabic, she would listen intently during those times and alas! I have already finished!

the other day, I find it so difficult to make her sit still for me to be able to start cutting her long nails. I started doing the counting thing but it’s wasn’t working anymore. I even gave her stuff to play with but she ends up throwing those things in my face. And then suddenly, I said, hold it and she was startled, (with a weird sounding voice) “Hello Pia! I am Mr. Nailcutter! I am very very hungry! May I eat your nails?”   she started giggling and she gave out her hands willingly. (with a weird voice again) Ho, ho, ho! I am Mr. Nailcutter and I eat nails for dinner!” and then goes the giggling again.

that was one of a hell experience, I’m wondering what technique should I do next time. hahaha on a second thought, I could do her nails while she was sleeping but I’ll be sleeping too so no no no. Ill just think of another story to tell hahaha.




confession of an inlababo

I have a confession to make.

When I agreed to be your girlfriend and I said I love you too, I did not mean it ( I just said it because it’s how its done in the movies). but, there’s a big BUT in there. I like you at that moment when I said “ano ba sinasabi ng babae kapag sinasagot na nya ung lalake” and I remembered you laugh. I regreted saying it as it was kind of a moronic question, but I’m a NBSB member before we met so what do you expect?It even weirded me out when I realized I like you. I mean, one look at you and I’m sure as hell others will agree that you give off that chickboy/bad boy vibe. Hitler’s (my dad) vibe when he was still in his prime according to my mom. One good girls (like me) should stay away from. Your sister even gave me a headstart and said ‘basta tol labas ako sa inyong dalawa ni kuya ah” which made me think twice before agreeing to go on a date with you. Would you believe that I almost backed out on our first date because I don’t think it’s a good idea to start with?

You might ask me why, Allow me to enumerate reasons not to go out with you.

Firstly, I don’t like egoistic guys and with my own definition of egoistic, you definitely fit in. Secondly, you’re talkative. I don’t like talkative guys that much. They are irritating to the ear. I for one is a quiet and a reserved person to start with so I thought why should I hang out with a talkies guy talkier than me? (I’d rather watch TV and listen to Boy abunda or John Lapus talking perky about a latest scandal of a famous showbiz personality.) Most of all, you’re very friendly to the opposite sex, a trait which most cheating bastards possess.

I could see imaginary flashing red lights warning me not to go but I still did. so why did I go out with you on that faithful day?

I was bored as hell because I wasn’t able to borrow ate ching’s laptop for a supposedly movie marathon. Ate Esther, my chatty roommate who’s fond of treating me to dinner and ice cream at the UP shopping center isn’t around. And above all, I was curious. I mean I haven’t been on a date since time immemorial. My first date experience was in jolibee and I can barely remember the face of the guy I went out with at that time. So I thought, why not give it a shot. Anyhow, it’s your treat meaning I’m not paying for anything so what do I have to lose? Also, I’ll get the chance to know if my impressions have some solid basis.

When we first went out, I was given advice what to do if ever you try to take advantage of me. One friend said that should you try to do something harassing, I should slap you with all my might and then walk out without looking back. Another one said I should scream my lungs out to get for help. One of my kuya-kuyahan even said, “ingatan mo ang puso mo, bata” and pat me on the head as if he’s a shaman blessing me to be protected from bad spirits. It’s quite silly but I can’t help but smile when I reminisce how they reacted when they found out I was going out on a date with you.

I thought that after our first date, you’ll realize what an ultimate bore I am but I was surprised that after our first date, comes the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, till I lost count how many times we went out.

How in the world did that happened? Was it like turned to love? Wondering when it started? I’m not so sure myself.

