so hindi ko kinaya

nagrepost ako ng isang post ng fb friend to send a message to my extremely annoying fellow fb friends since elem/hs/etc regarding calling voters foul names tapos ayun nasabihan ding akong bobo/tanga indirectly ng taong namintang din sakin before na nagyoyosi ako dahil lang sa mukang balat sa noo ng anak ko.

oh well, tapos naman na ung eleksyon, nanalo ung ibang bet kong kandidato at walang pumasok sa bet nya kaya siguro bitter. Sabi ng asawa ko dapat sinagot ko ung comment niya sa post ko, I have hundreds of rebuttals in my mind but decided not to make patol, her comment just revealed what kind of person she is anyway…

I just realised respect is becoming outdated these days..

don’t count the eggs before they are hatched…

as of now, may 2 akong work online. ung isa full time tapos isang part-time.

supposedly may isa pa kong part-time as CS sa isang website na may adult content. kahapon ung start ko pero unfortunately kahapon din ako tinanggal hahaha ang sakit besh. nageexpect na ko ng dagdag income. ung kahit hindi ako familiar sa mga products nila na mala-50 Shades of Grey gora lang ako kasi 2 hrs per day lang tapos ayun ambilis lang. Wala pa kong nakakaisang araw na natapos tanggal agad. Ganito kasi un, ang sabi sakin log in time ko is 1PM till 2 PM PST so nung sumapit ung time na un inopen ko si Hubstaff at nagclick ng start time. From time to time, chinecheck ko ung mailbox for any customers email at pati website at mga email drafts para mafamiliarize sa work-around process. Isang oras at kalahati ung lumipas, nakadalawang emails lang ako so sabi ko petiks sabay nagemail ung bossing sabi “very low productivity” tapos biglang nawalan na ko ng access sa CS mailbox pati sa mga dropbox folders and email drafts. Nagreply ako na ano gagawin ko, wala namang email na dumating maliban sa 2 customer emails. Hindi na nila ko nireplayan gang kanina lang sabi nung Pinay na senior CS, dapat daw icclick ko lng ung start sa Hubstaff pag may ginagawa akong email inshort ndi xa continuous unless madami tlagang gawa. So aun, masama ng konti ung loob ko kasi last week pa lng nagtanong na ko sa kanya kung paano ung proseso sa company, pano ung ganito ganyan tapos nakadalawang email pa ko pero nganga. walang reply. Tapos isang email lng ni bossing reply siya agad tapos kineclaim nya pa na dalawang beses siyang nagpadala ng email sakin regarding those info. duh. shunga ba ko. if may malinaw na instructions at orientation silang binigay edi sana ndi ko irrun ung Hubstaff ng tuloy tuloy kahit walang gawa. Saka nakakainis lang kasi oras mo ung binabayaran supposedly tapos ang gusto per email eh wala naman sa job post nila un. ah basta unfair.

anyhow, magmomove on na ako, nagtanong ako if part pa ba ko ng team or terminated na ko eh kaso wala na namang reply so inalis ko na sila sa OLJ profile ko as part-time employer. gusto nila ganyanan eh.

so far, pangalawa na sila sa ungas na employer na naencounter ko from OLJ. ung isa sa sobrang pagkaungas, pinagwork kami (anim kami puro Pinay freelancers) one week un (ako 4hours for 3 days lang trinabaho kasi late hired) tapos biglang the next week wala na kami lahat access sa folders and everything tapos siya super reklamo na incapable kami kaya pinalitan nya kami at hindi din binayaran. Oo ikaw un CEO ng Gold Virtual Assistant, Ms. Arriana Cromartie. buti na lang natanggal na siya sa OLJ at ung mga kasamahan ko nagfile na ng report sa kung saan sang site na pwede siya ireport.

may karma din kayo. hmpp.

I see it everywhere..

So I have already finished taking the exam I mentioned on my last post and I am currently waiting for the results and no matter how much I try calming my mind, I just see it everywhere. I browse my FB and IG account and an ad about the exam I’ve taken pops up. I read an article about what-nots and the name of someone mentioned in the article rhymes with the exam name. I sleep and I dreamed that I got 56 on all areas which literally makes me feel like I’m doomed. Gosh. Exam results come out now, save me from myself. Achieving tranquility amidst this world is easier said than done.

will do binge-watching on Netflix, perhaps this will help a little..

too much feelings and stuff

I’m not really sure what’s with the big 3 age but I feel gayish or girlish when I hit that age.

I’m not a fan of pink but when I learned that I had to have an experience in hospital, the crocs I added in my Lazada cart was pink or old rose was it. The navy blue crocs didn’t entice me at all. Maybe it’s because my daughter loves pink and the loathe I have against that color has since diminished coz pink is mostly what my daughter wears.

I’m browsing lots and lots of dresses, with lace and looking at a lot of beige and old rose tones. Also, I’m digging make-up now. I’m a powder and lipbalm kinda girl but now I have eyelash curler, lipstick, concealer, eyebrow liner (though I have yet to learn how to put a killer kilay), cheek and lip tint, primer, face powder, BB cream, blush on and sunscreen (which I recently bought just because I saw Belo sunscreen review and they said it’s a good substitute for BB cream or primer or foundation and whatnot) I haven’t tried putting on a full face make and I don’t think I ever would but who knows. I don’t know I just suddenly got interested in make-up maybe because my eldest sister keeps on telling me her make-up stuff..

