ethical legal at kung ano pang al

After getting myself a permanent online job with a fixed salary, I decided to take a break from my 51talk stint and submitted a month vacation just to see how would it go with my new job. So far so good. Unfortunately, the online support of 51talk didn’t even acknowledge my email so I guess this would be it? Goodbye online tutoring for now, perhaps my account is already locked though I haven’t tried logging in again.

Anyhow, my one and only loyalist student Lily recently sent me a message via WeChat telling me she misses me very much, when am I going back and telling me she doesn’t want any other teachers (you see, before I went on a 51talk hiatus I told her I’ll be gone for a while and advice her to try other teachers so her English skills would be further developed. It’s just 3 days ago that I learned she stopped attending her 51talk classes because she doesn’t want to see other teachers. I told my husband about Lily and he said why not offer her a special tutoring lessons via Skype instead. I was actually undecided whether to follow his advice because one, I don’t know what lessons should I teach Lily; two, I don’t know how to make Lesson memo by myself coz in 51talk lessons are prepared firsthand you just have to teach it to your students, and three, I’m afraid I’ll get sued😫 hahaha isn’t unethical and illegal to do that? It’s like I’m stealing one of their students.

Oh well, I’m not even sure I could keep up having another job aside from my current one but I’ll think about it.

Ooops, 10 minutes got deducted from my working time, my bad, trying to blog through my phone and work at the same time, not a very good idea but hey, I just missed blogging, you know😛

Binge-watching DOS

I promise myself that I’ll update my blog whenever I can but I binge-watch this K-drama entitled Descendants of the Sun for like a week (I think?). So, I’m now a fan of the Song-Song couple! It’s so sad that it’s only 16 episodes plus 3 special episodes (mostly are behind the scenes and interview of the actors and actresses). I think it should have been longer. Anyhow, I won’t tell you guys about the whole story because you could google it anytime. Just to give you an idea (in case you’re not familiar), it’s a love story between a soldier and a doctor. The nice thing about this K-drama, the story doesn’t revolve only around the main characters (The main characters were played by Song Hye-Kyo and Song Joong-Ki.), the supporting characters have a love story of their own which are also exciting. (tamad-tamaran lang?haha)


Long back, I’ve always admired Song Hye-Kyo’s beauty and I fell in love with her more in this series. She’s the type of girl na feeling ko kahit walang ligo, para pa din siyang Dyosa. Ah basta, I love her. I even followed her in IG. hahaha. I could just look at her face all day but of course that’s not possible, haha. I’ll just look at her IG page from time to time.

Not much of a K-drama review eh? ah basta, pag tinopak, I’ll definitely watch it again. 😛

here I go again

I’ve been applying here and there for home-based jobs. Some have contacted me and I have yet to finish filling in the exams and information that they wanted. (either I have my hands full or I’m free but doesn’t have the appetite to do productive stuffs)

It’s been more than a month since I gave birth to my second baby and I’m feeling extremely down again. I browsed my old post few months after I have given birth to my first-born and I noticed that my posts were somewhere along the line of sadness and nothingness. I’m not sure if this is somewhat related to post-partum depression or  maybe it is, but one thing I know, this feeling sucks.

maybe I’m just exhausted from lack of sleep. but I rarely do any household chores here so I don’t really know.


I browsed my old photos in facebook and instagram and there’s this picture that I  look radiant (but I definitely remember that I’m extremely sad that time). Guess it’s really true, picture doesn’t do justice to what you really feel inside. Don’t we all wear masks from time to time?

I’m just. I don’t know. Maybe sick of my current self. Hope I’ll feel better soon.

PUPPP free, I hope

I have given birth last September 11 via cesarean section and I’m glad to inform you guys that I don’t itch as much as before. I hope this is finally the end of my PUPPP journey. Anyways, I’m still using the Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap and VCO because I’m afraid that PUPPP might come back. (I’ve read a story on the internet that a lady got her PUPPP rashes like months after she delivered her baby so I just have to make sure)

Oh, I’m back to the zombie mode where I only could get a couple of hours of sleep, maximum of 3 hours straight if I’m lucky. In just 1.5 years, I have forgotten how tiring it is to care for a baby, hahaha. Anyways, I’m just glad that I got myself a bouncing baby boy and I’m free from the horrible itchiness that plagued my third trimester pregnancy.

Well, I still itch here and there (maybe because I wasn’t showering everyday? hahaha)



PUPPP struggle continues

As I typed in this entry, I am alternately scratching my scratchmarks/stretchmarks-full tummy. I just cannot keep my hands off my excruciatingly itchy skin.

It’s been almost 2 weeks and my battle against this horrendous rashes has yet to end.

As of this time, I have tried products I’ve researched on google, suggestions from my OB, family members and friends who are with me through this battle.

Allow me to enumerate some of the ways I’ve tried that works (for a few hours) to manage this cursed rashes.

