dahil sa Stay

sabi ko manunuod ako ng movie sa netflix basta petiks sa work tapos napunta ako sa youtube tapos pinanuod at pinakinggan ko ung Stay ng Blackpink kasi nacurious ako sa laki ng fanbase nila tapos ayun, buong shift na akong nanunuod at nakikinig ng music videos ng mga kanta nila, syet hahaha

like a specimen under a microscope

so I’ve been doing billing for almost 2 months now with my Cali-based employer. To monitor our productivity, they have installed timedoctor in our desktop. Before, that tracker used to take random screenshot of our active window and will stop time tracking once our window become idle for 8-10 minutes. However, just recently, they have taken the monitoring to a new level, they also take webcam shots every 10 minutes now and it’s really irritating coz it makes me feel like the big Boss is sitting right beside me looking exactly at my every movement.

I mentioned this to his Filipina VA (virtual assistant)and she said that webcam shots has been there for quite some time, perhaps, mine was just activated a little late. Oh well, perhaps big B’s got a lot of trust issues. Anyhow, I recently intereacted with a co-biller and she said she wasn’t comfortable having her photo taken thru webcam and she had covered hers since she started home-based job and big B hasn’t scolded her about it yet. She added it wasn’t on the print she signed therefore she’ll continue covering her webcam until she gets reprimanded. I was thinking of doing the same but I couldn’t find a good reason to justify why I’ll be covering it since I had mine started taking photos like 2 days ago and I didn’t complain.

Hmm. Oh I also learned that Big B really has some trust issues and he’s a little stingy. They said he doesn’t give increases and bonuses which makes me a little disappointed and made me think of finding another one. His VA for example has another client aside from Big B so I was hoping I could find another client too. Well, wish me luck. Hope that webcam shots won’t be taking photos lesser than 10 minutes or else…hayyy.


Lo and behold!

Meet my Sebastian Arkin aka Baste. He just turned 1 month yesterday!baste

Eating, pooping and sleeping. That’s what he does best. hahaha

gone are the days

when I’ll just brush off low score cards and the bonus money that goes with it

now, all I am thinking is how to get a perfect score so that I’ll have that bonus money to buy stuffs for my baby. or what to do to get rich. hahaha too bad I’m still a novice in the craft so it’s still a long way to go. 4 months and counting,  I don’t know where I’ll end up next.

tata. had to catch some snooze. :p





tagay pa

nagbalik na ako sa buhay-zombie, na naman, keri naman, kakahaggard lang parang nung nagduduty pa ko sa hospital ng nightshift, pero keriboom din kasi nakaaircon buong buhay sa trabaho, solb kasi may libreng kape, tsaa at chocolate, nom nom nom😋


May vendo din ng nescafe libre din, may latte, mocha, black flavor etc etc, pero hindi ko na piniktyuran kasi common, etong firenze lang talaga kasi binubrew pa talaga, saka perstaym ko makakita ng ganto eh bakit ba hahaha, instant palpitations na naman itey, nakaka-tatlong cup na pala ako, sinong bangag?