Was it the time you first texted and called me just to say you like me? (I almost fell of the bed when your message sink in)
Or was it the time that we watched I am legend and you let me borrow your jacket because I’m freezing cold?
Was it the time you hold my hand for the first time and you’re teasing me because my hand is icy and trembling?
Or was it the time you gave me yellow tulips?
Was it the time you offered to carry my bag knowing that I’ll decline because I’m too proud?
Or was it the time you gave your sister a chocolate for our tropa?
Was it the time you gave me a bouquet of flowers for valentines?
or was it the time you gave me an Ichigo(bleach) key chain? (which unfortunately is already decapitated)
Was it the time that you were able to persuade me to sing a Red Jumpsuit apparatus song?
Was it the time you confessed that when you treated me Tapsi from Roddicks before, you badly wanted the yolk which I don’t eat but you didn’t ask for it because you’re afraid that I’ll think that you’re a glutton?
Or was it the time you walked me home although it’s already late and you still need to travel like 2 hours just to get home to Bulacan?
Was it the time you brought me home and introduce me to your parents as your girlfriend?
Or was the time you made a love letter out of a bond paper (which reminded me of my excuse letter way back when I was still studying)?
Was it that time when we were world’s apart (LDR ang peg), but still, you managed to keep in touch and keep our love alive?

I still couldn’t remember when did I start falling and to tell you honestly, I’m still surprised that there is still “us” after more than 6 long years. I mean, we were apart for more than a year and you know how it goes with long distance relationships. Treasured promises ended up like castles in the sand, they just fade away.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but most often than not, they make the heart forget. But boy, I was surprised, you never did forget. You even helped me realize my dreams to work abroad. Sure it was tough, but you’re with me so I made it through.

It’s been almost a year since you asked me to marry you. And now, we only have a few weeks left till we say I do. We had it tough and maybe we’ll have it tougher but as long as we are together, I’m sure as hell we’ll be able to work things out so long as we want to. Our love story will never be perfect. But it’s damn real. We may never get to have our happily ever after all because we’re going to have so much more than that.

nagbirthday na naman ako

Dear Lord,

I just turned 18 last 22nd of August and I would like to thank you for all the blessings I have received.




opps, alam kong hindi kayo naniniwalang kakaeighteen ko pa lang nung 22, pero kakaeighteen ko lang talaga, plus X, hahaha,

for all you know,wala akong handa ng nagdaang birthday ko pero okay lang, happy pa din ako, alive and still kicking.

madami akong gustong sabihin at ipagpasalamat sa Kanya.

Una po sa lahat, salamat po sa isang taon na nadagdag sa buhay ko, isang taon na naman ang lumipas at nagkaron ako ng tyansyang gumawa ng mabuti sa kapwa, ng kalokokang akin na lamang, ng pagbabago (ewan ko kung anu un) at ng pagkakataong iparamdam sa mga taong mahalaga sa akin na mahal ko sila.

Maraming salamat din sa mga nakaalala ng kaarawan ko, maging kapamilya, kaibigan, kaklase at kakilala. Sa mga hindi nakaalala, grabe kayo, unfriend sa Facebook, haha,joke lang. Sa mga hindi nakaalala, may next year pa, (hopefully)

Sa nagbigay ng gift, super madaming thank you na may kapa! Hindi naman ako materialistic na tao pero iba pa din ung may gift kang nahahawakan at bubuksan. haha.

Sa t-shirt na bigay ng utol kong si JL na may nakaprint na “my cutest ate” salamat ng madami gwapong JL. Buti naman at alam mong cute ako. Pero sana hindi super ube ung tshirt na binili mo. Alam mo namang kulay chiko ako. Magmumukha akong halaya pag suot ko un. haha. Ako na ang reklamador pero nonetheless, susuotin ko pa din, bigay mo yun eh, at thanks din pala sa birthday card. kung swerte ka na ate mo ako, swerte din ako kasi may mabait akong kapatid na gaya mo. labs mu talaga ako. at syempre labs din kita, mwahugs!

Sa stuff toy na bibe na tumutunog na pinadala ng mama kong maganda via LBC (na may nakasulat na from mama at papa), hindi ko alam kung anung trip nyo pero nagulat ako sa biglang pagkwak-kwak nung bibe, haha salamat ng marami, kahit alam kong ikaw ang bumili nun at hindi si hitler. Pero ung tulang madrama sa birthday card, alam kong si hitler ang may pakana nun. Salamat din po doon. Kahit na anung mangyari, labs na labs kita mama, hehe, as for hitler, thank you sa genes at sa talent, (salbahe lang, haha) pero thank you po. basta alam nyu na po un,

