my little one’s a month old now! I’m telling you guys she’s got a bit of a temper but she’s adorable nonetheless.


(start from upper left) inaantok. ginulo. nagising ang diwa, badtrip men! nagalit! Wahahaha

Time flies really fast! It was just yesterday that I’m feeling her kicks in my tummy and now she’s kicking me for real with matching eye rolling. I don’t know where she got her maldita tendencies though. hahahaha

Oh, my baby girl can sometimes be as princess-like if she would like to be but that would be when she’s peacefully sleeping 😴.


our baby is now a little lady

I haven’t slept soundly for a longtime now but who am I to complain when just one smile of my little one makes it all worthwhile? (I’m definitely baby-whipped!hahaha)

what’s in my hospital bag?

When you’re on your third trimester, all you could think about was when you’re going to see your little angel. However, when your labor and delivery is fast approaching, all you could think about was how fast it (time and your pregnancy) went.


I went to my OB yesterday and was told I was good to go. I’m already 37 weeks and she said I could deliver anytime soon. I’m so excited to see my little one that I have been packing and unpacking my baby’s diaper bag and my hospital bag for the longest time. I’ve been browsing the net to get a ☑ list for stuff that I’ll be needing for my pre&post labor and delivery and for my baby.

For reference, I have used MommyPracticality blog’s hospital bag checklist though I added some stuff suitable to my preference.

🏥 bag checklist


  • Admitting paper/Prenatal journal/ultrasound copies/laboratory test results
  • Philhealth form
  • Philhealth ID
  • PhilHealth contribution certificate
  • Identification Cards (for mom and dad to be)
  • ATM (Debit card)
  • Cash

For me

  • 1 pack maternity pads
  • 1 Robe (just in case you would need to roam around and you don’t want to look like a hubadera wearing the hospital gown)
  • 1 nursing cover (I got mine from Bloom which is available from all leading SM department stores)
  • Underwear
  • 2 nursing bra (I bought mine from Sana, I got it long back when I was still in UAE)
  • 2-3 pairs breastpads (I bought a washable one from SM department store)
  • Nursing pillow (I got mine from Bloom as well)
  • 2 pairs of socks (I read somewhere that you’ll feel a little cold after labor)
  • Extra shirts
  • Going home outfit
  • Slippers
  • Towel
  • Toiletries (wipes, toilet papers, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, facial wash, petroleum jelly, alcohol, cologne)
  • Eyeglasses
  • Pain relief cream

For baby

  • Baby go-to diaper bag (I got mine from Juniors)
  • Disposable diapers (1 pack)
  • 2-3 sets tie-side clothes /kimonos with snap closure
  • Baby towels
  • Baby receiving blanket
  • 2-3 pairs of pants
  • 2-3 pairs of bonnets, mittens and booties
  • Small feeding bottle and formula milk (just in case I won’t be able to express milk immediately)
  • 1 pack baby wetwipes
  • Burp cloth/bib

For daddylabs

  • Changing clothes
  • Snacks
  • Mobile phone and charger

I hope the list above will suffice for a neophyte mom like me. I’m excited and a little bit nervous at the same time! Wish me luck!

P.S. I’ll post my hospital bag picture next time. 😉




perstaym ko mainterbyu online, oo, kanina lang, mga 30 minutes ago. nag-aapply kasi kong virtual assistant. kung tatanungin niyo ako kung paano maging VA, aba eh never ko pa nga nasubukan kaya ayan apply apply din lalo madaming tambay time. ang ganda nung nag-interbyu sakin kanina, mukhang beauty queen. Diana ang name niya from Lisboa Portugal, recruitment firm sila parang head hunter. ayun, natapos naman ng matiwasay ang interview. narealize ko pang-ilang interview ko na ba to sa buong buhay ko?hahaha. walang kamatayang “tell me something about yourself?”, “why do you want to apply for this job?”, why do you think you’re qualified for this job”, etc etc. so do you think I nailed it? ewan. hindi siguro. ayokong umasa, hahaha, feeling ko kasi parang joke lang mga sagot ko. nagtataka nga ako paano ako natanggap sa mga previous jobs ko, hahaha. anyways, sabi ni ms. Diana, she’ll contact me within the next 2 weeks if I got the job; however, if she doesn’t, edi yun na un, babay, next job application please.