  1. Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap – I came across this soap when I was literally crying and desperate researching online for cure against this PUPPP. It is usually sold in the United States but I was lucky to have found an online seller here in the Philippines  through Shopee app (just like what I have mentioned in my previous post) This soap works wonders. It flattened my rashes in a few days, lessened the itchy feeling for an hour or so.
  2. Baking soda – this was suggested by ate Tzie (thank goodness my sister-in-law slash tropapips Maida mentioned my condition to her). The first time I used baking soda, I used 1 box full to a pail of water. It was the first time I actually had a decent sleep of atleast 3 hours. I also did the baking soda paste, mix the baking soda powder to a small amount of water till you get the pasty consistency. After taking a bath with Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap using the water with baking soda, I’ll use the baking soda paste where it itches the most. Unfortunately, because I wanted the rashes to go away soon, I think I’ve put too much, I ended having wounds and some of my body parts bled so I had to stick with the pail of water with baking soda.
  3. Super Moringa Oil – I took noticed of this oil when we went to the mall last week. I had to have another oil or lotion to put because the pine tar soap and baking powder combo doesn’t last very long. It consists of moringa oil, menthol, orange oil, pepper mint, turmeric oil, VCO and eucalyptus lemon scent. Once I started to itch, I will apply a minimal amount on the affected area and then I’ll feel a warm and cold sensation that soothes my itch for some time.
  4. VCO/Virgin Coconut Oil – I bought the Pro-Source brand from the supermarket. I have just started using this for a few days now. And though I smell like coconut oil or lana, it does helps with the dryness of my skin. (Pine tar soap and baking soda combo does help with the rashes but it dries your skin so much)  I was actually thinking of taking 1 tablespoon every morning because I read somewhere it would also help but I have yet to muster the courage because I might vomit.

Let me also enumerate some of the tips they’ve (OB, dermatologist, family, friends and colleague) suggested just in case you are 1 out the 200 who’ll get this rash in the future (though I am not hoping anyone will catch this)

  1. Anti-histamines (cetirizine/claritin) – this is for allergic reaction and I was previously prescribed to take 1 tab per day but due to my extreme condition, I was told to take 2 tabs per day though there’s still no effect. I’ll just get drowsy, then that itchy feeling comes then goes away the drowsy feeling equals no sleep still. (my eye-bags are worth more than a kilo now if we’re going to weigh them, kidding, haha). I stopped taking these when I noticed that my baby’s movements a little less active than usual.
  2. Moisturizing lotion – I was given a nameless moisturizing lotion with betamethasone valerate by a dermatologist I consulted with. It’s supposed to help but it didn’t work for me but just in case, try, who knows, this might work for you for all we know, (you just had to get a prescription from a doctor first because betamethasone is a steroid and is usually  best avoided during pregnancy.
  3. Hypo-allergenic soap – I first bought cetaphil when I had my rash thinking this might actually help but lo and behold, it didn’t. My dermatologist prescribed again a nameless hypo-allergenic soap which can only be bought in his clinic but unfortunately, nada, it still doesn’t have an effect on me, it just dried out my skin, leaving it more itchy.
  4. Camias Leaves – you’re supposed to get the leaves and slap them a little to the affected areas, but since it’s super itchy, I literally slap the leaves and branches on my legs just to ease the itchyness and unfortunately, I just gained more marks, slap-marks that reminds me how a legs would look like after you got a beating of walis tingting.
  5. Katinko – an ointment consisting of methylsalicylate menthol plus camphor. This was my go-to whenever I encounter some itch here and there. It also helps with muscle pain and headache. Unfortunately, when I used this product on my rashes, it just made them worse but I read in google that in some preggy women, it works for them.
  6. Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion – it has filagrin and ceramide which was supposed to help with the dry and itchy skin but nil, it did not help me at all but in some women it does, it just wasn’t meant to be for me.
  7. Calmoseptine – it’s an ointment that has calamine and zinc oxide. I tried this for some time but it dried my rashes so much leaving them inflamed and scaly. Maybe I’ve put too much? I don’t know. But still, this ointment is still one of my fave go-to for my unica hija’s nappy rashes or scrapes.
  8. Sudocrem – this is usually used for nappy rash but can also be used for eczema, surface wounds and other skin complaints. I tried this as well but it didn’t work for me as well.

Right now, some of the rashes in my entire body have flattened. My legs that used to be like a lechon-colored full of bumps now looked like a bad case of tanning session plus the spots. I actually looked like a human dalmatian and just this morning, another wave of PUPPP rashes are sprouting in my arms; seems like I have yet to see the finish line of this disease. According to my research (naks may ganun, hahaha), it’s not actually a sure shot that delivering my baby will get rid of the rashes. Some women has to battle with this for at least 6 months postpartum, some a few days after. As for me, my baby still enjoying his time inside my tummy and have yet to come out. I hope he’ll come out soon though, this coming week perhaps, or tomorrow.

Wish me luck! tata for now!


