jetsetter, not!

yung nakakastress na byahe papuntang disyerto at pabalik ng bayang sinilangan sa loob nga tatlong araw lang. para kong batang tinakam sa kendi pero hindi naman nabigyan.

kung meron man akong napatunayan, yun ay mahal talaga ko nila ate tzie at kuya benjie hehehe (salamat sa pagdamay at pagpatay nyo sa mga umapi sakin sa isip nyo hahaha)

napatunayan ko din ang bayanihang Pilipino, salamat sa mga katrabaho kong nagbigay ng regalo sa saglit kong pagbisita sa disyerto.


p.s. ayoko nang umulit.

p.s. ulit. hindi na talaga. lintik lang ang walang ganti.

p.s. ulit. matitikman nila ang batas ng isang api. (insert evil laugh 😈)

p.s ulit (last na) bukas luluhod ang mga tala. 



bakit ang hirap magbigay ng utos ang mga Pilipino? Kailangan laging sabi ni ganito sabi ni ganyan gawin mo daw to, bakit ganun? At bakit apektado ako? eh kasi pesteng kusang-palo, nung nagpaulan ata nakasalo ako ng isang drum.

p.s. ung kusang- palo na sinasabi ko applicable lang sa trabaho ko kasi dun lang naman ako masipag. sa totoong buhay nuknukan ako ng tamad.

confession of an inlababo

I have a confession to make.

When I agreed to be your girlfriend and I said I love you too, I did not mean it ( I just said it because it’s how its done in the movies). but, there’s a big BUT in there. I like you at that moment when I said “ano ba sinasabi ng babae kapag sinasagot na nya ung lalake” and I remembered you laugh. I regreted saying it as it was kind of a moronic question, but I’m a NBSB member before we met so what do you expect?It even weirded me out when I realized I like you. I mean, one look at you and I’m sure as hell others will agree that you give off that chickboy/bad boy vibe. Hitler’s (my dad) vibe when he was still in his prime according to my mom. One good girls (like me) should stay away from. Your sister even gave me a headstart and said ‘basta tol labas ako sa inyong dalawa ni kuya ah” which made me think twice before agreeing to go on a date with you. Would you believe that I almost backed out on our first date because I don’t think it’s a good idea to start with?

You might ask me why, Allow me to enumerate reasons not to go out with you.

Firstly, I don’t like egoistic guys and with my own definition of egoistic, you definitely fit in. Secondly, you’re talkative. I don’t like talkative guys that much. They are irritating to the ear. I for one is a quiet and a reserved person to start with so I thought why should I hang out with a talkies guy talkier than me? (I’d rather watch TV and listen to Boy abunda or John Lapus talking perky about a latest scandal of a famous showbiz personality.) Most of all, you’re very friendly to the opposite sex, a trait which most cheating bastards possess.

I could see imaginary flashing red lights warning me not to go but I still did. so why did I go out with you on that faithful day?

I was bored as hell because I wasn’t able to borrow ate ching’s laptop for a supposedly movie marathon. Ate Esther, my chatty roommate who’s fond of treating me to dinner and ice cream at the UP shopping center isn’t around. And above all, I was curious. I mean I haven’t been on a date since time immemorial. My first date experience was in jolibee and I can barely remember the face of the guy I went out with at that time. So I thought, why not give it a shot. Anyhow, it’s your treat meaning I’m not paying for anything so what do I have to lose? Also, I’ll get the chance to know if my impressions have some solid basis.

When we first went out, I was given advice what to do if ever you try to take advantage of me. One friend said that should you try to do something harassing, I should slap you with all my might and then walk out without looking back. Another one said I should scream my lungs out to get for help. One of my kuya-kuyahan even said, “ingatan mo ang puso mo, bata” and pat me on the head as if he’s a shaman blessing me to be protected from bad spirits. It’s quite silly but I can’t help but smile when I reminisce how they reacted when they found out I was going out on a date with you.

I thought that after our first date, you’ll realize what an ultimate bore I am but I was surprised that after our first date, comes the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, till I lost count how many times we went out.

How in the world did that happened? Was it like turned to love? Wondering when it started? I’m not so sure myself.

Was it the time you first texted and called me just to say you like me? (I almost fell of the bed when your message sink in)
Or was it the time that we watched I am legend and you let me borrow your jacket because I’m freezing cold?
Was it the time you hold my hand for the first time and you’re teasing me because my hand is icy and trembling?
Or was it the time you gave me yellow tulips?
Was it the time you offered to carry my bag knowing that I’ll decline because I’m too proud?
Or was it the time you gave your sister a chocolate for our tropa?
Was it the time you gave me a bouquet of flowers for valentines?
or was it the time you gave me an Ichigo(bleach) key chain? (which unfortunately is already decapitated)
Was it the time that you were able to persuade me to sing a Red Jumpsuit apparatus song?
Was it the time you confessed that when you treated me Tapsi from Roddicks before, you badly wanted the yolk which I don’t eat but you didn’t ask for it because you’re afraid that I’ll think that you’re a glutton?
Or was it the time you walked me home although it’s already late and you still need to travel like 2 hours just to get home to Bulacan?
Was it the time you brought me home and introduce me to your parents as your girlfriend?
Or was the time you made a love letter out of a bond paper (which reminded me of my excuse letter way back when I was still studying)?
Was it that time when we were world’s apart (LDR ang peg), but still, you managed to keep in touch and keep our love alive?