nagsisimula pa lang ang 2016, andami ko nang first. first FBS at OGTT. first footscrub, first online interview, first baby! (oo due date ko na next month so first sabak sa madrama at pasakit na labor and delivery stage ng first time mom) hahay kakaoverwhelm. pero sana makeribels ko. at sana makayanan ko ang mga susunod pang mga first.


tinanong nila ko bakit hindi ako nagkukwento tungkol sa nakaraan,

sabi ko naman nakakapagod magpaliwanag kung bakit nangyari yung ganito yung ganyan. Bakit hindi ko kinukwento ung ganito yung ganyan, eh bakit ba?

tsaka basta, ayoko ng nagpapaliwanag tungkol sa buhay ko. buhay ko naman to.

tsaka kung ayaw nila sakin edi wag, chos, hahaha

All about me 10 day challenge – Day 2

Today is day 2 for my “all about me 10 day challenge”. Earlier, I was contemplating whether I should continue this 10 day challenge thing or not. After I few minutes, I found myself in front of my laptop typing in my entry. I guess the urge to finish this challenge got the better of me (wink)

Day 2 – Nicknames you have; why you have them

Aubz/Aubs, AuBu, Aubi, Abu, Abie, Bonch, Bonchie, Bonchiekay, Bonchai, Bonsai & Bata. Those are my nicks at this time.

Aubz/Aubs – the first 3 letters counts for the first 3 letter of my given name. As for the last letter, “S” and “Z” can be used interchangeably. It depends on the one’s calling me.

AuBu – the first 2 letters counts for the first 2 letters of my given name and the second 2 letters counts for the first 2 letters of my surname. A classmate of mine back in high school coined this nick.

Aubi – the first 2 letters counts for the first 2 letters of my given name, as for the third letter, it also counts for the first letter of my surname. As for the fourth letter, I don’t know where my classmate got it.  I always introduce myself using my whole name and she finds the idea of putting the letter “I” next to the first 3 letters of my name cool.

Abu – the first letter comes from the first letter of my first name, the last 2 comes from the first 2 letters of my surname. A colleague of mine uses this to address me.

Abie – my classmates/playmates back in elementary school uses this nickname to call me back then.

Bonch – my nickname at home. I was supposed to be the “bunso” in the family so the “bunso” was morphed into “Bonch”. I don’t know how did that happen. Sure it sounds alike. I wonder why they didn’t bother to change my nickname when my dear little brother arrived.

Bonchiekay – my nickname “Bonch” morphed again. This is the nick my big brother kuya Bok and little brother JL use to call me when I don’t respond to them immediately back when we were all together.

Bonchai – one of my cousins uses this as her endearment to me. I could literally hear her voice upon typing this. (Bonchaaaiiiii, ughhhhh)

Bonsai – nickname given to me by my younger brother when he feels like making fun of me. Sometimes, he sends me forwarded text messages with a greeting at the last part of the message that says “good morning ate bonsai!” I don’t like this nickname that much but if it’s my little brother calling me this, I think I could endure.

Bata – my kuya-kuyahan back in college gave me this nickname and he’s still using this to address me until now. Why? He still thinks of me as a kid.

(bowing my head) I, thank you! There you go. Nicknames enumerated. As for the why’s, some I have answered but some still remains a mystery even to me. (echos)


yey! I finished day 2! (nanonosebleed na ako sa EOP, haha, 8 to go) 😀

a simple prayer

Dear God,

may natanggap po akong masamang balita (gustong-gusto ko po ishare kaso hindi po pwede)

malungkot na malungkot po ang mama ko at natatakot po ako para sa kalusugan niya

sabi ko po sa kanya, chillax kasi magiging maayos din ang lahat

diba po magiging maayos din ang lahat?

sana po talaga maging maayos din ang lahat

salamat po ng madami sa pakikinig

lubos na nagmamahal,



masyado po ba Kayong confident sakin kaya ganito?