Sa libreng merienda ni ate Ching sa The Old Spaghetti House nung mismong araw ng birthday ko, sobrang thank you din, matagal din akong hindi nakatikim ng libre mo simula nung magtrabaho na ako. haha, masarap talaga pag libre, salamat at binusog mo ang matakaw mong pinsan. Labsyu te Ching. sana magkaboylet ka na at magkababy 😛

Sa pakikibirthday ko sa birthday ng aking boypren, Inang Sion at tito Boy. Sobrang salamat din po. Masaya po ako kahit hindi ko kasama ang aking labiduds at parang kasama ko pa din siya dahil kasama ko ang kanyang pamilya sa kaarawan niya. Sa buong pamilya ng aking boypren na mahal ako, mahal ko din kayo, sniff, sniff. Salamat po at naexperience kong mabuhat ni Jollibee! Naku lagot si Jollibee pag-uwi ng aking labiduds, aabangan daw sa may kanto. hahaha,

Sa biglaang gala namin ng aking super duper friend na si Dannahbear patagaytay nung 21, salamat po at pinatnubayan nyo kami sa aming paglalakbay. Thank you po at nakapagzipline kami at nakauwi kagad after. sana mas madaming zipline pa ang masakyan ko. Kahit buwis-buhay ung pakiramdam, masaya pa din po. Sa uulitin. hehe

Sa nilutong pansit canton/bihon ng ate kong panganay na si ate Evic nung araw ng linggo, salamat din po, pampahaba ng buhay na tunay. Nabusog po hindi lamang ang aking sikmura kundi pati ang aking puso. Kahit walang gift basta may tsibog na luto, solb ang mga sawa ko sa tyan, hahaha (walang larawan dahil naubos kagad)

Sa adobo na walang sabaw na niluto ni Dannahbear nung nag-overnight siya sa amin sa calamba, salamat din po, dahil hindi lang libre kundi masarap din, hehe, sa uulitin, ibang putahe naman. (walang picture, ubos na nang maalala kong dapat pinicturan ko, haha)

Sa blogpost ni maida tungkol sa akin bilang pagbati sa kaarawan ko, salamat po, tunay akong maswerte dahil may kaibigan akong gaya nyang autistic na match sa pagiging autistic ko. Apir, tol!hahaha, labs kita at salamat dahil labs mu din ako. Hindi ko pa din maintindihan kung bakit ako misteryoso, minsan tuloy naiisip ko baka may sapak na talaga ako sa ulo. Speaking of motiff ng kasal, no idea pa din. anyway, isip-bata pa naman ako, hahaha,

Sa pagtawag ng aking labiduds para ako ay personal na batiin, salamat po ng madami, natouch ako, haha. Salamat po sa patuloy na paggabay sa aming love story. Hindi ko po sigurado kung saan kami patungo pero ieenjoy ko lang po ang aming journey. Alam ko naman pong mapagbiro ang tadhana pero pwede po bang gawin nyo akong epikia? haha, sabay ganun, basta po un, thank you, ingatan nyo po siya lagi at ilayo sa makakating babae, hahaha,

Sa pagbati ng aking mga Kingkong barbie tropa, salamat po. Mas dumami ung bumati sakin kasi si Ming-ming equivalent na sa tatlo dahil sa hubby nyang si Not2 at sa cute na cute na baby na si Dylan. Sa magandang naglalakad na paranoia na si Rhea Marie, thanks sa pagbati. Kay Virax na walk-out queen, na akala ko kinalimutan ang bday ko, salamat po kasi hindi pala nya nakalimutan, nagpahuli lang talaga siya ng pagbati, alam nyo naman, hahaha, at kay maida, namention na kita kanina pero salamat ulit!hahaha. Sobrang maswerte ako dahil may kaibigan akong gaya ninyo. Okay lang sakin kahit hindi ako sikat at hindi din sociable na groupie, basta meron akong tropang KB!

