heart & hate relationship

Dear Lazada,

I hate you…

I hate you because you make me feel poor (I couldn’t afford all the good stuff in your platform)

I hate you because every time I open your app, I keep on adding stuff in my cart that will just sit there for decades but will never be bought (exaggerated much?may dekada na ba ung lazada?hahaha)

I hate you because you keep on emptying my wallet (feeling ko monthly may inoorder ako sayo hahaha)

On the other hand..

I heart you because you make shopping convenient (lalo sa taong bahay na katulad ko na once a week minsan twice a week pa nakakalabas ng lungga)

I heart you because you show me incredible stuff that I like (like the Kiiplix and Paperang na sayo ko lang nadiscover pati ung mga multivitamins na gummies para sa mga junakis ko tapos ung mga bags na magaganda pero ang mamahal para sa ordinaryong taong kagaya ko,hahaha)

I already tried uninstalling you because I keep on checking you everyday looking for good stuff to buy but still I installed you back because my phone feels empty without the your icon (hahaha adik na)

I hope I’ll get over you soon.

Otherwise, just give more discount vouchers especially for expensive but really good stuff. It would be much appreciated.

one of your loyal shoppers,