sa isang kisapmata

convo with Piatot

me: Pia, makinig ka sakin nak. wag ka na pupupu sa diaper, ha. big girl ka na.

Piatot: opo mommy

me: lagi mo sinasabing opo ginagawa mo pa din

Piatot: nuod ako Peppa Pig and George mommy kaya pupu ako diaper

me: hindi na un pwede big ka na nga (umiinit na ang ulo ko)

Piatot: mommy dami ko friends

me: iniiba mo na naman usapan eh

Piatot: dami ko friends, avery, anna, ate Diane

me: o tapos (wala na naiba na usapan)

Piatot: dami ko friends pero mommy bespren ko, bespren tayo mommy

me: (heart melting)

aughh wala lang



My first payment from my online job

It’s been a while folks!

After countless of online application, I have finally landed myself an online job, I hope this would be “it”. (the online job I can count on and the job perfect for a breastfeeding mom like me.) I’ve been busy lately because I just started my training (paid! :))  as a Dental Biller last January 24 (that would be January 23 in California because that’s where my boss is based from). It looks like I won’t be getting away from the Dental department but it’s nice because at least I have backgrounds regarding Dental terminologies etcetera.

Anyhow, after 6 days of working, I finally got my first payment in Paypal! Yey! It’s not much but I’m ecstatic when I found out my boss already sent my salary just now. Our pay periods are as follow:

Days and hours from 25th – 9th paid on 15th of the month

Days and hours from 10th -24th paid on 30th of the month

So since I started January 24, my salary is only equivalent to 12 hours of my working time but I am not complaining. I think it pays way better than my 51talk tutoring gig. I still find the work a little hard but it’s nice because most of the time (like 85% of the time), it’s non-voice and I only do skype call whenever my boss needs to inform me about something work-related or I have to validate information with my supervisor or with other clinics that we handle.


Tada! that’s the screenshot of the Paypal email I received earlier. I hope to receive more emails like these. hahaha

ooopppp!my kids are awake! gotta go! till next time!

damn, it feels good

After working abroad for years side by side with someone who doesn’t have an ounce of appreciation his body, I have forgotten how it feels being recognized for a job well done. 


thanks to my TL for making me remember 😊

unica hija

I started my labor at 2:30 am in the morning of February 21, 2016. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally got to meet my little angel!

Meet Sophia Avery, my first born delivered at 8:35 pm, weighing 3 kilograms and measuring 49 centimeters. This was love at first sight!

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first photograph

I promised myself that when I get to hold my baby, we will take a selfie together, hehehe, here it is!


And because I get to have selfie with my Piaya (her nickname), my blog post wouldn’t be complete without our first family picture! Daddylabs wouldn’t miss our first family selfie for the world!

2016-02-23 02.18.09 1

This is indeed the miracle of life. I’m so happy I couldn’t put my feelings into words that would actually describe them perfectly. I’m simply thankful. I’m blessed. I’m overwhelmed. All those feelings rolled into one. Thank God for the blessing called family.


pahabol na piktyur (wahahaha)




my mom’s in town. she arrived the other day thinking that I’m already on labor. unfortunately, it seems my baby’s enjoying her sweet time inside my tummy and doesn’t plan on coming out anytime soon. well, I do hope I get to see her sooner though. Everyone’s excited to meet her.

we don’t have much to do here at my in-laws so we went to their backyard yesterday just to roam around and chit-chat. It’s been almost a year and a half since I last saw her. she’s grown thinner, I think. taking care of them (hitler, her grandchildren, nieces and nephews) is taking its toll on her. I hope that her short stay here with us will do her good and will make her relax for a little while.