Oh, I have good news, I have found a part-time job, 4hrs only and I just started training monday morning so less sleep for me this week. I’m getting a little bad vibes coz trainings and evaluations doesn’t start on time like they say it’s 6:30am and you end up waiting till 9:30am and that sucks coz I’m still on duty with my previous/current and that amount of time they made me wait should have been my sleeping time. I hope training and eval finished fast and I hope I’ll pass so this time their eating would give me something to hold on to. I’m still applying to some other jobs though..

I’m thinking of having a pixie hair cut but I have a frizzy curly hair which I think would look like a messy bird’s nest but whenever I see ladies with pixie hair I couldn’t help but wanting that hairstyle. I ordered a keratin treatment set in Lazada so I could do my hair myself and will save time and money from going to salon and will save me from talkative hairstylist looking for money tip (though they’re not all like that but in my experience most of them are)

so something happened and I’m not supposed to talk about it but I feel like I’m in the middle of 2 stones wherein if I say something they’d be a little emotionally affected and I’m guilty because I feel like I’m an accessory and shit. So I should shut up before I say anything I’m not supposed to.

p.s. I recently learned I don’t need to have a hospital experience coz something came up and it could be fixed so there’s need for the pink crocs

p.s. again.. I’m not really into the training sesh with a crappy time on my part time job but I just spent money on our laptop to be fixed for this part time and I don’t really want it to go to waste. I’ll keep looking for online jobs I guess..

p.s. I’m currently convincing myself about the white lies and stuff but I honestly think it’s still lying but really what people don’t know won’t hurt them. or maybe sometimes white lies keep stuff together..

ciao.. maybe I’m blabbering too much shit because of lacking sleep. I’m sorry to all the sleep I have faked before when I was a kid.

morning show of chivalry and change is happening experience whatnots

I’m used to standing on the bus on my way to work and on my way home. Most the time. Well, especially during Friday, but what do you expect? It’s weekend and almost everyone wants to have a taste of home, especially those who are renting in the metro.

Standing in the bus is like a staple meal for a commuter like me. It’s either you stand or run the risk of being late (or going home late) because you want to wait for a bus with available seats. This morning, however was an exception because for the first time since I started working again,  and on a Saturday morning at that! A miracle happened. I was able to sit despite the rush. Thanks to these two police officers who were kind enough to give up their comfy seats for me and my fellow zombie passenger (the lady I was standing next to looks like a fellow call center agent and the moment she sit, she fell asleep)

I know it’s overrated posting pictures online about kindness and stuff but I’d rather have those flood my news feed and other social networking account than gossip monger bickering about the latest whatnot of some celebrity or some fame-whore. (defensive much, hahahaha)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

mamang pulis

I know it’s too early to tell but I feel it’s the du30 effect.(for the record, I’m not a die-hard fan of the president but I can tell you that I would have voted for him too if my registration was active. And if you will include my name in your list of dutertards, feel free to do so because I don’t care, maldita much>:)) Also, I’ve been seeing commuters who are confidently using their mobiles in the street or sometimes in some public utility vehicles without the fear of having their possession snatched in a blink of an eye. I also like the fact that I’m seeing policemen everywhere I go these past few weeks. (in the streets, buses, jeepneys and all, although I have yet to experience strolling the streets of tondo and recto to confirm my feeling of security, haha) 4 years back before I went abroad, I don’t even dress that much nor wear jewelries for fear of getting the attention of holdapers. (Sabi kasi para hindi ka targetin ng magnanakaw, dapat mas mukha kang kriminal, diba tol?) hahahaha

Anyhow, I hope this will continue because, despite the heavy hellish traffic that’s part of my daily existence , as long as I feel safe, I’m still a happy commuter.

(but of course, it won’t hurt if the traffic jam will be out of the scene too)

p.s. I’m not keeping my hopes that our country will be at par with the 1st world countries anytime soon but slowly, step by step, I hope we’ll do better in the near near future.

tagay pa

nagbalik na ako sa buhay-zombie, na naman, keri naman, kakahaggard lang parang nung nagduduty pa ko sa hospital ng nightshift, pero keriboom din kasi nakaaircon buong buhay sa trabaho, solb kasi may libreng kape, tsaa at chocolate, nom nom nom😋


May vendo din ng nescafe libre din, may latte, mocha, black flavor etc etc, pero hindi ko na piniktyuran kasi common, etong firenze lang talaga kasi binubrew pa talaga, saka perstaym ko makakita ng ganto eh bakit ba hahaha, instant palpitations na naman itey, nakaka-tatlong cup na pala ako, sinong bangag?


S: sa bus papasok ng trabaho

Nagring ang cellphone ng katabi ko. (now playing careless whisper)

Sinagot ni kuya nakaloudspeaker pa.

Kuya: Hello?

Babae sa telepono: Asan ka na? Anong oras ka makakarating? Anong oras ka ba umalis?