Sa tumbler na bigay ni Mommy Chum na deputy manager ng department namin sa opis, super thank you po. hindi po talaga kayo nakakalimot ng birthday kasi last year may gift din kayong pillow sakin. Ahm, sa uulitin po, haha (ako na ang nawili) peace, labs ko din kayo Mommy Chum! 😛

Sa keyk na surpresa ni ate Utchie at ate Jaja, sobrang salamat! sniff, sniff, hindi ko talaga yun inaasahan, hehe, natouch ako ng sobra, at sa sobrang touch ko, naubos na ung keyk agad. hahaha,sa mga pinlanong movie dates na hindi matuloy-tuloy, darating din tayo dyan, sa out of town na gala na niluluto, sana masarap ang kahinatnan at matuloy, kahit hindi ko masasabi ng personal dahil mahiyain ako, labs ko kau, hehe

Sa pouch na bigay ni kuya kim galing bicol, alam kong pasalubong un at hindi gift pero dahil binigay mo un ilang araw bago ung bday ko, gift na para sakin un, sori dahil inuwi ko ung ID mo minsan, wala akong balak ipakulam ka, nagkataon lang na gaya-gaya ka ng style ng ID, nakatalikod din, haha (peace) ang wish ko sana magpakasal ka na at magkababy, tumatanda ka na din,

Sa manong na nagpaupo sakin nung birthday ko sa bus, sobrang thank you po, dumami pa sana ang katulad nyo.

Sa clear na xray na kakakuha ko lang, sobrang salamat po, akala ko po talaga may pneumonia or TB na ako. Kasi naman po, mag-iisang buwan na po this week ung ubo kong pabalik-balik. Pero nakahinga na po ako ng maluwag, nagseself-diagnose na po kasi ako eh, buti na lang clear! pero may diagnosis pa din ako sa saking sarili, hypochondriasis, haha, wuhoo, let’s party! ay ndi pa pla pwede, kumakahol pa ako at nagddrugs ng senicod forte at antihistamine,haha, excited lang,

sa iba pang blessings na dumating na hindi ko napansin pero binigay pa din sakin, sobrang salamat po, ang wish ko po ay isang masaya at punong-puno ng adventure na buhay kasama ng aking mga mahal sa buhay at tropapips.


sa lahat ng may kaarawan ngayong Agosto,

maligayang bati! mabuhay!

ikakasal ka na

sa susunod na 48 oras, ang isang malapit kong kaibigan ay ikakasal na
hindi ko alam kung anung meron sa taong ito at madami akong kakilalang ikinasal na at ikakasal pa lang
siguro taon-taon madami talagang ikinakasal, medyo pansin ko lang ngayon dahil direktang kakilala at kaibigan ko ang nakalinya sa sinasabi nilang paglagay sa TAHIMIK

masaya ako para sa kanya
parang kailan lang (eto na naman, ang linya ng mga nagkakaedad, hahaha)
noon, ang pinoproblema lang naming magkakatropa ay kung paano makakahagilap ng boypren
kami ang no boyfriend since birth club (1st year college nabuo ang samahang ito at siya at ako ang isa sa mga unang myembro)
dumami ang myembro, nalagasan pero nanatili ang koneksyon ng pagkakaibigan
naalala ko pa nun, nagpustahan pa kami kung sino ang unang magkakaron ng karelasyon
at sa kanya ako pumusta, sayang lang talaga at sa hangin namin isinulat ang pustahan
edi sana ako na ang panalo, tiba tiba pag nagkataon, wahaha

di nagtagal, ako naman ung nagkaron ng boypren, sumunod ang isa pa at ang isa pa,
ung isa na lang ang hindi pa, puro fling lang (ayieee)
ambilis talaga ng buhay, boypren nuon, asawa naman ngayon
pakiramdam ko parang isang mabilis na movie clip ang lahat ng nangyari
dumaan lang sa mata ko, kumbaga sa online games, lumebel up na kagad
gusto kong irewind ang lahat, ipapause ko lang saglit ang mga panahon ng pangangarap namin at nanamnamin

Kung saan saan na napadpad
Naglakad, lumangoy, at lumipad

Nanyan ka lamang pala
Di ka lang nagsasalita

ikaw pala ang aking hinahanap
ang bahag-hari ko sa likod ng ulap

di na mahalagay kung saan ako dalhin ng hangin
basta’s nandito ka sa aking piling

ito ang tema ng inyong pag-iisang dibdib
hindi ko rin akalain na awit pala ito ng paboritong banda ng ating tropa
kung hindi pa sinabi ni maida, hindi ko pa mapapansin
nakakatawa talaga

at alam mo pa kung ano pa ang nakakatawa?
na ngayon lang nagsink-in sa utak ko na ang lalaking makakaharap mo sa dambana
ay ang iyong bukambibig na long-time crush nun, ang bespren ng iyong kuya
hindi ko din akalain, nagkaron ka ng boypren na iba pero sa kanya pa rin pala
ito na nga siguro ang tinatawag nating tadhana

kausapin ang sarili

aubu: ano bang ginagawa mo sa buhay mo?

