back from hiatus?

so there’s a lot going on right now, actually most of those are just happening inside my head and I just kind of lost the will to write something nice.

perhaps, the monotony of my homebased work is killing me or perhaps, I just don’t have it anymore, the drive to write something, well I’m not a writer in the first place and the reason I created this blog is to rant and stuff hahaha

and yeah, my boss is going to give me additional tasks and I’m past 6 months to this job and I’d like a salary raise which is next to impossible I think because I learned that my boss is a little stingy. I send him an email asking if those additional tasks comes with an increase and me passing the 6 months probation makes me eligible for an increase. did not receive a reply perhaps later today he’ll call and politely decline my request for a raise. so much for pessimism.

I just realised I haven’t doodled in a long time, I also haven’t updated my other site, so much to my disappointment coz I remember I told myself I’ll keep it updated as much as possible, have to find something motivating inside of me.

will have to sign out now because it’s already my lunch break..

year ender

2017  is a tough year for me. but yes, here I am, still alive and kicking.

Though this year has brought many struggles, I have also been showered with lots of blessings.

This year, we welcomed the new addition to our family, my son Sebastian. Though my pregnancy and delivery had been tough, God has made me even tougher and for that, I am very thankful.

Also, 2017 brought me my first online job and that is my being an ESL online tutor. In addition, I got my one-time project based job in Upwork (kahit 1 week lang at maliit ang bayad atleast may trabaho at dagdag sa experience at portfolio)

Another thing, I got myself enrolled in 2 online courses which I have yet to finish, hoping I’d be able to finish it in time before I attended my Freelancer online training next year. ooppps that’s like in 1 day? good luck to me, hahaha

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So yeah, 2017 had not been bad as I had expected it to be. I’m a bit doubtful whether 2018 would be a good year for me but as the saying goes, habang may buhay may pag-asa (as long as you are alive, you have hope, tama ba? hahaha)

So before 2017 ends, let me greet everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! good luck to us all! 😛


Binge-watching DOS

I promise myself that I’ll update my blog whenever I can but I binge-watch this K-drama entitled Descendants of the Sun for like a week (I think?). So, I’m now a fan of the Song-Song couple! It’s so sad that it’s only 16 episodes plus 3 special episodes (mostly are behind the scenes and interview of the actors and actresses). I think it should have been longer. Anyhow, I won’t tell you guys about the whole story because you could google it anytime. Just to give you an idea (in case you’re not familiar), it’s a love story between a soldier and a doctor. The nice thing about this K-drama, the story doesn’t revolve only around the main characters (The main characters were played by Song Hye-Kyo and Song Joong-Ki.), the supporting characters have a love story of their own which are also exciting. (tamad-tamaran lang?haha)


Long back, I’ve always admired Song Hye-Kyo’s beauty and I fell in love with her more in this series. She’s the type of girl na feeling ko kahit walang ligo, para pa din siyang Dyosa. Ah basta, I love her. I even followed her in IG. hahaha. I could just look at her face all day but of course that’s not possible, haha. I’ll just look at her IG page from time to time.

Not much of a K-drama review eh? ah basta, pag tinopak, I’ll definitely watch it again. 😛

gone are the days

when I’ll just brush off low score cards and the bonus money that goes with it

now, all I am thinking is how to get a perfect score so that I’ll have that bonus money to buy stuffs for my baby. or what to do to get rich. hahaha too bad I’m still a novice in the craft so it’s still a long way to go. 4 months and counting,  I don’t know where I’ll end up next.

tata. had to catch some snooze. :p





tagay pa

nagbalik na ako sa buhay-zombie, na naman, keri naman, kakahaggard lang parang nung nagduduty pa ko sa hospital ng nightshift, pero keriboom din kasi nakaaircon buong buhay sa trabaho, solb kasi may libreng kape, tsaa at chocolate, nom nom nom😋


May vendo din ng nescafe libre din, may latte, mocha, black flavor etc etc, pero hindi ko na piniktyuran kasi common, etong firenze lang talaga kasi binubrew pa talaga, saka perstaym ko makakita ng ganto eh bakit ba hahaha, instant palpitations na naman itey, nakaka-tatlong cup na pala ako, sinong bangag?