I still couldn’t remember when did I start falling and to tell you honestly, I’m still surprised that there is still “us” after more than 6 long years. I mean, we were apart for more than a year and you know how it goes with long distance relationships. Treasured promises ended up like castles in the sand, they just fade away.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder but most often than not, they make the heart forget. But boy, I was surprised, you never did forget. You even helped me realize my dreams to work abroad. Sure it was tough, but you’re with me so I made it through.

It’s been almost a year since you asked me to marry you. And now, we only have a few weeks left till we say I do. We had it tough and maybe we’ll have it tougher but as long as we are together, I’m sure as hell we’ll be able to work things out so long as we want to. Our love story will never be perfect. But it’s damn real. We may never get to have our happily ever after all because we’re going to have so much more than that.

balik Pinas


So, how long has it been?3 months it is since my last post!

pagkatapos ng dalawang taon at anim na buwan, nakauwi rin ako!wahu! (biglang tagalog eh noh)

nakain ko ulit ang lahat ng namiss kong pagkain!iba pa din talaga ang Pinas!kahit gaano katrapik, kahit gaano kadaming tao, mas masaya pa din dito!



Ayan, actually umuwi lang talaga ako para lumamon, hahaha



paano kung????

paano kung yung isa mong matalik na kaibigan hindi mo na mapagkatiwalaan?

paano mo sasabihin sa kanya na yung mga kalokohan at kagaguhang pinaggagawa niya sa iba ay alam mo naman na dati pa?

hindi mo lang masabi kasi hindi ka marunong magpalabok sa mga salita?hindi mo masabi kasi balat-sibuyas siya at paniguradong masasaktan siya? hindi mo masabi kasi minsan sa buhay mo nagkaroon ka ng utang na loob sa kanya?

paano kung yung confrontation na matagal mo nang binuo sa utak mo ay maging mitsa ng pagtatapos ng pagkakaibigan nyo?

susugal ka ba para sa ikabubuti niya?



balik-bayan box

my cargo box made it home!

thank you po Lord!


thank you Precious Cargo Company for delivering my box full and unscathed.

You don’t know how thankful I am. It took me almost forever to fill it up. (hahahaha)

Too bad I wasn’t there to open the box with them.

Anyways, there’s always a next time.


the proposal

16/8/13  11 o’clock pm

– tonight is one of the best nights of my life. bakit? kasi this is the night the love of my life (ayiie) proposed to me. What was supposedly a birthday party at the hotel turns out to be a proposal at a cafe by the beach.

I was like super haggard because I just got off from work when my KB dabarkads/future sister-in-law (ahem) texted me that we’ll go to a birthday party. Her exact message were “Aubu, Maida to. Alis tayo, punta taung birthday party sa hotel. Suot ka ng medyo formal ha. Derecho ka sa bahay. Hintayin kita. Nauna na sila doon eh. Sowsyal, maexperience ntn”. I actually wasn’t in the mood to attend a party but knowing that maida would leave the desert soon, I decided to go and prepare as soon as I reach our flat. As ate Tzie says before, we should spend more time together and bond as much as we can while we still can.

While on my way to their house, Maida called and told me to head straight to RAK wedding hall because she went there already. I arrived at the back of the wedding hall a few minutes to 11 o’clock. I saw so much locals  wearing conduras but no sign of Maida. I called her to ask if I’m in the right place then she told me that the place is actually opposite of the wedding hall which is the Costa Cafe. I checked out the place from afar since I can’t cross the streets yet and started wondering how come there were no signs of any happenings there. When I reach the place, I then saw kuya Benjie, ate Tzie and Dart in their usual comfy outfit. I was like, wow mali ba ito? bat ako lang nakadress? but nonetheless, I kept my composure, approached them and asked where is Maida and Ake (silently hoping that Maida would show up any minute wearing the same get up as mine) I remember kuya Benjie commenting “mainit ba?buti hindi ka pinagswimsuit ni Maida?” before telling me where they were to which I replied with a poker face because I don’t know what is going on. I started walking towards Maida and Ake, pointed specifically to what Maida was wearing (and guess what, she’s sporting her infamous style, shirts and jeans then slippers much to my dismay) I noticed that she’s taking a video of me as I walk towards them.  I turned my attention to Ake and there he was;silently sitting on the bench holding a long stemmed-rose which he gave me as soon as I stand next to him and gave me 3 yellow print paper. 3 words were there. One is “Will you marry me?”, next was “of course” and last was “yes”. I was so dumbfounded that I jokingly asked “ba’t walang no?” to which he replied “ayaw mo ata eh” but then I snatched the paper that says “of course”. He knelt down on one knee and offered me the box containing a golden ring, I felt a surge of butterflies in my stomach and the first words that I blurted was “anung gagawin ko?” I remember laughing like crazy because I don’t exactly know how to react. I mean, it’s not everyday that you get to have a marriage proposal isn’t it?and from a guy you love? aughhhh. I still can’t get over it. I’m officially engaged dude. I badly wanted to scream but they might think I’ve lost my sanity. Imagine me suppressing my kilig and smiling from ear to ear as I’m typing this entry on my phone. Waahh!kilig to the bones. Para kong gago. Always the late reaction.