2016-02-19 11.23.24 1

my mom’s a sucker for green mangoes

my mom enjoying her time with those freshly picked mangoes (thanks daddylabs for getting those) Thanks Nanay and Tatay for accomodating my mom. I’m one happy preggo at the moment. 



sa totoo lang, ung natitira kong pera dito hindi aabot hanggang susunod na sweldo. naubos panload kakatawag sa Pinas. sa ate ko sa laguna. sa hinayupak na mga phone numbers na nakapost sa facebook at iba pang websites na may info regarding sa Yolanda survivors na kahit isang number wala akong napala (naubos lang ang load pati pera). pero keribels, may pagkain naman ako sa bahay. at isa pa, naglalakad lang naman ako papuntang clinic. I’ll get by. Malaman ko lang kung ano na ang nangyari sa pamilya ko sa Tacloban, kahit ilang daang load ang magastos  at kahit wala na akong makain okay lang.

hindi naman ako nabigo at nalaman kong okay silang lahat. hindi ko pa din nga lang sila makausap ng personal kasi total black out pa din ang buong Leyte. soon I hope. pitong araw na mula nung huli kong nakausap ang mama ko. namimiss ko na siya. ayoko nang manuod ng news coverage online kasi huli akong nanuod, hindi ako nakatulog kakaisip kung ano na ang nangyayari samin. nakakapraning.

anyways, kanina sa clinic, bigla akong tinawag ni Jerrabeck, isa sa mga katrabaho/kaibigan ko clinic namin. sabi niya may hihingin daw siyang stock sakin (stock controller din kasi ko sa clinic namin). Pagkasunod ko sa kanya sa 1st room, bigla siyang may iniabot na maliit na papel na nakatupi. sabi niya basahin ko yung sulat. may nakalagay “aubu, pagpasensyahan mo na itong abot ko sayo. pambili mo yan ng load pantawag sa inyo”. pagbuklat ko ng papel, may pera sa loob. sa totoo lang, ayoko talaga tanggapin kasi nahihiya ako. hindi kasi ako sanay na tumatanggap ng pera galing sa ibang tao tsaka alam ko kailangan niya din yun, visayas area din kasi ung family niya pero sabi niya mas kailangan ko daw yun kasi hindi naman daw gravely affected ung lugar nila. wala akong nasabi kundi thank you kasi alam ko parehas naman kaming hindi mayaman pero nagawa pa din nyang tumulong sakin. wala lang. touch ako ng sobra. muntik na akong maiyak.

kahit na andami-dami kong problemang iniisip ngayon, nararamdaman kong blessed pa din ako. mula sa boyfriend ko, sa pamilya niya, sa mga kaibigan ko sa Pinas at dito sa disyerto na sumuporta at nanalangin para sa kaligtasan ng buo kong pamilya hanggang sa mga katrabaho ko na pinapalakas ng husto ang loob ko nung mga panahong wala akong balita sa pamilya ko. maraming salamat po. hindi ko po alam kung anung ginawa kong kabutihan sa buhay ko ngayon or nakaraan kong buhay para magkaroon ako ng mga mabubuting taong gaya nyo sa paligid ko.

sa kabila ng mga pangyayari, alam kong malalagpasan namin to. kapit lang sa matatag.

sana talaga maging maayos na ang lahat.

and then there was no light


no electricity. no internet connection.

my laptop is battery empty and so is my phone.

I don’t have food on my table yet.

had I been my old self, I would have gone berserk.

I would have been very pissed off, actually. but on the contrary, I feel very blessed.

my 3 ates (my flatmates) gave me candles for light without me asking.

one even offered me to use her gas stove so that I may be able to cook my food. (you see, our stove isn’t working at the moment since we’re reconstructing a part of our kitchen and unfortunately it’s that part where our stove is placed)

I was putting too much thoughts on what should I eat at that time

and then suddenly it dawned on me that I’m surrounded by love.  (weird eh?confabulation of ideas it is)

I realized that everywhere I go, someone is always there to look after me.

like how kuya Benj and ate Tzie looked after me when I was still new here in the desert. Like how my special someone looked after me until now. Like how my flatmates would give me food for lunch and dinner. Like how Mamu and Papu would give me “baon” every fridays enough to last me a week without cooking. Like how my friend Maida would ask how I was at work. Like how Jen and Jerrabeck (my batchmate in our clinic) would wait for me outside our clinic when its time to go home even though I still have lots of work to do.

my mom must have been praying lots for me to have been blessed with such walking angels in disguise.

despite of my everyday rants (in my head), I’m still lucky am I not?

I guess it is indeed true.

You could definitely see so much in darkness.

this is me in the dark.

this is me in the dark.