I actually would have wanted to add some pictures of my rashes plus the products and skin improvement but my laziness got the better of me (preggy here) so I’ll update my post as soon as I can. 😛

ganito ata talaga kapag tumatanda

Dati laging manga at kung anu-anong fictional novels, stories whatsoever ang bet kong basahin pero ngayon hindi na masyado (pero syempre ibang usapan pag yung mga sinusubaybayan ko talaga)

Anyways, I’m currently obsessed on reading financial independence. Naisip ko sana noon pa ko naadik sa pagbabasa tungkol dun edi sana may nasimulan na ako. Sa sobrang dami kong gustong gawin natuturete ung utak ko hahaha. Andaming what ifs bigla, could have, should have, would have eklavu.

Isa sa websites na kasalukuyan kong binabasa at ung saka ung at as sobrang daming ideas nila lahat yun gusto kong gawin. Haha mula sa savings, investing ek ek. Sana masimulan hahahaha cross fingers. Pero sabi nga dun aral muna bago invest. Andami ko pang dapat matutunan young tipong so much to do so little time and energy, minus the fact that I’m preggy, may isa pang clingy human being na panganay ko na dapat asikasuhin. Andaming plano. Iniiisip ko pa lang hagardo verzosa na.

Ayun. Anung oras na pala, isang araw na naman any lilipas sa maternity leave ko hahaha makatulog na nga.

how does it feel

when you’re on your late twenties and still feel the odd one out

confusing. on my part because I’m already old enough to be equipped with social skills and yet I don’t apply it. I’m not just good with people. I’ll smile, talk a bit and that’s that. Period.

surprisingly, even though I don’t quite fit in where I am right now,  I don’t care at all as long as I’m doing my job and at the end of the shift, I’ll go home with my daddylabs and babylabs.  back then I’d lose myself thinking what’s wrong with me, now I don’t care anymore. to hell with what they’re thinking.

someone from my work place said I am an antisocial, even called me a lonewolf, I had a hard time fighting myself to tell him to research the meaning of the word and give him the middle finger . Yes, I am aloof and yes, I’m quite reserved but I am not an antisocial.  I am selectively social. There’s a big difference. char. good thing I didn’t give in to his senseless comments about my personality, I just figured out yesterday he’s considered one of the “maluwang ang turnilyo” peeps in office. thank God for my instinct.


you shall be remembered

Since I started watching the ejk trials updates on my fb account, I have always look forward to seeing you on the Senate. I’m always imagining what if you’re the one who’s grilling the witness, I’m sure as hell they must have peed on their pants. And those obnoxious senators who’s certainly a nuisance would have learned how to behave themselves in th senate.

You’re one of those very few politicians that I have the interest of listening to. Candid. Bright. Brutal. Witty. Those adjectives won’t even suffice to describe your dynamic personality. I ain’t a die-hard fan of yours but I deeply admire you. I actually bought one of your book (if that counts)

It’s such a loss that you have to go at this time but then, sabi mo nga you shall fade silently into the dark like batman. Pero parang hindi naman silent? Chos.

Anyways, maybe it’s really your turn to rest. You’ve done your service to the humanity and it’s high time someone else do it.

Well, until then madam senator MDS. Ciao.

minsan mapapamura ka talaga

so nagauto-play sa fb newsfeed ko yung video kung san gisadong bawang ung witness eklavu sa ejk hearing, ung ichura na parang gusto na niyang umamin na punyeta naligaw lang ako dito, pero ayun tuloy pa din, para kong nanunuod ng teleserye na may twist and turns yung plot, akala ko sa novel at movies lang may fiction pati sa Senado pala meron din. Teka may parte ba sa tax na kinakaltas sakin every cut off ang napupunta sa mga nakaupo dun lalo na dun Chairperson?kasi kung ganun nga eh Pu@#!1[\&@!!!! 

wala lang,napadaan lang matagal din akong hindi nakapagpost, 😈hehehe



dalawang taon

sa kasalukuyan ay may isangdaan at limampu’t isang blog post na ako

mayroon din akong isang-libo at tatlumpu’t walong komento

mayroon din akong sampung-libo’t limandaang spam na komento

at may dalawampung aktibong subscribers

at 5 digits na traffic sa aking blog site (wink)

sa lahat ng ito, maraming salamat po,

salamat sa paminsan-minsa’y pagdaan nyo at pag-iiwan ng komento sa aking blog.

salamat din sa dalawampung subscribers (kilala nyo na kung sino kayo at sobra ang pasasalamat ko sa inyo, hehe)

sa mga comments spammer, salamat na din

at lalo na sa WordPress dahil sa libreng blog na ito, sana sa susunod libre na din ang sariling domain (wahaha, asa)

hindi ko namalayang dalawang taon na pala ang the odd one out.

Oo. Dalawang taon ng kulitan, ng kasiyahan, ng dramahan, ng wala lang.

Dalawang taon. Pucha, ganun kabilis ang panahon, haha