ahm, pwede po bang humingi ng pabor?

maari po bang bawas-bawasan nyo ung tiwala nyo sakin?

kasi po medyo mabigat at nahihirapan na ako,

pwede po bang hinay-hinay lang, mahaba pa po ang 2011,

yun ay kung pwede lang naman, hehe

hindi ko alam kung anung magandang title..

dumaan ang taong 2010 nang hindi ko man lang namalayan

pakiramdam ko, isang tulog ko lang ung nagawa ko, 2011 na agad

hindi ko pa pla nakwento kung paano ko sinelebreyt ang new year ko sa tacloban (nagbakasyon kasi ako dun ng apat na araw)

pero isa lang ang masasabi ko, ito ang new year’s eve na hindi ko makakalimutan

paano ba naman, sinelebreyt ko ang new year sa higaan

oo, as in nagseselebreyt sila mama at mga kapatid ko at ako bonggang bonggang tulog

sabi nga ng bunso kong utol, dumayo lang ako ng tulog

nag new year ako sa panaginip


sa apat na araw na itinagal ko dun, walang tigil ang ulan

kaya hindi ako masyadong nakagala

ang napuntahan ko lang dun ay puro malls (robinson at gaisano), musta naman un haha

onti lang din ang piktyur ko dun,

pero masaya pa din dahil nakasama ko ang aking pamilya


sa apat na araw ko dun ay naramdaman ko na nagmature na ako kahit papaano

naging  instant sta.claus din ako (kahit wala sakin nun)

sinagot ko ang handa sa new year namin

binigyan si mama ng bagong washing machine, binilhan ng celeponong may camera ang bunso kong utol na si JL

sapatos kay Jyrus, damit kay kuya at ariana, polo kay hitler, bracelets kina auntie at toys sa mga bata kong pinsan,


sa 3 sa 4 na araw kong andun, instant nanay ako ng bunso kong utol at nakababata kong pinsan

taga-gising sa umaga, tagapagluto ng agahan at taga-plantsa na uniform nila sa iskul

(parang hindi bakasyon ang ipinunta ko dun, ayaw na nga nila ako paalisin eh, haha)


sa araw na itinagal ko dun, gumaan ang pakiramdam ko pero bumigat ang balikat

mas tumatak sa utak ko na isa na akong slight breadwinner (kahit idinedeny ko pa din hanggang ngayon pero sabi ni ate ching, aun daw ako pati siya pero hindi lang namin masyado nararamdaman kasi hindi naman demanding ang mama namin pareho)

mas nagkaron tuloy ako ng drive na mag-abroad at magpayaman, (haha)

harinawa’y mas lalo pang bumait sakin ang tadhana sa taong 2011, ajah aubu!

alam mo ikaw, ang baba ng EQ mo!


Minsan sa buhay ko, may professor na nagsabi sa akin na mababa daw ang EQ ko.

Gusto nyong malaman kung bakit?

Ito ay dahil sa isang Panda black pen. Oo. Pen.

Galit na galit siya sa klase namin nun. Ito ata ung time na kumalat ang tsismis na sa isang major exam, pinayagan kami ng isang Exam Proctor na magkopyahan (in closed doors kuno kaya hindi ko maintindihan kung paanung kumalat un). Normal lang naman ang mga kopyahan sa high school pero dahil Upper Hethero, big deal. Nakarating sa adviser namin pati na din sa iba pang teachers at ayun, naghalo ang balat sa tinalupan.

Natatandaan kong bungad ni Sir K sa klase namin: I just can’t understand you guys. I’m very disappointed. Naturingan pa naman kayong Upper hethero, tapos ganyan kayo. Act like your age. Cheating on a major exam? For God’s sake, hindi na kayo mga elementary students! (umuusok ang bumbunan pati ilong) blah, blah, blah, (sa sobrang haba ng sinabi niya, hindi ko na matandaan ung iba at ung iba kinalimutan ko na, mejo masakit sa puso at nakakapanting ng tenga)

Sa kamalas-malasang pagkakataon, asa front row ako nun, lahat ng laway ni Sir sinalo namin ng mga katabi ko. Kabado pa kami at baka may madampot si Sir na kung anu at ibato samin. Ang masama nyan, bigla siyang mag-incredible hulk at mabuhat nya ang teacher’s table tapos ibato sami, kami ang unang casualty pag nagkataon.