ako: ahmm, nagtatrabaho? nagffacebook? paminsan-minsang gumagala?

aubu: ayan, dyan ka magaling, sa galaan, tsk, tsk, lakwatsera ka talaga

ako: oo eh, bakit na naman?

aubu: wala ka na bang ibang plano sa buhay?

ako: alam mo, sa sobrang dami ng plano at gusto kong gawin sa buhay ko, aabutin tayo ng syam-syam pag inisa-isa ko sayo,

aubu: masaya ka naman ba?

ako: minsan, ikaw ba?

aubu: minsan din,

ako: gaya-gaya, tsk, tsk

aubu: aba, ikaw at ako ay iisa. pag nag-iba bigla ang sagot ko sa sagot mo, schizophrenic or psychotic ka na nun ineng, umayos ka

ako: ay, uu nga ano, taba talaga ng utak mo

aubu: mana lang ako sayo, apir!

ako: yeah! apir!

nagagawa nga naman ng taong kulang sa tulog pero hanep magpuyat

Isang dekada na pala ang nakalipas..

10 years na sila :)

10 years na sila 🙂

10 taon na ang nakakaraan mula ng mabuo ang Sugarfree..
Isang dekada na ang nakalipas..
Una ko silang nakita sa Myx..
Natatak na kagad sa isip ko ang awit nilang Mariposa, year 2003 ata un..
Basta un..
At dahil dun, isa sila sa lagi kong pinapakinggang banda..

Last last year, planong manuod ng Kingkong Barbies ng Sugarfree concert, pero sa kasamaang-palad, naubusan kami ng ticket. Kaya aun..dinaan sa kape ang kalungkutan ng mga naatasang bumili ng ticket..

Nitong Agosto, nabalitaan namin ni maida na may concert ulit ang SF, at syempre, palalagpasin ba namin ito? Syempre hindi. At charan! Nakabili ako ng ticket namin, kaso 2 lang kami ni maida, pero aus na din.

Sa Music Museum ginanap ang konsyerto ng Sugarfree kasama ng Manila Symphony Orchestra, dami din tao, at dami naming saya, kasi abot kamay namin sila..hahaha>:)

Syempre dapat may picture din kami sa concert..haha..pero mas marami ung sakin..hehe

aubu at maida :)

aubu at maida 🙂

ako ay nanunuod :)

ako ay nanunuod 🙂

nanunuod ako ulit ;)

nanunuod ako ulit 😉

eto naman ang bandang pinapanuod namin:)

Low calorie este Sugarfree pala..>:)

Low calorie este Sugarfree pala..>:)

astig na kuha ni ebe ;)

astig na kuha ni ebe 😉

si jal. :)

si jal. 🙂

si kaka :)

si kaka 🙂

ang ex-drummer ng SF;)

ang ex-drummer ng SF;)

Naging masaya ang concert na yun, siguro kasi mapayapa sya, parang tropa lang lahat halos ng mga tao dun, at kami ang gate crasher..hehe..
At syempre, gaya ng ng kung anu anu pang kaganapan, hindi pwedeng mawala ang picture naman..hahaha
aubz sa harap ng stage;)

aubz sa harap ng stage;)

maida sa harap din ng stage:)

maida sa harap din ng stage:)

aubz sa tabi ng poster ng sugarfree:)

aubz sa tabi ng poster ng sugarfree:)

si maida tabi ng 2 poster;)

si maida tabi ng 2 poster;)

si ako sa tabi ng 2 poster :D

si ako sa tabi ng 2 poster 😀

puro ako na ang bida..haha

kunyari hindi ko alam;)

kunyari hindi ko alam;)

sugarfree rock!

sugarfree rock!

ako at si kaka :)

ako at si kaka 🙂

ako 2;)

ako 2;)