After my labiduds’ proposal, Maida took some photos. While walking back to the cafe, she asked if I already had an idea about tonight to which I honestly answered that I have no idea at all. She has her doubts though. (ewan ko ba kung bakit feeling nya may alam ako eh wala naman talaga, pramis, mamatay man ako) Had I known about the proposal, I would have definitely put an effort to look pretty. Put a little make-up at least. But nil, I had none so I entered the battle with an oily face! (Heck, you could even fry an egg using that much oil in my face) I didn’t even combed my hair! darn it. aughh. but not that it matters. my labiduds doesn’t seem to mind. Amidst the disheveled hair, oily face, maton-like lakad, in the end, I’m still the one wearing the engagement ring. I’m so happy I could die anytime. (seriously, is this really me talking?)

Anyways, I saw that Maida already uploaded the video of the proposal in kuya Benj’s DartBench Photography page.

I have played the video a countless times today just to check if this were all a dream but it’s not. I’m wearing the ring as a hard core evidence!(insert uber smiling face here). This is by far, the most wonderful advance birthday present ever. Thank you God for giving me a wonderful guy for a fiancee. Thank you kuya Benjie. Thank you ate Tzie. Thank you Dart. Thank you Maida. Thank you bhe. I couldn’t thank you all enough. I just feel very blessed and loved.


of sacrifices and better life

it’s ramadan time here in the desert. yay! shorter working hours but one helluva rush every damn night shift. goodness gracious.

yeah, yeah. it’s been a while.

ramadan kareem! (it’s like the equivalent of happy holidays here) it’s past mid-year already and I’m now counting months!

anyways, I just dropped by to  tell a story about a Lebanese patient we encountered this evening shift. (spell tsismosa)

From what I understand, our patient is moving to Germany next month for life. The doctor (Dr. R) whom I’m assisting that time asked about the process of migrating to Germany but he said he’s going there as a tourist. We were like a little dumbfounded because if someone will migrate to another country, he/she should have immigrant visa, right? To answer our questioning look, the patient said “it’s a little complicated. You see, once I board a plane to Germany, right after I landed there, I’ll tear my original passport then pick up a fake one.”

Dr. R and I were both surprised. “That sounds fishy”, Dr. R said. “Yeah, it’s actually illegal. I might end up in jail for 3 months or more.” our patient said nonchalantly. It sounds insane to me. Sounds like Dr. R. felt that I seem to have lots of questions in my eyes and end up prying for more information from our patient while treating him at the same time.

Dr. R. “Why would you do that?”

Patient. “I’m 27 years old. Still a salesman here. No house of my own. No benefits for a brighter future. No nothing. I’m practically a beggar here.”

Dr. R.  “Well, you could say that. Here in UAE, they don’t offer citizenship therefore no matter how many years you stay, you won’t even be given a chance to buy a piece of land in case you’d like to retire and settle in.”

Patient: “Exactly. Expats get to earn enough to pay for the rent and bills and send some back home. We give them services and what do we get in return? Nothing. That’s why I’m heading to Germany. To try my luck.”

Dr. R. “It’s nice to try your luck elsewhere but to go that far?

Patient: “Certain sacrifices must be made for a better life. It’s for the sake of my future kids. Anyway, I’ve got no worries at all since I’ve got my relatives there. Some of them did the same thing then applied for a resident visa.”

Dr. R. “Don’t have plans of going home?”

Patient: “I can go home but I’m not sure about our country’s condition at this time so heading to Germany would be a better option.”

Dr. R. “Well. Good luck on your journey, young man.”

They shake hands and then patient were gone.

I was left in the treatment room with too much to ponder. I was like, stuff like that happens huh. But Germany? I could see our patient wearing a prisoner uniform with a police on his side that I swear looks a hell lot like the notorious leader Hitler. Imagine my horror when pictures of “The Holocaust” instantly played in my mind. aughh. It creeps me out big time. Okay. Okay. Maybe I’m exaggerating things. Anyway, Germany’s motto now is “Unity, Justice & Freedom”. I just hope our patient’s gonna be fine. I admire him for his guts though. But being jailed for 3 months or more for the sake of a freakin’ resident visa? No way in a million years. I’d rather rot here in the desert or go home. No. I’d always choose the latter.