Bago pumasok sa room namin at nagsimula ang kanyang sermon, may kaklase akong nanghiram sakin ng Panda black pen, at hindi ko maubos maisip na kung kelan mainit ang ulo samin ni Sir at umaatikabong sermon ang inaabot namin, dun nya naisip isoli ang ballpen ko. Dun siya nakaupo sa silya sa likuran ko.

Kaklase ko: pabulong: Aubrey. Aubrey, ballpen mo.
Ako: (dedma habang tinatawag na lahat ng santo, as if kabisado, para lang tigilan ako ng kaklase ko, para maisip niyang wrong timing siya)
Kaklase ko: Aubrey. Aubrey, ballpen mo.
Ako: (dedma pa din, in full concentration, baka sakaling tigilan niya ako)
Kaklase ko: (sinusundot na ung likod ko ng sarili kong ballpen para lang kuhain ko un)
Ako: (lumingon na sa wakas at madaliang kinuha ang pen sa pag-aakalang hindi mapapansin.)
Sir K: Ms. Buenaventura, anu yan? (napansin pala niya)
Ako: Ballpen po.
Sir K: Alam mo, ang baba ng EQ mo! (nang-gagalaliti sa galit)
Ako:( tulala, hindi maisip kung anung kuneksyon ng ballpen sa kabababaan ng EQ)
Sir K: I’m out of here. You should think about your mistake guys. You messed up big time. (sabay walkout)
Ako: (medyo nahimasmasan, gustong gusto ko tumayo dun at habulin si Sir para itanong kung anung kuneksyon ng ballpen sa mababang EQ, kaso dahil galit siya hindi ko na itinuloy kasi baka kung san pa mapunta ang usapan, mahirap na, mamaya makick out ako ng wala sa panahon, yari ako kay hitler)

Pagka-alis ni Sir K, medyo lulugo-lugo ako. Ang masigawan sa harap ng madlang-klase ang pinakaayaw kong eksena sa buhay. Feeling ko api ako at wala akong kakampi. Ang ikinasama pa ng loob ko nun, ako lang ung sinabihan ni Sir na mababa ang EQ. Ba’t hindi kasama ung isa kong kaklaseng nangulit sakin? Unfair. Isa pang pang-asar, buong 3rd grading to 4th grading period ata ng 3rd year high school life ko, naging expression sa klase namin ang “Alam mo ikaw, ang baba ng EQ mo!”. Naastigan nga ako sa sarili ko at hindi ko naisip lumipat ng iskul. Siguro kung iba-iba un, lumipat na. Pero naisip ko nung time na un, bakit ba, kung mababa ang EQ, so what, keber, suntukan na lang. (hehe)

Nung time na un, naobsessed ako sa mga IQ and EQ test online. Lumalabas sa mga results (kung totoo man ung mga yun), na may slight above average akong IQ at average na EQ. Pilit kong kinukumbinsi ang sarili na hindi naman siguro mababa ang EQ ko. Sinabi ko un sa tita ko, sabi niya, hindi naman daw mababa ang EQ ko. My personality is the result of my stressful childhood. Buti na lng kinausap ko siya. Of all people, she should know. Guidance Counselor siya ng isang prominenteng iskul nun sa probinsya namin.

Teka, ano ang nga ba ang ibig sabihin ng EQ?

Emotional Quotient is a self-perceived ability, to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others, and of groups.

EQ, sinusukat, malaki daw ang ginagampanang papel kung paano makitungo ang isang tao sa kapwa niya tao.

EQ, nung panahong yun, hindi ko alam kung paano ito sinusukat. At hanggang ngayun, malabo pa din sakin kung paano.

EQ, minsanang ginamit para gawing panukat ng pagkatao ko.