Kuya: (biglang beastmode) aba malay ko, hindi naman eroplano ang sinakyan ko. Ewan ko na lang sayo!

Sabay drop call.

Feeling ko jowabelles or kumander ni kuya yung tumawag pero grabe sa treatment. Ang hard!

allow me to whine in taglish

hinalukay ko na ang merriam webster dictionary app sa celepono at naggoogle na ako ng mas magandang termino sa word na rejected pero wala talaga eh, what word would suffice to tell you that you’re not qualified in a way that you won’t feel bad? Yung tipong break it to me gently ang peg. Parang wala naman ata.

Ganito kasi yun, I recently received an email from a scholarship body which I applied 2 months ago. Actually, nakalimutan ko na nga na nag-apply ako until I read the email. It says my application was unsuccessful as it has not met the required continuation criteria, it also says that the decision is final and they could not provide further details. Okay. Another blow to my already bruised ego. It doesn’t hurt as much as the first time (first time rejection sucks) but it still stings a little. Oo, suntok sa buwan naman kasi talaga yun but there’s that 0.5 percent in me na umasa ng konti na baka sakali makalusot. Pero siguro nga hindi para sakin yun. I didn’t even pray hard enough to get it. Kasi sa tingin ko kung para sakin, para sakin talaga kung hindi edi move on. Pero parang ang saya lang kasi makapasa sa scholarship grant tapos depende sayo kung iggrab mo siya or hindi. o diba ang babaw ng rason ko hahaha. anyways I have lots of things to consider now. Aside from the fact that I’m no longer single (I’m triple hahaha), kakasign ko nga lang pala ng job contract. And I just realized that even if I got the scholarship grant, I doubt I could leave my baby at the moment. Siguro nga hindi talaga para sakin. Pero ayun, may kagat nga sa pakiramdam, siguro ganito talaga pag nagkakaedad, hahaha, aren’t we getting sensitive? We talaga?nandamay pa ng iba?



yung pagkatapos mong pumirma ng job offer at kontrata, relax ka na ng konti. eh may new joiner’s kit na pinabasa pa sayo sa loob ng recruitment cubicle within 15-20 minutes tapos biglang kumulo nang husto yung tyan mo. yung tipong aabutan ka na dun mismo sa kinauupuan mo. edi inhale exhale muna. pinag-iisipan mo nang lumayas at kumaripas ng takbo pero paghawak mo sa pinto kailangan ng access card at yung magaling na taga-hr out of reach. buti talaga nadaan sa inhale exhale kundi isang karanasan na naman ang madadagdag sa listahan ng kahihiyan, hahaha.

anyways, nakaraos naman, nakadalawa pa ko sa bonggang bonggang cr nila😈 eto ang tinatawag na instabinyag! Wala pang 1st day high sa trabaho, nakastrike agad ako,  hindi ko tuloy alam kung maganda o masamang pangitain ba to o ano. hahahaha


pakasalan mo yung taong mabubusog ka

sabi nila hindi nakakain ang panglabas na ichura, sabi pa nga ni Andrew E. humanap ka ng panget at ibigin mong tunay.

pero siguro swerte ako kasi yung taong pinakasalan ko nakakabusog na ang ichura nakakabusog pa ng puso at sikmura.


Sa tuwing nakikita ko ang asawa ko, gusto kong umeksena ng linyang “thank you Lord ha, pandesal lang naman hiningi ko, hamburger binigay nyo, may fries pa!” oo na, masyado kong literal, mukha lang akong palaisip pero ganyan ako kababaw, hahahaha 

but on a serious note, sa tuwing nakikita ko yung asawa ko, yung pakiramdam na ihahain na sayo yung pinakapaborito at pinakamasarap na pagkain para sayo (sa panahon na abot langit ung gutom mo) yun ang nararamdaman ko lalo na pag may dala siyang pagkain para sa akin hahaha (pero syempre gaguhan na lang kung sasabihin kong ganun parati, ano to, librong may ending tapos happily ever after.😈)

pakasalan mo yung taong bubusugin hindi lang ang sikmura mo kundi pati puso, kasi tandaan ang pagkain nabubulok, minsan hindi nauubos at yung tira-tira tinatapon. guilty ako sa part na to, kasi yung asawa ko nakakabusog, ako naman nakakagutom, maliban sa hindi ako mahilig at hindi masarap magluto, nung nagpaulan ata ng sweetness sa mundo, ang himbing ng tulog ko. nakakatuwa lang na understanding yung mister ko.

anyhow, sa sweetness lang ba nasusukat kung sino ang mas nagmamahal? hindi siguro? kasi kahit hindi ako sweet, hindi clingy, mas madalas na parang walang pakialam pero kung tatanungin niyo ko kung mahal ko yung asawa ko ?abay mahigit pa sa 100% porsyento ni taguro sasabihin kong Oo.

mamahalin ko siya sa paraang alam ko at walang makapipigil sakin sa ngalan ng buwan. ayy thank you.

oops hindi pa namin Anniversary, napagtripan ko lang umarte nakakainspire kasi si MEGumiho, ayan tuloy😸😻