EQ, luma na. EI na kasi ngayon ang uso. Emotional Intelligence. Kaya kapag sinabihan ka ng “Alam mo ikaw, ang baba ng EQ mo!, sabihan mo, “Hoy, ikaw, ang baba ng IQ mo, luma na yan, EI na ngayun ang uso! Edi nakabawi ka kahit paano.

Huwag niyong isiping super bitter ako sa teacher ko na yun. Pero minsan akong naging bitter. Hindi sa kanya kundi dun sa ginawa niya pero anyways labs ko pa din siya. Mabait naman siya pag walang topak. At kahit may topak siya minsan, magaling naman siyang teacher. Yan ang hindi pwedeng tawaran. Dahil kahit balibaliktarin man ang mundo. At paulit-ulit akong ipanganak sa iba’t ibang panahon, mas mamatamisin kong paulit-ulit maranasan ang masabihan ni Sir K na mababa ang EQ ko kesa ang dumaan sa mundong ito nang hindi siya naging parte ng buhay ko. Isa siya sa pinakapaborito kong guro. 🙂



gusto ko ng bago.
sa new year, balak kong magpagupit ng maiksi tapos magpabangs. (bumagay kaya?)

bago nga, masabi lang,

kanina, nung pasakay kami ni haw sa tricycle,
tiningnan kami ng mga manong tricycle driver
sabay sabi “mga dakilang call center agent”
napaisip ako,
may nakatatak ba sa noo namin na “call center agent kami”?
sabi ni haw, matatawag ba kaming call center agent eh hindi naman kami nagcacalls?
uu nga naman. Napaisip din ako dun.
Bigla ko naisip baka nagsusumigaw ung eyebags namin kaya naisip nilang call center agent kami 😛
Kelan kaya kami magkakaron ng bagong trabaho? (ung gusto namin pareho ang sweldo at nature ng trabaho?)

change topic.

may bago akong damit,
binili ng boypren ko para sakin (*kilig*) hehe
gagamitin ko un bukas (excited?haha)
hindi ko un inaasahan
at masaya ako kasi naalala nya akong bilhan (*kilig ulit*)
sabi nila, it’s better to give than to receive,
pero mas karaniwan akong mas masaya kapag nakakatanggap ng gifts (hahaha)

Bago ulit.

bago ang trabaho ko ngayon.
bagong hindi. mahirap ipaliwanag.
sana may kasama ako sa bagong trabahong ginagawa ko.
kahit karelyebo ko lang,
para hindi naman ako nag-iisa sa sarili kong mundo.
nagsasariling departamento.


Gusto ko ng bagong direksyon sa buhay ko.
Nitong mga nakaraang araw I’m loosing my sense of direction.
I’m running in circles.
Nakakaubos ng energy at calories pero walang end result.


Bagong balita,
kanina bago ako pumasok sa trabaho, nanuod ako ng balita sa tv.
Nalaman kong kumalas na sa NPC si Chiz Escudero
Sabi nya dapat kung tatakbo, dapat walang partido.
Dapat daw ang mamamayang Pilipino ang kapartido ng mga kandidato.
Tapos may issue na baka may tambalang Gibo-Chiz sa nalalapit na eleksyon.
Oo eh,

Bago nga.


to my beloved monalisa..

You’re an enigma yet to be discovered.

I badly wanted to know how your mind works.

How your heart feels.

Your blood runs through our veins yet sometimes what we see in you is a face of a stranger.

You’re the Yin that enlightens our path

Yet you’re a burden as well that we had to bear.

How ironic life is.

The bond that ties between us is by far the strongest we could possibly feel.

Your pain strikes to the depths of our being,

And we know that our suffering unleash a wound in your very own heart.

Women, so they say, are one of the strongest creatures here on earth.

I wonder how strong you really are.

To be able to hold on to your sanity despite all of those things.

All my life, I’ve struggled; we’ve struggled to gain your approval,

So you’ll be proud of each and every one of us.

Little did we know is there’s a competition going on,

Too bad in a fight of 5 on 1,

We’re still the underdog.